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LAPD braces for Prop. 8 protest in West L.A., vows to be prepared*

Prop. 8 protest

More than 3,000 protesters marched near the landmark Los Angeles California Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Westwood today to protest the church's strong support for Proposition 8. Santa Monica Boulevard is closed and nearby traffic is gridlocked.

Opponents of Proposition 8, which outlawed gay marriage in California, were waving banners and chanting. A similar protests occurred on Wednesday night in Hollywood and West Hollywood.

Los Angeles Police Department officials say they won't be caught off-guard as they were last night, when they were required to call a tactical alert after a few members of the mostly peaceful crowd got out of hand. The protest is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. off Santa Monica Boulevard.

In the wake of the passage of the state proposition banning gay marriage, Wednesday night saw thousands protest in West Hollywood and Hollywood, forcing police to shut down some streets and the LAPD to call a citywide tactical alert that required officers from one watch to stay on duty during the next watch.

At least seven people were arrested, four at the intersection of Hollywood and Highland, where one man jumped on top of a police car. Television cameras captured one protester struggling with officers and being struck on the legs by batons.

The Mormon temple is apparently being targeted because of church members' funding and support of the proposition.

* Update: Another protest is planned for later this afternoon in West Hollywood near the Pacific Design Center. The MTA says streets will be closed and buses rerouted. Details from the MTA statement:

Metro has received word that there will be additional Prop. 8 demonstrations this afternoon and evening and [L.A. County Sheriff's Department]  will be closing San Vicente from Melrose to Santa Monica Boulevard starting at 4 p.m. until the streets are cleared, which could go into the late evening. There will be no traffic including buses allowed to go north on San Vicente.  During this time, Metro will need to reroute buses to Robertson to go north and then east on Santa Monica Blvd.

**Update 2: Metro corrected their earlier statement, saying the Sheriff's Department currently has "no formal plan to close San Vicente Boulevard between Santa Monica Boulevard and Melrose Avenue this evening."

-- Richard Winton and Rong-Gong Lin II

Photo credit: Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times

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The country was not founded on Christian values as promoted by the modern day inquisitors in the Christian churches today. I laugh at the people on this board who obviously never read an iota of American history. Check out what Deism is ... and then come back and tell me this maps to the Mormon or Catholic or Cripsy-on-Jesus evangelical faiths of today.

Some highlights on the history of the oh-so-moral people in the Christian faith:

1. The Dutch church endorsing slavery
2. The Catholic church endorsing slavery
3. The Mormon massacre of settlers in the Mountains Meadows massacre
4. The Mormon exclusion of blacks and Indians from their church
5. The splinter Mormons who 'marry' young girls against their will forcing them to join their sick harems
6. The Catholic support of Nazism and the subsequent assistance of Nazi war criminals' escape post-WWII
7. The KKK membership of many Christians in the American Deep-South
8. The forced conversion and child abduction perpetuated by Mormon, Catholic and Evangelical missionaries in the 3rd world
9. The bilking of millions of dollars from gullible old people by the Evangelical preaches Jim Bakker, Jerry Falwell, Pat Roberston
10. The blaming of 9/11 on gays by Pat Robertson
11. The Inquisition and Salem Witch Burnings

Need I go on???

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" ...

I guess you morons never made it past the Old Testament.

There is no difference between this issue and blacks having to sit in the back of the bus. In 10 years from now, anyone who supported Yes on 8 is going to look like a pathetic KKK member does today. If the government didn't recognize marriage AT ALL, then it wouldn't be an issue. No gay wants the pathetic Mor(m)on Church or the Catholic Church to marry them, just the government like ANYONE ELSE. Anyone who believes otherwise is going to look like a backward redneck hick in time if they already don't. Most of the Yes Vote came from the POOR and UNEDUCATED areas of LA.

Whether it's Muslims, Catholics, Jews, Mormons, or Protestants we are just as rabid about stopping this insanity as the Gay community is in pushing their agenda.

You will find an equal and powerful reaction to whatever you do! Bring it on we're ready.

Instead of protesting in front of a Mormon church, we should be protesting in front of the IRS offices for not immediately stripping tax exempt status from the churches who spent more than $40 million on Prop 8 and Prop 4. If churches can afford to spend this kind of money sowing hatred, they can darn sure pay some taxes. And right now the state of California can use all the tax revenue it can get. END THE TAX FREE RIDE FOR CHURCHES!

