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LAPD braces for Prop. 8 protest in West L.A., vows to be prepared*

Prop. 8 protest

More than 3,000 protesters marched near the landmark Los Angeles California Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Westwood today to protest the church's strong support for Proposition 8. Santa Monica Boulevard is closed and nearby traffic is gridlocked.

Opponents of Proposition 8, which outlawed gay marriage in California, were waving banners and chanting. A similar protests occurred on Wednesday night in Hollywood and West Hollywood.

Los Angeles Police Department officials say they won't be caught off-guard as they were last night, when they were required to call a tactical alert after a few members of the mostly peaceful crowd got out of hand. The protest is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. off Santa Monica Boulevard.

In the wake of the passage of the state proposition banning gay marriage, Wednesday night saw thousands protest in West Hollywood and Hollywood, forcing police to shut down some streets and the LAPD to call a citywide tactical alert that required officers from one watch to stay on duty during the next watch.

At least seven people were arrested, four at the intersection of Hollywood and Highland, where one man jumped on top of a police car. Television cameras captured one protester struggling with officers and being struck on the legs by batons.

The Mormon temple is apparently being targeted because of church members' funding and support of the proposition.

* Update: Another protest is planned for later this afternoon in West Hollywood near the Pacific Design Center. The MTA says streets will be closed and buses rerouted. Details from the MTA statement:

Metro has received word that there will be additional Prop. 8 demonstrations this afternoon and evening and [L.A. County Sheriff's Department]  will be closing San Vicente from Melrose to Santa Monica Boulevard starting at 4 p.m. until the streets are cleared, which could go into the late evening. There will be no traffic including buses allowed to go north on San Vicente.  During this time, Metro will need to reroute buses to Robertson to go north and then east on Santa Monica Blvd.

**Update 2: Metro corrected their earlier statement, saying the Sheriff's Department currently has "no formal plan to close San Vicente Boulevard between Santa Monica Boulevard and Melrose Avenue this evening."

-- Richard Winton and Rong-Gong Lin II

Photo credit: Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times

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When referring to california, my understanding is that a domestic partnership gives all the same rights as anyone that is married. Sure, it's going to be different today when you leave the state so why not make a domestic partnership law that is the same for all the states (and gives all the legal rights) without using the term marriage at all? Why ruin marriage for everyone else?

Your beloved Obama defines marriage as "between a man and a woman." Oh yes he did. Biden defined it the same way.... Perhaps if gays stop hating women and hanging effigies of Sarah Palin from a noose in West Hollywood calling it halloween art, you could have gained some "respect." I'm a liberal Democrat and was turned off by the effigy in West Hollywood and took it as an attack on married women and mothers and women running for office. I'm not a Mormon, I don't go to church, I voted YES on 8. Blame your in-your-face mayor trying to shove it down our throats and go around the people.

Not sure if any of you have heard of this guy. He played a pretty importmant part of American history. Here are just a few things he said while he was alive. George Washington:" It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible" "It is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favors."

God loves all and God created marriage. You be the one that tells Him He didn't know what He was doing! As for me and my house, we will bet everything on Him!

Blacks voted 7 out of 10 for yes on 8. I am proud of that. I guess you will protest at us next. Then the pope will be next. Give it up.

I'm willing to bet that there would be alot of Mormons willing to handle security at the Temple. Can't think of anything funner than waitng for a bunch of militant, deviant, perverted people, angry that their disgusting perverted lifestyle has been rejected by the majority, to come looking for a fight.

It was correct to enact Prop 8. Anything different would jeopardize our freedom of religion.

Inter-racial marriage affirms marriage.

Amendments for traditional marriage are passing all over the country. The GLBT community needs to do some real soul searching to figure out why this is. Perhaps it's their intolerance for any opposing views that is creating this backlash.

