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LAPD braces for Prop. 8 protest in West L.A., vows to be prepared*

Prop. 8 protest

More than 3,000 protesters marched near the landmark Los Angeles California Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Westwood today to protest the church's strong support for Proposition 8. Santa Monica Boulevard is closed and nearby traffic is gridlocked.

Opponents of Proposition 8, which outlawed gay marriage in California, were waving banners and chanting. A similar protests occurred on Wednesday night in Hollywood and West Hollywood.

Los Angeles Police Department officials say they won't be caught off-guard as they were last night, when they were required to call a tactical alert after a few members of the mostly peaceful crowd got out of hand. The protest is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. off Santa Monica Boulevard.

In the wake of the passage of the state proposition banning gay marriage, Wednesday night saw thousands protest in West Hollywood and Hollywood, forcing police to shut down some streets and the LAPD to call a citywide tactical alert that required officers from one watch to stay on duty during the next watch.

At least seven people were arrested, four at the intersection of Hollywood and Highland, where one man jumped on top of a police car. Television cameras captured one protester struggling with officers and being struck on the legs by batons.

The Mormon temple is apparently being targeted because of church members' funding and support of the proposition.

* Update: Another protest is planned for later this afternoon in West Hollywood near the Pacific Design Center. The MTA says streets will be closed and buses rerouted. Details from the MTA statement:

Metro has received word that there will be additional Prop. 8 demonstrations this afternoon and evening and [L.A. County Sheriff's Department]  will be closing San Vicente from Melrose to Santa Monica Boulevard starting at 4 p.m. until the streets are cleared, which could go into the late evening. There will be no traffic including buses allowed to go north on San Vicente.  During this time, Metro will need to reroute buses to Robertson to go north and then east on Santa Monica Blvd.

**Update 2: Metro corrected their earlier statement, saying the Sheriff's Department currently has "no formal plan to close San Vicente Boulevard between Santa Monica Boulevard and Melrose Avenue this evening."

-- Richard Winton and Rong-Gong Lin II

Photo credit: Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times

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I find it hillarious how many are blaming the LDS Church when only 2% of the voters in California are LDS. After you hypocrites are finished practicing bigotry against the LDS Church, you can focus on the other 50% of the voters that believe that marriage should be defined as between a man and a woman. I voted Yes on 8 and I support gay rights.

On a second note, I can see that the L.A. Times is being as slanted as ever even after Proposition 8 has passed with a 4% lead. To L.A. Times staff: I will never subscribe until you start reporting both sides of the story rather than trying to sway voters.

Brad O.

You are not born gay, it is a choice. There is not one piece of scientific data to support the "born gay" claim. The people once again have spoken. I say if any judge overturns this he/she should be hung from the nearest tree.

It amazes me that homosexuality hasn't been found a public health menace by the California Health Department. They are huge advocates of not smoking! But homosexuality is a lifestyle far more lethal than even cancer! The average homosexual male dies at the age of 42; homosexual female, 44. This is due to the acquired diseases from the activities promoted by this lifestyle. Why is the Health Department so silent over this? And why should the California constitution (public policy) ever be made to encourage such a dangerous and lethal lifestyle? It's not in the best interest of the public. There is no good reason, other than to appease the interests of a powerful lobby!

For anyone who does not understand why the Mormon's are being targeted...It is because Mormons were, by far, the biggest funding source for the Yes on 8 proposition. Not First AME church, or any other organization.

Get it out. Lash and gnash and do whatever else (within the bounds of the law) you need to.

Then let's all take a deep breath and start trying to heal some of these wounds.


It's not a right, get over it. You lost. The people have spoken (oh wait, that only works when it's in your favor, like judges, right?)

There were mormons who gave to both causes... their religion believes in Freedom of Choice at the VOTERS booth. Barbara Young was in the news up in Sacramento (She is NFL Steve Young's wife and she gave to the No on eight campaign. $50,000. She goes to those Mormon churches the No on 8 are protesting at.)
So to blame a church because its members gave to one cause or another is rediculous. Someone said the LDS CHURCH gave money. They don't do that. They never have. The Mormon PEOPLE who gave... were just Americans involved in a political process. A lot of Catholics gave too, and nobody is screaming at the Pope or the Catholic church. This is like the THIRD vote on this issue in the state in the last few years...and EVERY time the Majority of California's voters have been against gay marriage. There aren't that many Mormons in that state to sway that vote.
PEOPLE voted YES on Eight.
If people keep protesting at the LDS churches property there is going to be law suits. IN fact the NO on 8 people should be in trouble for that horrible commercial they made of young 19 year old missionaries breaking and vandalising in a gay couples home. That is the biggest LIE I have ever seen this campaign.

PS the wacky beliefs of marriage btw a man and a woman are pretty much the norm for the whole world for milliniums of time...and aren't a MORMON concept.