>> "Marriage" is a term used by Religions to signify the union of a man
>> and woman in matrimony, what's wrong with asking you to come up
>> with your own? One that doesn't infringe on my beliefs?

I think that is well thought out, but I come to a different conclusion: if the word "Marriage" is such a strong religious-only word, why does the state of California use it? I hereby suggest that the word "marriage" be removed from civil laws such that there is no such contest for the word. Each religion can use it in their own context.

I grew up in Boulder Colorado in the late sixties/early seventies, no, not here in California but I'm sure it was the same across the country. Those were difficult times in many ways with the entire nation trying to find itself and establish a new identity.

This being said, throughout my public education in Colorado (and I'm sure it was the case here as well), personal choices were never brought into the schools...not once was religion, marriage, sex or even race discussed, we focused on the core education we needed as K-12 students and our personal decisions were left up to us.

The difficult situation the gay marriage proponents have laid before parents like myself (I have a son and a daughter in the public school system), is that these topics, and the personal agendas of individual educators, are being presented to our children without any regard for my families beliefs or desires. This fundamental right was taken from me.

Personally I wish we could return our public forums to the state that they were in when I was growing up, an environment where children were shielded from these topics and could make decisions (religion, political, sexual preferences, etc.) for themselves without others trying to push their own agenda.

In my case both my son (in Junior High) and my daughter (K-5) came home after their respective teachers discussed homosexual relations (my son) and gay marriage (my daughter) as something that should be considered as appropriate "lifestyle" choices and the students should consider them as such. I was dumb-founded. I spoke with the district officials and they gave a lot of lip service but in the end said that they couldn't do anything about it. When I grew up, this would not have been tolerated at all...in fact the teacher would have been dismissed immediately...not that they were discussing gay issues, but for discussing something other than reading, writing and arithmetic.

In the end, I supported Prop. 8 in that it was an essential step to return my freedom as a father to discuss these very personal and individual choices with my children by myself without outside influences that I may or may not agree with , that right has been restored. For those who feel hurt, I feel badly for them and wish they could have enjoyed the legal status they had without pushing their agenda upon my children...if they had left the parenting to the parents (gay or heterosexual), we would have seen a completely different outcome.

There was actually a protest against the mormon church last weekend in Salt Lake City featuring mormon mother's with gay children. The irony is that mormons claim they came to the west to escape persecution and persue religious freedom. Now they use their power and money to the tune of 20 million dollars to deny other people their freedom. Not only that but they are using their members donated tithing money that is supposed to be going towards building temples and humane efforts. They are not the only group who used power to spread hate, but they are one of them and they should be held accountable for their actions.

The Mormon church IS wacky. But they are in no way wackier than any other church or religion. They deserve ridicule as much as all of the other faiths do. And they deserve condemnation when they try to impose their beliefs on others.

One final comment, for all of you who think God will judge me harshly for voting yes on 8, why would he/she when all I'm doing is following his/her word.

It's also sad that people who disagree with you are determined to be hate filled bigots. If that's the case I could say the same thing about those who voted No on 8. However, I won't because the truth of the matter is I do understand your struggle, I just wish you could try to understand where I was coming from as well. This will never be settled until there is a compromise on both sides.

Gays go against God ? There is no God you dopes , its an invention for scared , bigoted idiots . Its to justify the selfish and ignorant behavior that you 'Christians ' and other child abusing herd followers use . And they should be called MORONS and not Mormons anyway , their "founder" , a con artist , was visited by the 'angel Moroni . Go look it up . Love and kisses

Amidst all the noise and punditry everyone seems to miss the point: marriage is not a right, it is a LICENSE granted by the state.

Its is a societal construct, a legal entity, created and administered by government agencies. Policy makers (elected officials) both create and implement the policies. The Public Good and the betterment of society are the subjective goals. That means the majority rules.

Gay Marriage advocates have attempted to ENFORCE their views through Judicial decisions. The voters then react to overturn the change in policy enforced by the Judiciary, sometimes twice.

Gay Marriage advocates should have been working on convincing society at large of their cause rather than antagonizing the public by Judicial end-runs.
They need to convince society that it should change, not try to force it.The law is not on their side and it s the wrong method. Their arrogant approach probably set back their cause by 20 years now that they have helped create the reactive Federal Ban and State Constitutional bans.

Now they have to deal with dissolving "marriages" and the legal mess they purposely created...