Some of the comments I'm reading are inane. Yes, 74% of African-American women in California voted for Proposition 8, however, African-Americans in total make up about 6.5% of the state's population. That didn't tip the vote. What tipped the vote was an advertising onslaught fueled by financial contributions made by Mormons at the request of their church (estimates upward of $15 million). The advertising was intentionally erroneous and fear-inducing, and lied without remorse. In the past month, we have heard civic and educational leaders intentionally misquoted, or quoted out of context, we've had electronic attacks on the No On 8 website, we've seen children's images used in misleading advertising without their parents' permission... the list goes on and on. Is it any wonder gays and lesbians are mad? We've been cheated AND demeaned. Separate and similar is NOT equal.

they protests will only increase the firm resolve on the yes on 8 ground-look at illegal immigration protests-they backfired

Using your freedom of speech to voice your opinion is your right. Forcing the rest of society to recognize and legitimize your alternative lifestyle through marriage, which is not a right, is just plain WRONG. It is time to accept that your lifestyle does not reflect the moral and ethical standards of american society. You are free to pursue your lives elsewhere, try Iran.

These riots show that we're here and we're still queer and no proposition is going to change the way we see ourselves or the way God sees us regardless of what those close minded Mormons think.

The reason why they are protesting Mormons the most is because Prop 8 passed with $20 million of Mormon money. Thats why. They were behind the lies and decit. This is especially disgraceful coming from a religious minority who has been persecuted by the majority. They're hypocrites and should be ashamed of themselves.

Gays will always and forever be equal. In the end after you weather the storm, equality and justice always win.

Trust me, I know. I am a gay black female and I know what Im talking about.

I am a Mormon. I believe in marriage as it should be, between a man and a woman. There is no physical way for the gay community to reproduce and create family bloodlines. That is not hate, that is nature. I don't care if you believe in God or not, you cannot ignore this fact of nature. The strength of society rests on its most fundamental organization: the family, and the perpetuation of families to strengthen the human family bond. Children have every right to be raised in a family with their biological father and mother. Society has corrupted the family institution with all sorts of wrongs; infidelity, abuse, selfishness, and neglect, and even more heinous crimes in some cases. The family does not need to be further degraded through the redefinition of marriage. It is not a step forward, it is a step backward! Instead of all of this focus on gay marriage we should be focusing on building up the family and supporting fathers and mothers in becoming the best fathers and mothers they can be for their children so that the cycle of healing can grow and continue within the natural bloodline of the family. Imagine a world in which this was the overwhelming focus! Instead we fight over redefining marriage, and abusing our spouses and children. The Mormon Church supports the building up of better fathers, mothers, and children. How can you criticize that?! How can you call that bigotry? Gays have rights, but marriage is not a right that can be given by anyone but nature for the purpose of building the human family and perpetuating bloodlines. Sorry, but this is nature, not hate. If you want to fight this order it will come back to hurt society at large. When in the earth's history has the gay lifestyle ever been allowed to flourish without the eventual decimation of that society? Empires and kingdoms, cities and nations have fallen that have embraced this. How many times will we have to go through this cycle. When the family is not respected, the society suffers. Don't mess with nature, because nature has a way of getting you back. Again, that is not hate, or discrimination, it's nature.

The bottom line is that we will not be treated as second class citizens. The equal rights amendment in our constitution was put there to protect minority groups from the tyranny of the majority. THAT is why we will be protesting as often as possible from here on in, so that the world can see that we will not be silenced by a majority vote. America might still be segregated if left simply to the majority vote. Women in America might not yet be allowed to vote if it was left simply to the majority vote. Interracial couples might still be fighting this VERY SAME FIGHT if it was left simply to the majority vote. Hate and prejudice, whether from a majority or a minority, will not be tolerated in America or in California thanks to our constitution. THAT is why we have the equal rights amendment and THAT is why we will fight this in the courts till we are finally treated as EQUALS.


Prop 8 means that California follows Mississippi. Sweet! Seriously, now that we have been shown the way, and that it is legal, people should look more to whom else we can take things away from. Perhaps we should go back to the old days and not let those Japs marry the whities. God, look what happened when Spaniards married Native Americans. We got Mexicans.

I just want to point out two things to those protestors:

1 - The majority who voted in California for this proposition voted for Proposition 8. That means that the majority believe marraige to be between a man and women. That is how our nation works, by the majority.