Some argue that gays do not lost any rights if not allowed to marry. The simple fact is that if one group is allowed, but another is not, that is plain and simple discrimination. And to those that think "civil-unions" are just as good, let's all think back and remember...hmmm...separate is NOT equal. Duh????

Have we really lost the ability to know right from wrong, or have we lost the ability to care what is right or wrong? Morality is now a dirty word. If it were not for religious freedom, and the desire to live our religion (which to me means love and tolerance for the sinner, but not for the sin), this country would not harbor such ability for those with alternative lifestyles to voice their views. However, the people have spoken and our voice has spoken once more to protect the sanctity of marriage. Let no self-righteous judges presume to take away the people's voice.

Kudos to LAPD and LASD for their handling of last night's protests! I was in the crowd for several hours as we marched from West Hollywood to Beverly Hills to Hollywood to Fairfax, and the officers and deputies couldn't have been more professional. Thank you, Sheriff Lee Baca, Captain Buddy Goldman and Chief Bill Bratton!

The Mormon Church as a whole didnt donate any money to Yes on 8. all the donations came from individuals that happened to be mormon. and those individuals only raised 1/4 of the money. what about evangelical churches, jewish churches, and internet donations that raised the other 3/4ths? these people are only targeting the mormons because they are least liked out of all the goups. it would be funny if people showed up to surround the LA Temple on sunday. because no one would be there. duh. church services arent held in the temple on sunday.

I don't understand how anyone intelligent can actively participate in religion. Sorry, but I am not from the US. You know, in some parts of the world, they believe in witch doctors. Many religious Americans would find that laughable, yet they cannot see the absurdity of their own religions.

Outside of that, I think denying rights to same-sex couples is pure bigotry. Sure, the 'popular vote was cast, but I'm sure the popular vote in 1840 would have been 'for' chaining up black people.

I voted yes not because I am against gay marriage (I could really give a hoot). I voted yes because the way that sleaze Gavin Newsom reacted when the CA supreme court ignored the CA voters and allowed gay marriage. "Whether you like it or not" was a great line to inspire many to vote down this issue. Its not the job of elected officials to rub issues that the majority disagree with in their faces. There is a right and a wrong way to go about things when your a public figure, and acting like a 3rd grader on a play ground sticking your tongue out and screaming "neener neener neener" is not professional. That guy is such an idiot. Since the voters in SF care little about this guys values (slept w/ his campaign manager's wife and still kept his job), or the terrible job he's done to clean up the city's streets (turinng the place into a "refuge" city didn't exactly help with the city's already sketchy areas) I hope this final straw that buries him politically so that we never have to see is sleezy smirk on campaign adds when he tries to run for governor, congress, senate, president. If I were homosexual I would distance myself as far away from that idiot as possible, b/c he hurt your efforts on this issue far more than he ever helped.

The only disgrace to marriage is the heterosexual people that abuse the priviledge they have. How many people in America have to get divorced before we realize the institution of marriage is antiquated.

If you want to get married, go to your religious leaders to have a ceremony. I don't understand why the government is even involved with this. If the government shouldn't be encouraging or accepting somebodies lifestyle (homosexuality) then they should be encouraging or licensing other peoples chosen lifestyle (having a family). There is nothing in the bill of rights that says you have the right to be married.

If you are going to open the instituation of marriage for one group, then it is good for all. My religion says it is wrong to kill animals for food. Am I advocating everyone share my beliefs and be a vegetarian? Absolutely not because I am tolerant of other people's choices. You have no right to impose your religious views on a group of people. Last time I checked, two homosexuals getting married will have no bearing on you own marriage. If anything, it will make us heterosexuals look like idiots because all we do is marry and divorce.

Mormons, cathotics, atheists, muslims, jews and everything in between, all have got divorced. Did the disparage the institution of marriage? The government needs to step out of our lives. If people choose to get married, leave that in the church not the courthouse.

I propose a new proposition on the ballot for the next election to abolish marriage altogether.

Wow...Mormons are less than 2% of the population in California (almost 1/2 of them children) and yet they're taking the blame for the failure of "NO on Prop 8".

Look at the math, over 52% voted "YES on Prop 8", yet less than 2% of the population gets the whole blame for Prop 8 passing. Sounds a lot like Germany in the 1930s blaming all their problems on the Jews. Now who are the ones radiating HATE?

i don't understand how people don't find it hilarious that so many prop. 8 supporters insists that they still have all the rights just under their own category (domestic partnership). Its laughable that these people fail understand that "separate but equal" was deemed wrong in america almost half a century ago.

But while we're at it I am for constitutional ammendments against the following groups that slightly annoy me.
-People that still write checks at the grocery store
-People that have super bright headlights on SUVs in the middle of the city
-People that save entire rows of seats at the movie theater using combinations of sweaters, purses, and hats

Shame on the Los Angeles Times for allowing hate speech on their comments board. I guess unless you're black or Jewish or Sarah Palin, you're fair game for the death threats and urging of suicide as written by the Neanderthals on this board.

