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Proposition 8 inspires star-studded musical

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

The Proposition 8 battle has prompted a star-studded music video that is available at the website Funny or Die.

Written by Marc Shaiman and directed by Adam Shankman, the piece shows gay marriage backers and foes debating the issue in song against the backdrop of a Sacramento community college theater. John C. Reilly and Allison Janney lead the gay marriage foes -- all dressed in dark Sunday-best suits. The anti-Prop. 8 crowd includes Neil Patrick Harris and Andy Richter.

The musical begins with the gay marriage supporters singing about "a brand new bright Obama day.... Happy days for the gays." The anti forces then move in, singing: "Nobody's looking, let's spread the hate ... Proposition 8!"

Jack Black then appears as Jesus, who takes part in some mediation. By the end of the video, everyone seems to oppose Prop. 8 (in part because of the lawyers and tattoo removal required to end those same-sex marriages).

The video posted just recently. Early reviews?

Gawker: "This reminds us how smart Obama was to keep celebrities from too-vocally supporting him.... Because usually they seem really obnoxious and do more to aggravate than they do to inure. Oh, plus the music sucks."

Playbill has some of the cast names: The "Proposition 8'ers and The People That Follow Them" include John C. Reilly as Prop 8 Leader; Allison Janney as Prop 8 Leader's #1 Wife; Kathy Najimy as Prop 8 Leader's #2 Wife; Jenifer Lewis as Riffing Prop 8'er; Craig Robinson as A Preacher; and Rashida Jones, Lake Bell and Sarah Chalke as Scary Catholic School Girls From Hell.

-- Shelby Grad

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This video is actually blasphemous to Christians and will change no minds, imo - in fact, it will just backfire. It shows typical Hollywood irreverance and misunderstanding of Christianity. Jack Black as Jesus is really bad.

Keep up the good work anti-prop 8 folks. Now everyone will see how extreme your position is, and will hurt your chances the next time around.

A vast majority of the country supports the current law in California regarding marriage as between a man and a woman.

First off I voted No on prop 8. That being said I find it incredibly ironic, and hypocritical, that we have people who claim to be more understanding and tolerant of others views, the liberal actors, labeling and ridiculing people with opposing views. Do not try and act high and mighty one moment and in the very next reduce yourself to the very level you claim is beneath you and close-minded.

Also, it was voted on and PASSED by the electorate TWICE! If they want it changed, get it back on the ballot and vote again. The will of the people should not be overturned simply because a vocal minority is upset that they lost. Furthermore, anyone that takes their voting cues from an actor should be banned from voting.

Am I supposed to care what Jack Black and John C Reilly think? If they are representative of the hollywood losers supporting gay marriage then I am now fully convinced that my Yes on 8 vote was the correct decision.

I'll never get those 3 minutes back.....

Sounds very similar to the great and spacious building. Can't wait for it to crumble.

How out of touch they are thinking that most electorate are religious bigots. Most African Americans voted for it. The vote would be even greater except opponents run ads in Hispanic media mentioning that Prop 8 is about discrimination and nothing that it is about gay marriage. Hispanic vote would be otherwise mostly pro Prop 8. Instead of insults pro gay marriage groups should put straight forward proposition to legalize gay marriage up to the voters. That is a democracy. Changing family tradition of thousands of years should be up to the voters, not judges.

I wish they'd found more justifications of Prop 8 to attack. My pet peeve is the argument that the institution of marriage was created to provide a mother & father to children. Okay... so what if a couple doesn't have children? My husband had a vasectomy before we married. Should we have been denied a license, since we clearly weren't going to have children? Should there be a time limit for marriages -- if you don't have children in, say, 5 years, your marriage license is revoked?

Why is this considered news? It seems like the only time these stories show in the mainstream news is when they lampoon the right. This further substantiates the news media's left-leaning tendencies. Can you imagine a story about a video online making fun of gays showing up on the front page of the Times?

Nice quote! From Gawker??? Personally, I think that this is a hilarious and very true retaliation against the hatred that passed into law in the State of California. Religious groups do 'pick and choose' what to follow in the Bible and the wedding industry would have an entirely new group of consumers....most often with a great deal of disposable income! And it is nice to get a sweet, musical reminder of our tradition of the separation of Church and State!

This was hilarious! It shows how truly how hypocritical "so called" religious people are.

Thanks for the cast names, I'll make sure I never watch anything they are in again. I am so tired of celebrity jackasses that think they are so superior.

Considering the fickle nature of voters this video would have been more useful 2 months ago. I mean we are the state who voted in Arnold as our governor.

They sure make a lot of good points! It's too bad that everyone who voted for Prop 8 hadn't read the Supreme Court's May 15th ruling beforehand. I think they'll accept Prop 8's definition of the word 'marriage' and then ban it within California! Everyone can register as domestic partners or have civil unions. That's American!!!

Gawker: your go-to source for sharp political insight and analysis.

"a brand new bright Obama day.... Happy days for the gays."

-- too bad for these idiots that Obama opposes gay marriage.

prop. 8 is nothing but an anti-American, anti-Christian piece of crap which is a last-ditch desperate effort from the obsolete beliefs of a vocal minority that will soon be completely irrelevant in American society and even in the lives of their own children - that said, this video is a piece of crap and the writers will likely never make the big time -

Thank you for posting this now, just as the holiday movies hit the theaters, and before I've done my Christmas shopping. Now I know whose movies NOT to see, whose DVDs NOT to buy, and whose tv programs not to watch.

It's GREAT for those who are looking for places to cut their speding! Dumb Hollywooders.

One comment by a blogger named Gawker equals a "review?"
Try looking at some of the reviews on funnyordie.com, or broadwayworld.com, or the Broadway chat board, or ... give me a break. Who the heck is Gawker?
"wow this is fantastic! Great job to all!"
"this was an excellent point in all cases---we all need to listen to each other! Let's save the economy and love one another, don't judge!"
"As a Christian who doesn't eat shellfish, I LOVE this musical.
We Christians do pick and choose what we want to follow and seem to forget that Jesus taught us to love and not hate, and that discrimination is a sin."

Law has been passed, people have spoken. May the LA Times ignore the issue and provide more importante news. It' over!!!

a great message -- too bad they didn't motivate to do this before the election -- and make a 60 sec spot for televsion... i hope people really think about the hypocrisy of "pick and choose" religiousity esp with regard to Leviticus. maybe humor can help make inroads there... (if not, it's just preaching (entertainingly!) to the choir!)

It's funny how everyone bashes christians only. I would like to see if these same so called actors have the balls to make a video with Mohamed in it. The Koran also prohibits homosexuality. In fact, the penalty for homosexuality is death in a lot of countries. They won't because they are cowards. They pick on the only religion that will not demand their heads for anything negative they say. Playing Jesus in a musical in this matter? I used to like Jack Black but he's gone too far with this one. I will not watch another of his movies ever again. The rest of the cast are either have-beens or never-were so they really don't matter. I also find it interesting that we are given a mini theology lesson from people that have never studied, much less opened a bible. Truly disgusting. BTW, I changed my mind about prop 8 after watching this video. NOT!!! Keep bashing Christians. We'll see how far you get in changing people's minds.

This video is sooo funny! Love it. =)

Did anyone in California happen to see the third debate? Obama said he does not support Gay Marriage.

This is brilliant and funny. It's a parody, people. It's not an attack ad. It's viral marketing of the best kind. Not to mention that the Leviticus info is true. Fabulous.

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