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Man sentenced for killing brother's basset hound with an ax

A judge sentenced a local man to nearly a year in Los Angeles County jail after he pleaded no contest to killing his brother’s basset hound with an ax.

Rudy Fernandez, 37, of Los Angeles, was sentenced today to 294 days in county jail and ordered to undergo a mental-health evaluation after pleading no contest last month to felony animal cruelty. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Anne H. Egerton also ordered Fernandez to attend 48 sessions of a program on animal cruelty and not to take care of any animal during the five years he will spend on probation.

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--Andrew Blankstein

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Fernandez had faced a maximum of four years in state prison if convicted. The sentence stems from an attack on the bassett hound named "Samantha" that was reported to Los Angeles police in March.

The basset hound belonged to his brother, who was in jail at the time of the alleged attack, police said. Fernandez tried to strangle the dog with his hands before pinning her to the ground with his feet and pressing a wood fence post to her neck. When that failed, prosecutors said, he delivered fatal blows to her skull with the ax. Fernandez tried to discard the animal, but police found its bloodied carcass in a trash bin after receiving a call from a tipster.

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Ok thats a little bit harsh of a penalty.

Shouldn't the guy have a psych eval before sentencing? You don't know what you're dealing with, so how can you sentence someone to less than a year in jail? What if this guy has a real lack of empathy for all living beings? Is less than 1 year and 48 animal cruelty sessions enough?

That seems wrong...to judge without all the facts.

He needs the full four years. Samantha suffered a long, violent death, so this guy deserves equal punishment. If he can can brutally kill a Basset, then he has the clear capability to harm a child.

Oh my god. How could anyone perform such a cruel act on an animal?
This disgusts me.

294 days in jail when he could have got 4 years in prison. Seems to me that Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Anne H. Egerton went real easy on him. I guess Anne doesn't care much for animals. This guy should be skinned alive. If it had been my dog he would have.

It would have been better for him to receive the same treatment he provided the dog with!

What a despicable person. If you don't want it take it to the pound, at least let the dog die humanely!

What a worthless human being. Good riddance.

Why only a year in jail for this murdering beast - reading the story he should also have been charged with torture and murder....what a sick sick individual - what causes a person to be so disgusting - a year in jail is not enough - lets get tough with people that torture and kill animals.

Oh my god, why??? A bassett hound?
And his brother is already in jail... Parents must be proud.

From the sounds of it this entire family should be put to death. Another fine example of ethnic diversity making America a better place.

So what does it take to get the full four years then? This is sickening.

He sounds like a real nice guy.....a real winner. NOT! At least he's getting jail time.

What a sick man. He deserved way more time than that. Anyone who would hurt a defenseless animal is disgusting!

That's way to good for him. This guy has Alpo karma - he needs to be fed to the dogs! How do you rehab someone to not be sick, cruel and demented?

This man should do a lot more time than just one year! What a barbarian!!!!!

One year is not enough. I'd like to take an ax to his head. What a savage.

Oh the horror...what about killing 4,000 HUMAN babies a day? Oh, wait, that's different...we like that....

I'm sure there would be less comments and less compassion if "basset hound" was a "pet rooster" or "pet jack rabbit". I like how most people are hypocrites, calling for his head yet they wouldn't feel the same way about another animal. I'm not assuming, im just stating the facts. i guess since americans deem dogs as "cute" and "mans best friend" they feel they are better than other animals. get a life. anyone who says the family should die or he should die is out of their mind. an animal is not a sentinent being. they have no souls. do you think people should go to jail for killing their pet goldfish?

for james sullivan - right, it's all about the ethnicity of the criminal. there aren't any WASPS or non-ethnic minorities committing crimes. Here's to another open minded American Minority spouting off about diversity.

You people are too much who think an animal has the same rights a human being, what the guy did was wrong, but it is just a dog

This man savagely and brutally murdered another sentient being ... man's best friend. He could have gotten up to 4 years in jail and got less than 1 year in jail. That penalty was too mild. That judge was too lenient. What a disgusting human being. Anyone who harms, let alone kills, the weaker among us, especially, and namely animals and children, those people are the lowest of the low. Although I have never believed in the death penalty, in cases like this I come very close to changing my mind and making an exception. There is a correlation between animal abusers and child or spouse abusers. This is why veterinarians are obligated to report animal abuse when it comes across their examining tables. So, in 294 days, this bastard will be out on the streets to physically harm and possibly kill other animals and maybe children too. The judge should be ashamed of herself who gave such a light sentence.

Marvin, do you really think most in favor of freedom of choice LIKE abortions? If so you are a simplistic dolt. As for the cretin that did this, yes, I think he should absolutely have received the maximum sentence.

I do feel the penalty is light in this case, but at least some thing was done. In the case of the LA County Asst. Fire Chief betting the puppy (Karley) no arrest has even been made. I guess the justice system in Riverside County need to get some advise from LA County DA on how to get thing done.

To John Sullivan and all other who think like him, get informed before you open your mouths. The fact that you read the paper does not make you a literate person. People like you make me sick. As for the dog, how do you all know she didnt earn it?

To R:
How in the heck does a dog earn being brutally killed in the manner this guy slaughtered that basset hound? YOU are a sick human being.

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