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L.A. Jews overwhelmingly opposed Prop. 8, exit poll finds

Proposition 8, protest, gay marriage

While many religious organizations supported Proposition 8, there was one major exception in Los Angeles, according to exit polling by the Leavey Center for the Study of Los Angeles at Loyola Marymount University. The center's data found that 78% of Jewish voters in L.A. opposed the ban on gay marriage and just 8% supported Prop. 8. More on the polling and the methodology here. (By the way, Leavey found that "Los Angeles Jewish voters gave Obama 78% to 20% for Republican John McCain. Among all voters in L.A., 72% voted for Obama and 24% for McCain.")

The center also looked at support for Prop. 8 citywide compared with the San Fernando Valley. Turns out the Valley opposed Prop. 8 at a slightly greater level than the city as a whole. Some interesting results here:

                  Cityside  Valley

Yes               30%      27%    

No                57%      62%    

Didn't vote    1%       0%      

No response   11%    10%    

The Jewish Journal looks at local reaction to the Obama victory.

--Shelby Grad

Photo: Christine Cotter / Los Angeles Times

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Frankly I don't give a hoot about how Jews voted on this proposition. But how did they get the idea from their Torah that gay marriage is fine?

Judaism is not really a religion; it is an ethnicity.

The Jewish voters recognized prejudice. Looks like 75% of the black voters didn't.

The Jewish voters recognized prejudice. Looks like 75% of the black voters didn't.

The Jewish voters recognized prejudice. Looks like 75% of the black voters didn't.

Regarding proposition 8, I was not surprised. It is amazing how these same people professes to be "Good Christians." The Blacks are the most hypoctitical of the lot, I think. I know of one person who underwent a sexual change and she was later frozen out of the church, yet these same members professed to being Christians. My question is: What is a Christian? According to the Bible, God created mankind in his own image and therefore perfect. Who on earth would choose the path of a homoxexual in view of the atmosphere of condemnation and hatred and even death. My next question is: From where do these people think homosexuals come. The so called Christians are the parents of these children/adults who are homosexuals. If the people are such good christians why are they not able bring forth heteresexual children? I've read numerous articles attesting to statistics that cites the Black/Hispanic vote was heavy in instrumenting the passage of this dispicable bill but the attitude of these so called christians work against themselves and therefore the AIDS infected individuals arises because these men marry to save face and then engage in risky sexual behavior. It seems to me that the hypocrits (Christians) are dissatisfied with their own sexuality and therefore, condemning the sexualty of the homosexual. I have nothing against it because I'm well adjusted in my own sexuality and have no interest in what anybody else is doing bedroom-wise. I say leave these people to their own devices. They are saying that the marriage of homosexuals are a threat to their marriages, I'd like to know how and why? The amount of bum marriages abound, observe the broken homes and marriages and the number of bastard children that are born on a daily basis. The homosexual pays taxes that goes to support the legitimate and illigitimate children that are born to the so-called Good Christians. No friends, the kind of religion that is practiced is what has always caused the world so much trouble. For example, the killing of Christ. I'm not anti-religion I believe in God/Christ according to what is written in the New Testiment. When Christ rose from the dead we were through the machinations of the heathen in the old testiment. It is said that the Jews are God's chosen people and if intellect is the criterior, there seems to be some truth in it because they are the movers and shakers both socially and philanthropically.

Very cool.

Too bad about the Black vote.

We know from prejudice and discrimination.

So does that mean that Jewish people can recognize discrimination in areas outside of their own past struggles with bigotry and most black people cannot?

Or does that also point to the larger impact of Biblical scripture in the African-American community as a substitute for higher education when it comes to making voting decisions such as on Prop. 8?

The God I serve does not change. All Nations will answer to Him in the end. There will be the goats on one side and there will be His sheep on the other. God is a most Holy God and any thing unholy will not come before Him nor his Throne.

Those os us who will not turn from their God will surely be slaughtered and have been slaughtered by ungodly people.. These are the days that are upon us, it is called the "Tribulation." We are in the middle of it. The US will fall like all other Nations who've come before us because of their abominstions before God and saying "there is no God."