"75% of Kern County voted for Prop. 8. Many other counties were nearly that close. The Mormons did do much to fund Prop 8, but they did not make anyone agree with them. 52% of the state agreed with them. Trust me, the Mormons would love it if they could be that successful in getting people to agree with them. Look at all the guys on bikes, it is not like they don't work at it. This was not a Mormon issue. How many of the huge percentage of Blacks that voted for 8 are Mormons, or have ever set foot in a Mormon church? A lot of the Christians just took a brief truce, and now that Prop 8 is over with, are right back to preaching that Mormons are a wackazoid cult.

If this was a Mormon issue, then polls show that 65% of America is solidly Mormon. If that is the case, I am opening me a bicycle factory."

-- Tom

HAHA - this one gets my vote for funniest post yet. I mean, "writing checks at the grocery store" was good - but this is hilarious! "It's not like they don't work at it." =D

Can I be a co-owner in that factory? We'd need to invent a bike that doesn't snag slacks and protects your ties from splash-backs.

Well, how about this...all the churches that contributed money and preached about the evils of gay marriage and riled up everyone about the virus of homosexuality...lets petition the state and federal government to remove their tax exempt status. I do believe there are federal statutes that expressly forbid religious institutions from interfering or contributing to political issues.

how do you like that?

Ours is a system of checks and balances.

The majority can "speak", but the courts exist as a check and balance to protect minorities.

The courts decide whether or not a majority ruling is constitutional, i.e., whether or not it treats a minority class of citizens in a seperate, or unequal way.

The California courts have already ruled once that a law passed by the majority regarding gay marriage was unconsitutional.

They will no doubt do so again.

The majority is simply going to have to learn how to accomodate the minority.

That's the American way.

Civil rights should never be left to popular vote. Where would slavery be, segregation, women's rights? Thank God they were not left to the popular vote. The more a group of people is oppressed, the quicker someone will step in and do what's right -- and in this case, it will be the courts. And now, we've been pushed hard enough that it will go national, with a "liberal" White House, Congress, and soon to be Supreme Court. Thanks for voting yes on prop 8.

You suggested 'homosexuals' are a 'minority group. Once again it could be said,
thieves are a minority group, adulterers, and even murderers.

If we look at the subject from a spiritual perspective, than we have to look at 'what does the Bible say? On the other hand, if we begin to separate the many differences that abound, (from a humanistic viewpoint) than why not include those who have, perverse appetites. to be fair. they would have to be considered minority groups as well. How far do, we as a society, carry this argument?


"I am still waiting for someone to show me one right the gays lost because they can't marry. Marriage itself is NOT a right. Gays still have ALL the legal benefits and then some."

There are still circumstances where DPs are not given the same consideration as spouses. When a loved one is hospitalized the spouse is the first one notified and often the only one allowed full access visitation and decision making. Marriage is a state sanctioned legal standing. If someone wants to assign spiritual, holy,God given status to it for their own purposes that 's fine. Otherwise, as far as the state is concerned, it is simply a legal status. I don't see why gender has anything to do with that.

Seriously?? All of this..seriously?? There are two sides to everything...Personally I say if they want to be married and be miserable like some 60% of the population then let them...it's their lives let them do what they want...plus the sanctity of marriage has already been destroyed by much of hollywood and those lovely couples that cheat on each other day in and day out...yeah that's a sacred institution...

However, I'm pretty sure there is supposed to be a separation of church and state...people will always vote based on their values that often times are influenced by their religion...just like the people that voted no on prop 8 are voting based on their values...
Protesters, you can't make it seem like the values of people who voted yes don't count, and only your values do because THAT is unfair also...we had an election to make this issue get handled as fairly as possible, and unfortunately for you prop 8 was passed...attacking churches to prove a point to the state only makes you look irrational & hateful...and aren't you protesting hate??

Remember, this is the real world and MOST of the time things don't go your way...you can't help what the majority decides so just live and let live and be a good person...geez..

Well, since the MORmON church has decided to inject themselves into the legal & political system by putting so much money into prop 8, I think it's time to rescind their cult.. uh, I meant their "church's" tax exempt status.

Be afraid, bible thumpers. With a liberal democrat president and a large majority in both houses of congress, it might happen....

I hope it does. It would be nothing but sweet justice for you bible thumping bigots.

The bottom line is that the same democratic process that produced Barack Obama as President also passed Proposition 8. You can't pick and choose your democracy.

