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Proposition 8 inspires star-studded musical

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

The Proposition 8 battle has prompted a star-studded music video that is available at the website Funny or Die.

Written by Marc Shaiman and directed by Adam Shankman, the piece shows gay marriage backers and foes debating the issue in song against the backdrop of a Sacramento community college theater. John C. Reilly and Allison Janney lead the gay marriage foes -- all dressed in dark Sunday-best suits. The anti-Prop. 8 crowd includes Neil Patrick Harris and Andy Richter.

The musical begins with the gay marriage supporters singing about "a brand new bright Obama day.... Happy days for the gays." The anti forces then move in, singing: "Nobody's looking, let's spread the hate ... Proposition 8!"

Jack Black then appears as Jesus, who takes part in some mediation. By the end of the video, everyone seems to oppose Prop. 8 (in part because of the lawyers and tattoo removal required to end those same-sex marriages).

The video posted just recently. Early reviews?

Gawker: "This reminds us how smart Obama was to keep celebrities from too-vocally supporting him.... Because usually they seem really obnoxious and do more to aggravate than they do to inure. Oh, plus the music sucks."

Playbill has some of the cast names: The "Proposition 8'ers and The People That Follow Them" include John C. Reilly as Prop 8 Leader; Allison Janney as Prop 8 Leader's #1 Wife; Kathy Najimy as Prop 8 Leader's #2 Wife; Jenifer Lewis as Riffing Prop 8'er; Craig Robinson as A Preacher; and Rashida Jones, Lake Bell and Sarah Chalke as Scary Catholic School Girls From Hell.

-- Shelby Grad

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The Supreme Court of the United States has spoken. Get over it.

Abortion is legal. Stop the protesting.


Just watch TV and read the news and comments here. Teh true haters, the true non free speech people, the true disregard for others thoughts are those of the anti 8 crowd. Hypocrites blinded by their hatred. As far as the actors in this video, they are off my list of who I will support with my hard earned dollars.

I love how the bible thumpers say that they won so get over it; when in fact they they were 100% lied to on the whole process of how to change a state constitution. What legal ramifications is it to single out one minority group.
Hey if I was lied to because I didnt have the smarts to question it I would've voted YES to.
Once again Moron's; Catholics, Muslums all need to get taxed and shoved back into the closet them selves. You've had 8 years to ruin peoples lives using the Phrase; but it'll hurt the children. When they stop hiding behind there kids as shields than maybe we can have an intellectual covnersation but until than; they may have won the battle but not the WAR. Truth will pervail. and forcing Religion on peoples bedrooms will come to a screaming hault

Interesting that the black churches aren't lampooned. They were the most successful in getting their congregations out for Prop. 8. I guess black churches are untouchable, even when their congregations were the deciding factor in killing gay marriage in California.

All you ignorant fools.......Yes on H8 voters. Prop 22 was overruled for being UNCONSTITUTIONAL, so will Prop 8 be overturned. You're wasting Taxes by being ignorant and having this go once more to the courts. Let me explain how our government works in California. 3 branches - Legislature, Judicial, and the People. First off, you can't vote in laws that will take away rights, thats right, RIGHTS! Everyone is equal according to the Constitution. So if you can have a little piece of paper that says Marriage, guess what, gay folks can have the same little paper. You get to chose who your with, they get to chose who they want to be with.....following me. I don't want to lose you because the next statement gets a little more tricky. Trust me, leave this to the educated. In our three branches once one branch makes a ruling (legaly), which the court did when they approved gay marriage, no other branch can overturn anothers ruling. Still with me.........Prop 22 was ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL because guess what it disciminated against and took away fundamental rights of a class of people......okay got that.....lets move on.....Lastly, the prop 8 that was voted on was a revision to the constituiton......not an amendment. For those of you that don't know the difference, well do your homework. Let me just say the difference is that if the Yes on 8 campaign submitted this to the Legislature (the legal way), it would of been spit back in there faces so hard that it would of made their heads spin.....thats why they created all this drama to get the people and churches involved in this hateful prop. But thanks to our great nations equality clause, this will be overturned. Face it people it is inevitable. By the way, please don't go crying Radical Judges once they do overturn this, it is there job, they take an oath to obey all laws and the constitution. Those that do cry radical are the ignorant ones that don't know their face from their....well you know. Will you then get over it? When the laws are set right.

