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Proposition 8 inspires star-studded musical

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

The Proposition 8 battle has prompted a star-studded music video that is available at the website Funny or Die.

Written by Marc Shaiman and directed by Adam Shankman, the piece shows gay marriage backers and foes debating the issue in song against the backdrop of a Sacramento community college theater. John C. Reilly and Allison Janney lead the gay marriage foes -- all dressed in dark Sunday-best suits. The anti-Prop. 8 crowd includes Neil Patrick Harris and Andy Richter.

The musical begins with the gay marriage supporters singing about "a brand new bright Obama day.... Happy days for the gays." The anti forces then move in, singing: "Nobody's looking, let's spread the hate ... Proposition 8!"

Jack Black then appears as Jesus, who takes part in some mediation. By the end of the video, everyone seems to oppose Prop. 8 (in part because of the lawyers and tattoo removal required to end those same-sex marriages).

The video posted just recently. Early reviews?

Gawker: "This reminds us how smart Obama was to keep celebrities from too-vocally supporting him.... Because usually they seem really obnoxious and do more to aggravate than they do to inure. Oh, plus the music sucks."

Playbill has some of the cast names: The "Proposition 8'ers and The People That Follow Them" include John C. Reilly as Prop 8 Leader; Allison Janney as Prop 8 Leader's #1 Wife; Kathy Najimy as Prop 8 Leader's #2 Wife; Jenifer Lewis as Riffing Prop 8'er; Craig Robinson as A Preacher; and Rashida Jones, Lake Bell and Sarah Chalke as Scary Catholic School Girls From Hell.

-- Shelby Grad

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AWESOME. Loved Neil Patrick Harris, and Jack Black is almost how I see Jesus (laid back, all about making things easier on people [like removing kosher issues in the NT], and pro-love) -- although with a bit more chub.

I loved it!

PS -- to those who say that the rest of CA will secede from SF and LA, all us coastal folks have been hoping for that for a LONG time now....

Since we had to use the legal system to overcome segregation and to implement the Civil Rights Act, maybe we shouldn't be that comfortable with majority rule (actually that's the reason we're a republic and not a democracy).

Besides, since the majority of Americans believe that dinosaurs existed 6,000 years ago and that Russia doesn't border the Pacific, maybe we should be working on general education and not worrying about who gets married.

Obviously, Hollywood is not know for their intelligence.....they are dumber than dirt and all they can do is sling dirt because they lost and no one cares what Jack Black and the other D-listers conjure up.....thank God and Jesues their is still an intelligent, loving morale majority......ha,ha, losers!

Al Keys, the state is NOT mucking around in religion's 'tenets'. On the contrary the public (not the state) is vocalizing their right to free speech. However from the other side of the fence, organized (and TAX EXEMPT mind you) religion paid an extremely large price tag to influence state law in this matter. Therefore it is religion that has been mucking around in State affairs.

Whatever... keep your sacred institution...as the video says... all it takes is a little cash to undo what was joined by God... unless you're Catholic then you have to pay a LOT more for the anullment.

I've always loved Allison Janney. Now I love her even more! This video is hilarious. I can't believe the christians are feeling "discriminated" against with the passage of prop 8. Cry me a river... maybe they'll start to know how it feels.

Homosexuality and Christianity are both punishable by death in other countries.

In answer to both the sketch and some confused commentators:

Christians (including Mormons) typically believe that the Law of Moses (the Torah, Genesis to Deuteronomy) was fulfilled by Jesus.

This fulfillment, however, is not usually understood to mean that all the elements of the Law were superseded. The Ten Commandments, for example, were reiterated by Jesus as valid, and continue to be considered valid by Christians. The gender-specific description of marriage in Genesis ("a man shall leave his father and his mother and cleave unto his wife") was also reiterated by Jesus.

Other parts of the Torah were specifically dropped or revised by either Jesus or the apostles. Dietary laws (the laws governing shell fish for example) were dropped because of revelations to Peter and other apostles.

Capital punishment for sexual sin is generally accepted as having ended (Jesus famous statement about only those wihout sin may cast the first stone seems to indicate this), but it's clear from Jesus' statements on marriage, lust, and adultery, as well as Paul's writings condemning sexual transgressions (including homosexuality) that the Law's injunctions against sexual sin did not end, though the punishment was relegated to excommunication or less instead of death.