Dave, see Jake's comment. That's just one example. In order to have all of the same rights that marriage brings, gays and lesbians must pay exorbitant legal fees along with the domestic partnership paperwork. This is NOT equal treatment under the rules of the constitution. Perhaps we should all send our legal bills to the State of California and ask them to pay the lawyer fees for setting up Domestic Partnerships. If nothing else, it will soften the blow.

There are legal challenges to this "amendment". By belief is that it WILL fall, likely sooner than later. It stinks to high heaven and flagrantly contradicts other portions of the constitution. "The people decided." ?!?!? Again, you seem to mistakenly believe that with a simple majority rules declaration that you win. LOL. Thank goodness the framers of the Constitution saw fit to address this. The fact that this "amendment" took place with only a slight majority and before the State Legislature voted on it (and 2/3 voted "yes" on it) strikes me as suspect in itself. People voted "yes" after being told a lot of lies. Now that everything is in the light of day, let's see how well it holds up.

And to all of the people who decry the actions of "activist judges", I suggest you go back and revisit your American History and the functions of the different structures of U. S. Government. It is the job of judges to INTERPRET constitutional law. They don't just make this stuff up. It's all written down in the Constitution already. You like to call them "activist" only when you don't agree with their interpretation. Annoying isn't it? When that pesky Constitution keeps getting in the way.

Finally, please explain how a gay marriage suddenly invalidates or affects a straight marriage. Will you suddenly become divorced?

For what it's worth, I also deplore the violence.

Junya, if you have a PHD you know obviously went to enough school to understand that homosexuality has been around as long as humanity has... it isn't a choice, it isn't wrong, and its not perverted.

Legal marriage IS a civil right in our country... if it wasn't they wouldn't have to make laws and govern it.

Church of LDS members have donated about 40 percent of the $22.8 million raised to pass the initiative since July 2008, according to Frank Schubert, campaign manager for ProtectMarriage.com, the primary backer of the "yes" campaign.

Other religious groups have contributed, including a Catholic fraternal service organization – the Knights of Columbus – which donated more than $1 million.

But no group has given more than the Mormons.

I repeat: NO GROUP has given MORE than the Mormons.

I think only a man and a woman should have the right to marry. I am atheist, but I just believe this. The purpose of marriage is to have a family and offspring. Call it whatever else, but not marriage.

Very well. If the only purpose of "marriage" is to breed, then let's restrict it to only fertile couples who intend to reproduce. Post-menopausal females will no longer be legally allowed to marry. If you've had a vasectomy or tubal and want to remarry, too bad. Survivor of testicular, ovarian or uterine cancer? Nope. Any couple seeking a marriage license will be required to be tested to prove fertility and any marriage that has failed to produce a child within five years will be automatically annulled. Seems fair to me. No offspring=no marriage. The old, infertile, unable and/or unwilling are, of course, welcome to shack up as they wish and can share what legal protections are left to the nonreproductive.

The truth is lots of heterosexuals get married for lots of reasons other than reproduction, but nobody's suggesting (yet) that they not be allowed to marry just because they can't or choose not to have children.

I am still waiting for someone to show me one right the gays lost because they can't marry. Marriage itself is NOT a right. Gays still have ALL the legal benefits and then some. The only thing they can't do is use the term marriage when they form relationships together. They can't refer to the relationship as a marriage. Big deal. They have EVERYTHING else. Why do they insist on ruining what thousands of years of traditional marriage means (for everyone else) just so they can be called "married".
The ONLY reason for such a desire (to be called "married") is to be accepted by the non-gay community. Except for the name, Domestic Partnerships give gays the same rights as anyone else. That's why GAYS DON'T NEED TO BE MARRIED. It's just not necessary.
The people decided. Having a rally is fine, but don't get violent and don't vandalize property. The sore losers that are going after the LDS church for this loss are miss directed and are hurting their cause in the long run. I have respect for gays, but I won't have respect for anyone who resorts to violence just because they don't like the outcome of the election.

Posted by: Dave | November 06, 2008 at 12:37 PM

hey dave,

Then why it was a big deal when Rosa Park so brave to sit in front of the bus? I mean, she have the right to ride the bus but just have to sit in the back. Yes, gay still have the same benefit but that doesn't make it right.

I'm not comparing black discrimination to gay discrimination. I just want to give an example to Dave that he is wrong.

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