PDH: OK I will move to a state I can live with, and I'll take my money, my business, and the jobs it creates with me............sound good?

My partner and I have been seriously considering doing just this as we no longer feel we are full citizens in California. If the right to marry can be taken away, what's next? the right to adopt? the right to fair employment? fair housing?

The courts will likley overturn Prop. 8 because it violates the equal protection provision of the constitution. In the meantime, this video adds a little levity to the situation. As for this comments board, one has to wonder why people who profess to be Christians lack a sense of humuor.

How many of you changed your core beliefs on abortion when Eric Robert Rudolf bombed the abortion clinic that killed a policeman and maimed a nurse?

How many changed your core beliefs on abortion when the sniper was killing abortion doctors?

How many changed your core beliefs when protesters waved graphic posters?

To read of people "changing their minds" on gay marriage because of the very mild by comparison actions of a few pro gay marriage protesters is absurd.

idiotic Hollywood liberals doing what idiotic Hollywood liberals do: insinuating themselves into important cultural/social/political issues as though their opinions really count for any more than the average...well, Mormon's! They don't.

Phillip: No one imposed religion on anyone. You are all still free to worship--or not--as you choose. But we live in a society where marriage is regulated, and society has every right to prevent perverts from marrying. If you don't like that, tough. You don't get to change everyone's definition of marriage just because you suffer from sexual disorientation.

I wonder if any of these actors have read the Bible.

Why do media sources continue to foster ignorance on matters voted on by the public? Laws passed by legislators or voters are unenforceable if unconstitutional.
Using the false premise that all initiatives passed by voters must become law, as long as the majority voted that interracial marriages were illegal, then the prohibition would be binding. One of the founding fathers' thoughts in drafting the Constitution was that the rights of the minority must be protected from the potential tyranny of the majority.

Reading all these comments, you watch a skit and suddenly you think your enlightened. If you all really do get your information from Hollywood, this country is done for. Learn true facts, this skit had lies about religion, the bible, and the constitutional laws. stop letting Hollywood spoon feed you.

It seems there are two sides here. One is the pro prop 8 backers, whom not all seem to be religious fanatics as said. Then there is the liberal thinking out of the box anti prop 8 folks some who are married. This is what I see a group of people wanted a law passed that gave them rights associated with marriage. Twice they placed it before voters hands and twice they were defeated. It seems that the minority is the Anti prop 8 folks. They are trying to say that they have a right to marry. I for one seem pointed to say marriage is a union of two individuals whom want to remain together for the extent of there lives. So the word marriage is obsolete. IF gay couples are insistent they want the term marriage i think its wrong. The term marriage is a church item. To be used in church or mass to describe your religious connection. Now if this is about rights and equality in regards to insurance, property ect. Then i say we need to ratify our law and change the word from marriage to "UNION" two people in Union are called United. Lets say two people of the same sex want rights because one has property he she wants left to his Union mate or to be recognized as monogamous. Then this is fine. The trouble here is wording and the law. The law has no place in Religion. This way united couples have a share in all aspects of rights they however cannot use the word marriage which comes from a Theological belief. This will relieve the religious aspect of marriage and make it more acceptable in society. Kind of how they have a million names for Latinos, Hispanics ect.. So if someone asked a gay person in California or a straight person the word is still spouse they are however UNITED in union. "Example: Do you have a spouse answ: Yes I am united and this si my spouse." Otherwise the hate between the two groups will continue to grow. Although it has been recognized that homosexuality is not a norm it is not the laws place to deny spousal right rather ratify what is needed in the law to be ratified and corrected for any misgivings. I am United with my mate and Married thru my religion. thanks

Why do media sources continue to foster ignorance on matters voted on by the public? Laws passed by legislators or voters are unenforceable if unconstitutional.
Using the false premise that all initiatives passed by voters must become law, as long as the majority voted that interracial marriages were illegal, then the prohibition would be binding. One of the founding fathers' thoughts in drafting the Constitution was that the rights of the minority must be protected from the potential tyranny of the majority.