There is no inconsistency in Christian teaching on any of this. It is perfectly logical to eat shell fish, reject slavery, and still believe in Biblical teachings regarding marriage as properly between a man and a woman.

This fight in the courts acutally has very little to do with gay marriage. It will have to address what must happen to basically re-write the state constitution. State law already says that for this to happen, the state legislature must vote and approve it with over a 60% majority. This is not what happened with prop 8. This kind of consitutiional revision cannot be made with a simply voter majority. It has to be approved by the state legislature and then voted on by the people. THIS is what makes Prop 8 invalid.

We have been down this road before as Americans and this question has already been answered. Seperate IS NOT equal!!!

Do you think the voters of Arkansas would have approved school integration in the 60's? Of coruse not. Thats why the courts had to enforce it. The courts are there to protect minorities from being discriminated against by a majority.

Wow, that was awful. I'm sorry folks, this is simultaneously offensive and ignorant. Take a look at the subtext - especially the predominantly black religious crowd. Great job setting up a straw man and tearing it down with fervor.

I found it as difficult to watch this tripe as it is to sit through a Sarah Palin interview. Both are like nails dragging down a chalkboard.


No special rights for a special interest group who couldn't figure out how to have a normal relationship with the opposite sex without drama.

Human Rights are not something that can be voted on. Its been proven before and will be again. To all those in favor of 8, just remember what backwards people you are going to appear to others in 10 years. There is no difference between this and the ban against inter-racial couples. In fact, wasn't that last big political fight the mormons were involved in? Any minority supporting the Mormon church in this situation, needs an education on the background of the mormon church. They have a long history of racism, hatred, bigotry and in fact there are some massacres if I'm not mistaken, try Googling "Mountain Meadows Massacres". They are one of the nations shadiest religious groups. Just remember, the Mormons brought this on themselves. This is not stopping anytime soon and they will continue to be bashed just as they continue to bash others for being themselves. Good always wins in the end and I guarantee they will loose this battle in the end and the real God who loves people will work his magic. Not their Missouri hallucination-created multi-wived-bigot-leader god.

p.s. this is not directed at all mormons, just the Church institution itself. I infact know a lot of Mormons who were and continue to be against hatred and against what this group did.

I'm befuddled with regards to the use of the word "protect" - you're protecting marriage, kids, families from what exactly? The same with "traditional marriage" - traditional marriage was property agreement where the woman was the property! Marriage has evolved, it's inevitable.

And Mary, I honestly hope you do not have a gay child if only for the fact of the torment and pain said child would go through having such a hateful, bigoted mother.

Truth about Mormons and their love for others...


Rigobear / Concerned
"The term marriage is a church item. To be used in church or mass to describe your religious connection."

Did you read my earlier post? My Church has same-sex marriage, officiated by the pastor. My church, not city hall or banquet hall or outdoor gazebo or all the other places people today get married. Have you told people not married in a church that they should not call themselves "married"?

Should the couple who've been together 20 years and married now 3 months, in the church, not call themselves married? How about a young couple who met two weeks ago and flew to Vegas for an Elvis wedding? Are they "married"? If you have to ask if these couples are same-sex or not to determine their married state, then it isn't about church at all, is it.

"No parent ever wishes his/her biological child to be gay. No parent ever is prepared to hear those dreaded words informing him/her that his/her biological child is gay."

Perhaps no parents want to hear it, but that's life: sometimes you hear things that are surprising, and not what you expected. But it doesn't mean you throw out all your plans-- you adapt. And so if a mother hears from her daughter that she is lesbian, will the mother will immediately throw out the wedding dress she'd been saving? No, as I directly saw in the case of one church wedding back in October. She got married in a lovely ceremony in the church she's attended from childhood, just as she'd always thought she would.

Alfi I love your comment "Please don't equate prop 8 to civil right. During civil right movement blacks only asked to be treated equally. They never asked to be called white."

Civil Unions are the ONLY answer. Its the only way our country can ever be at peace about this issue. Both sides are too invested in their own views.

I wish people would research the LDS church before they make comments about them that aren't even true. You say the Christians lied, but the only lies I hear are coming from Anit-Prop 8 people. They obviously don't understand about the LDS church's history and beliefs and the obviously don't understand the word marriage.