2 - Do you really think that sitting outside of a Temple in protest is going to change the minds of those who believe that marraige being only between a man and a woman is an eternal (not just something we made up, absolute truth) principle?

If you really want to change what the majority voted for, then start campaigning, in an organized and logical way like those for prop 8 did, for the reversal of the law. These protests just make you look silly.

The hateful, misinformed lie-mongers failed to ask one simple question before going on their attack: What would Jesus do? I'm no biblical scholar (I don't believe in ANY fairy tales), but the answer is clear to anyone with an open mind. If the "Big J" were around today, he'd probably be *leading* a protest. Those of you taking to the streets: Right on! Just keep it non-violent.

I think only a man and a woman should have the right to marry. I am atheist, but I just believe this. The purpose of marriage is to have a family and offspring. Call it whatever else, but not marriage.

What happened to the famed American Democracy? The people have spoken, accept it. I don't like the fact that Obama is the President, but the people want him, so they will get him.

If you want Government by mob rule, move to Africa.

Jeff at 1:10 pm. that was brilliant. you are funny too. These people don't realize that Obama himself said marriage should be between a man and a woman. Biden too! Jeez they already get all the rights of marriage through domestic partnership laws already on the books. I'm liberal. I voted yes on 8. I live in W. Hollywood. bwaaaaa

Groups such as the LDS should clean their own homes before they go imposing their adopted norms on others. Polygamy as practiced by some of the more extreme members of this religion is much more harmful to society than gay marriage could ever be. Besides the effect on the children, everyone fails to mention that the only way many of these men can afford multiple wives and a large brood of offspring is by letting us, the taxpayers, pay for them through welfare, food stamps etc. Although the "mainstream" Mormons may not practice polygamy, I have never heard a prominent figure from among them, such as Mitt Romney come out and openly and forcefully condemn their brethren for practicing it. At most we get silence on the subject. This is hypocrisy at it's best. This church has an agenda and I'm not quite sure what it is....

Anyone who thinks it is only Gays who are protesting the passage of this UNAMERICAN law is crazy. I'm a heterosexual woman who is absolutely disgusted by this, and many of the families in my neighborhood were also very much against this law.

Either the idea ofTraditional Marriage was going to be forced on one group of people or the idea of same-sex marriage was going to be pushed on the other group of people. Either way in and election there are going to be winners and losers. That is the democratic process. You can't say that Prop 8 passing is uncostituional because now it is a part of the constitution. "We the People" spoke and "We the People" decided on how the constitution should be written. This is the way it should have been done and this is the way it was done. I was more than willing to accept the outcome either way.

The majority of people have spoken about how they wish to have the issue of marriage defined. Can we please move on from this.

It's time to FIGHT!!!
We will get nothing by asking.
Throw a wrench into their lives, just as they have done to ours.
I AM NOT a 2nd class citizen.
I DARE any religious whack job to tell me different to my face.


It was with great sadness that I read that Prop. 8 was passed yesterday. I was reading the LA times website for months for updates and just hoped that it would be defeated. To be honest, you needn't worry that much as it looks like support for gay marriage is greatly increasing. After all, it was only won by a very slight margin. What about those votes that are sent in the post and haven't been counted? Don't they count? Also, demonstrations are great but just don't get violent, that will only serve to worsen your overall standing. Good luck though!

I find it laughable that all the bigots on these blogs conveniently leave out their real names. What's wrong? Are you afraid of being cast a bigot or too narrow-minded to accept that there are people in this world who do not share your views and beliefs? Did you ever take the time to read what your fellow bigots said when other minorities were fighting for equal rights under the law? Let me tell you, you sound a lot of like. Try listening in history class next time!

I voted yes on prop 8 because I believe that marriage is only between a man and a woman. If gays and lesbians want to legally be locked into a marriage-type legal relationship, then let it be called domestic partnership or something. And have the Calif legislature write such a law.

The only reason why gays and lesbians are pushing for "marriage" is because they want to legitimize their life style and legally push their beliefs on to people who are not of their life style. People's life style are not my business and I don't want to intrude on theirs, but don't push their beliefs on to me.

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