Don't forget it took the courts to over turn the Jim Crow laws.

I'm laughing at all these commenters who make it seem that even Obama was for Prop 8 when he clearly wasn't and even wrote a letter to the Alice B. Toklas Democratic Club of San Francisco stating his opposition to "discriminatory measures to amend the state constitution" (hint hint PROP 8!)

Also Obama voters actually overwhelmingly voted AGAINST Prop 8. Only 32% or so of Obama voters voted for Prop 8. Sadly that was enough to tip the balance, but let's not make up facts as we go along.

I am not a devoutly religious person, however I do believe there is a God. I found this musical a little disturbing. I also do not believe alot of people will change their minds regarding the way they feel about the issue. I think Hollywood is very out of touch with the rest of the viewing audience. They seem to assume that everyone wants to hear thier opinion. I did not vote yes on Prop. 8 for religious reasons. I voted yes because I felt it was time to draw a line in the sand. I am tired of the overall majority having to change to please the few. We are not advancing society. Just read the newspaper every day and you will see that society is not advancing. This is my opinion and hopefully those who are truly tolerant will accept it as I accept theirs. The people have voted now twice and it just appears that there are some who are not tolerant and resort to strong arming the opposition. If the "No" on 8 people want to change this decision then take it to the voters. Any other method used will only come across as strong arming.

That's alright religious zealots. Ignore freedom of religion. The next thing we may vote on is if you have the right to practice religion!!

Now that I know which celebrities are supporting gay marriage, I'll be sure to take the gay community's suggestion and boycott their TV/movie/music entertainment.

Prop 8 will ultimately be defeated because right-wing religious people have little sense if humor, as many of these comments show. They may quote and misquote the Bible all they want, and they will remain forever uncool.

The "will of the people" has never, not even once in our history, granted as single civil right to anyone. The religious right would do well to remember that their own religious freedoms were not a result of an election either. If the "will of the people" was the true granter of civil rights, many belief systems would be persecuted, such as Mormonism, Catholicism and Islam. How about we vote on those? They're in a minority, so they're sure to lose. How's THAT for the "will of the people?"

Scott B
-- too bad for these idiots that Obama opposes gay marriage.

Looks like your the idiot today. Although Obama does oppose gay marriage on a personal level, he has clearly sent out the message that he stands behind equality for all. Gay and Lesbian should be treated equally on all grounds and rights should not be taken from them. Stop using Obama to further your HATE cause. If this goes Federally, i would bet money that Obama will stand on the gay community side against discrimination.

"I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage. But when you start playing around with constitutions, just to prohibit somebody who cares about another person, it just seems to me that's not what America's about. Usually, our constitutions expand liberties, they don't contract them." - Obama

Tolerance, just to clear things up for some of you, means you have your beliefs, fine, and I have mine, fine. We coexist. It becomes a problem when you try to impose your beliefs on me. That's not fine and it's not tolerance. If your "beliefs" include denying others their rights, then your beliefs are wrong.

and for you whiners, far right christians and mormons were the architects and funders of this discrimination legislation. that's why they get to be the brunt of the joke.

What john said above, Writing discrimination in the constitution has NEVER been right.

I love funnyordie.com! Hysterical! It's a joke people - it's FUNNY... try some perspective for once.

The video is entertaining, but probably won't change a lot of minds. Those who are anti-8 will think it's great to lampoon and lambaste the religious right. Those who are pro-8 will take offense at being lampooned and lambasted.

Maybe the anti-8-ers should use religion to their own advantage, and start praying that the pro-8 supporters wind up with a gay child or grandchild!

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