I hear people now saying, I voted NO before but I've changed my mind after seeing the way the gay supporters have responded. I agree with a previous poster in that its time we draw a line in the sand. The only way my conscience can be clear is to be standing with traditional marraige. Even if one day gay marriage is legal in this country, that doesn't make it right. I have to put God before my country. This has nothing to do with "hurting people's feelings." This has to do with my own personal beliefs.

Marriage isn't a right. A 30 year old man can't marry a 14 year old girl. A man can't marry more than one woman or vice versa. Its between 1 man and 1 woman. Period. Nothing anyone ever says will ever change my belief in that.

Tolerance would mean that I am not going to get people bashing me for my beliefs, but recent events have shown that the people who claim to be tolerant are actually very far from that.

Well gosh. If ACTORS are for something then everyone else must be in the wrong. If short plump actors who make millions playing nebish losers are for something then man.... count me in!

Wait. Are these people in the same industry where some of the most powerful people are gay? And these actors have to get permission from these same people to get jobs to get money to support the actors Bel air pretensions of grandeur?

Lynn Jensen: Sure I can explain why it is a happy day for gays because Obama was elected. He plans to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act which is the only thing that stands in the way of 48 states having to recognize the gay marriages of CT and MA. As soon as it repealed, the Full Faith and Credit Clause will nullify and void any and all laws or state constitutional amendments that ban recognition of same-sex marriage. Yes, California can refuse to perform same-sex marriage within the state but they will have to recognize all other marriages from any other state. So although he does not support gay marriage. He doesn't support banning it either. Hence he was against Prop 8.

PS: If they act like this when times are good, how will they behave when times are bad?

The root cause of homosexuality according to a millennia's worth of data and most psychologists to this day, the root cause of homosexuality is self hatred brought on by irrational reaction to early childhood pain or trauma. When we realize this reality, can we really be surprised when those who are hateful unto themselves lash out against the most vulnerable among us? Hateful haters of goodness, morality and their redeemer, Jesus Christ. Pity the pink mafia.

i LOVED this video. and i don't think it is blasphemous to christians at all, being one (i'm an involved christian, i'm at church 2-3 times a week) and so i can say that. heck - i even sent the link to it on to my pastor who i know won't be offended. i know, some of us will be offended, but maybe that's the folks that voted yes on prop 8?

Please support our "No on Prop 8" efforts by buying and displaying one of our bumper stickers or protest t-shirts!


Excellent video. Funny and sensible. Organized Religion is the scourge of society worldwide, and the sooner people wake up to this fact, the sooner the world will become sane. "Imagine no religion. . . . ." Can't happen too soon for me.

This is not about civil rights. this is about a specific definition used both to promote permanent, loving families and procreation.

Those who say Christ taught tolerance in the way you think should carefully read the sermon on the mount.

Christlike tolerance is Christlike love, which is not the same as there not being a right and a wrong choice.

I always get a kick out of black folks who use the Bible to support their condemnation of homosexuality and/or their vote for Prop. 8.

Clue to the uninformed: The Bible condones slavery. Repeatedly. Even sets out rules for how a master should treat his slaves and how a slave should behave in the presence of his master. And with such Biblical approbation, the Bible was used by U.S. slaveowners pre-emancipation to justify slavery; since slavery was condoned in Biblical verses it must be God's will.

So yes, those religious folks sure do pick and choose which Biblical verses to follow, don't they?

I'd have more respect for these people if they had included both an Obama & Biden impersonator in with the Christian gay-haters. If opposing gay marriage makes you a bigot, then meet President and Vice President Elect bigots. (Hat tip to blogger Dirty Harry for the last sentence)

Obama may personally oppose gay marriage. However, he also opposed Prop8. Just more of the lies from the Pro-Prop8 crowd.

Just think if we'd voted on the action of those Activist Judges in Brown Vs Board of Education, or Loving Vs Virginia.... we'd still have segregated water fountains.

I'm looking forward to voting on the marriages of Catholics and Mormons next. If they can tell lies about me, I can tell lies about them, for example child abuse.

If my rights are up for a popular vote, so are yours....everyone is a minority in something. Mormons are only 2% of the population in California. Do you really want to go there?

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