That said -- I'm a complete believer in reciprocity. Any gay or lesbian who does any business or hires or speaks civilly with any Mormon, Black Christian who voted Yes, Orthodox Jew who voted Yes is ridiculous. Just as the bigots have their so-called right to deny us a fundamental human right, we have the ability to simply not spend any money or associate in any way with the idiots.

I don't care about your stupid God. I'm not a member of the ridiculous Abrahamic faiths and my religion has ZERO issue with homosexuality. I'm an American citizen and citizen of California who has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, created jobs for hardworking people and spread millions of dollars through out the economy in the form of my business expenditures and payroll. What I will be doing within the law is simply making sure that this money is no longer spent with any of the above idiots and moving much of my business operations out of this state to more welcoming climes.

No equality. No money. Simple ... Good luck, morons, trying to close the deficit without my funding. Keep it up and there are plenty of people in India, Brazil and China who can do the work I need done. That way you can be self-righteous morons without my money. I hope all Gay people do the same.

BTW ... I laugh when I hear Christians talk about their moral superiority.

This coming from a church (Mormons) that endorsed pedophilia, polygamy, discrimination against blacks into the 70s and another church (Catholic) that houses the greatest concentration of child molesters in the world.

Yeah right. God's law. May I remind you morons of a passage from your own holy book -- something about casting the beam out of your own eye before you cast the mote out of mine. I live for the day that you are judged.

Thank for you for the protests! Keep strong LGBT Community! Slow and steady wins the race.

Dave writes:

"I am still waiting for someone to show me one right the gays lost because they can't marry. Marriage itself is NOT a right. Gays still have ALL the legal benefits and then some. The only thing they can't do is use the term marriage when they form relationships together. They can't refer to the relationship as a marriage. Big deal. They have EVERYTHING else. Why do they insist on ruining what thousands of years of traditional marriage means (for everyone else) just so they can be called "married".
The ONLY reason for such a desire (to be called "married") is to be accepted by the non-gay community. Except for the name, Domestic Partnerships give gays the same rights as anyone else. That's why GAYS DON'T NEED TO BE MARRIED. It's just not necessary.
The people decided. Having a rally is fine, but don't get violent and don't vandalize property. The sore losers that are going after the LDS church for this loss are miss directed and are hurting their cause in the long run. I have respect for gays, but I won't have respect for anyone who resorts to violence just because they don't like the outcome of the election."

Now, Dave, pretend it's 1929 in Germany and the National Socialist Party has just come into power. Change "gay" in your post to "jew" and "marriage" to "own businesses".

See how that sounds.


The Polygamists are not Mormon. They are not allowed to be a part of the church. It is because the LDS church believes that marriage should be between 1 man and 1 woman. Those wishing to practice polygamy are kicked out to the church and often start their own religions.

If you are going to start accusing the Mormon's of something, you should probably get your facts straigh.

Obama: marriage is between a man and a woman.

How would anyone feel if they told you that you cannot get married. All they want to do is get married legally under the eyes of the law. It's so simple. Why do people not understand that. Traditional marriage IS NOT between a man and a woman, it is between two people that love each other. That is what marriage means. Those that were in favor of Prop.8 are just afraid that things are changing. Like Bob Dylan said, "the times, they are a-changin."

"The ONLY reason for such a desire (to be called "married") is to be accepted by the non-gay community." - Dave The fact that you don't feel you should have to accept "the gays" is exactly why the word matters. Or do you propose changing the definition of discrimination in the state constitution as well? You ask "Why do they insist on ruining what thousands of years of traditional marriage means..." well let me turn it around. How do gay couples being "married" ruin your or my straight marriage? They don't. It's fine for you to think the gays are icky, but it's not fine for the constitution to single a group out for separate, and by your own admission, less acceptable treatment.

" I am disgusted to think that there are those out there that infringe their own beliefs on someone else and damage in the meanwhile, selfishly thinking nothing of it. Why cant two human being of the same sex experience this too? In this dictionary the word love doesnt say..oh yeh, but all this can only be between a man & woman"....Lola C.


I can proudly say that I am glad to be a Calfiornian today. Finally, the people said enough is enough to this foolishness. God made male and female. If he wanted men to be men or women to be with women....he would have designed it that way. He didnt. To the people that say that gays have no rights....please, spare me! You cant say anything towards or about gays without being classified as a hate monger or homophobe. Bottom line, homosexuality is wrong! And all of you people who are living that lifestyle will have to answer to God for your lifestyle. As an African - American I am appalled that you will try to equate this with civil rights. Gayness is not a race or religion...it is a choice. People do not have the choice to determine the color of their skin....they do have the choice to be gay or not. That is an individual decision.
I do not want your 'lifestyle' shoved down my throat. You dont like the laws in California? Leave and take your filth with you. Go to Mass, Ct, or Canada, and live happily ever after in damnation. Prop 8 was a fair and square battle that confirmed what has been the deal since time began. Marriage is a union between a man and woman. Animals can seem to grasp this, why cant you?

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