So those of you who say sin is good and righteousness is bad. You are now, and much later will pay the biggest price. Death. Children of Cain, you've sold your souls to Satan. "To bad, To sad."

candide said 'frankly i don't give a hoot how jews voted on this proposition'. I say the same thing about cult like religious folks

Why is this suddenly about the :"black vote" You guys are pretty dumb if you think that's a factor. Blacks make up only 6 percent of the population ignorant people really tick me off. This is the 2nd time the state has voted this down. It's the will of the people! We can see this CLEARLY isn't really a democracy if the courts overturn the vote a 2nd time. THAT'S as unamerican as terrorism!! The protestors are the real hypocrites! They don't respect the views of those opposed to prop 8, or those who hold Christian views, all the while whining that "they don't respect our rights!" How about you respect the democratic rights of the people of California? IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THEM MOVE THE (flill in the blank) OUT OF CALIFORNA!!!!! Don't blame Christians for standing up for what they hold to be right. Don't protest in front of religious places whinning about not being respected when you don't respect their views. if you don't want to abide by the will of the people THEN LEAVE! By not respecting the vote, the protesters are showing themselves to be unamerican! And don't even let me get started on "free speech",,,

Last time I looked The Pledge of Allegiance ends with the words "With Liberty and Justice for all ". Guess the right wing is really full of unpatriotic, anti-americans. Look in the mirror before you drag that crap out in the next election haters. As a hetero, married male for over 25 years I don't see how two people in a loving committed relationship is a threat to marriage. Only a threat to some peoples antiquated religious based bigotry.

..soo...today gay marriage...tomorrow people protesting over the "civil right" to marry and have relations with kids? Having 5 wives at a time?? ..I'm just saying...the "moral" line is getting blurrier and blurrier. And before you go sounding off about how different it is..think about it.. is it really? Who says? Why is one thing ok and not the other? isn't our morals based off of religion? You make religion insignificant, and who's to say what is moral and what isn't? would it violate my "civil rights" if I wanted to marry a 12 year old, and decry the statuatory rape law as "unconstitutional?" Let's take away the "religious influence" for a second..since technically it's a secular nation. What's left? Oh yeah...thats right..THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!!

My problem with all of this is, this is a secular matter, yet there was heavy involvement by religious orgs that introduced this measure? So whats next? Please> Whats next?

Thank you Jewish Community!

They were able to learn from the holocaust about equality--where Gays were also among a large group murdered and persecuted.

The black community needs to move forward in thought and practice.

Good for them. I am glad that Jews see what prejudice and discrimination are. Shame on black voters. They of all people should know better. Blacks harbor some of the biggest percentages of discrimination against gay men and women. Even within their own community.

Would they approve a proposition allowing men to marry 7 women?

Another one men marrying boys?

They need to repent of their sins...

candide, I'm not sure where you went to school, but Judaism is not an ethnicity. Ethnicity is from the state of origin. And if you can track back Judaism to one particular region, then you might just solve the problems in the Middle East. Get off your high horse and realize that nearly 50% of CA voted against Proposition 8 because it is blatantly discrimination. Jews have lived through more persecution than you may give a "hoot" to care about.... But if you're going to start making statements in public forums, you need to be certain you are right about it.
The reason this article matters is because Judaism, while being a religion have learned to accept and welcome the differences that G-d has given the world. Judaism teaches to respect all of G-ds creations, and thus making it very important to separate where Jews stand on Proposition 8. Lumping all religions to be for the ban on Gay Marriage would be inaccurate and unjustified to the many priests, ministers, and rabbi's that opposed this proposition. This article, while short, shows a very important indicator that perhaps more people should face ridicule and then maybe they'd be more wide-eyed and willing to accept that Gay Marriage is not going to kill modern day society as you know it.

hey Candide,

The point isn't whether the Torah authorizes same sex marriage. The point is that this isn't a theocracy. Jewish voters recognize it's not appropriate to enact sectarian principles into the California Constitution.

So are there going to be anti-black demonstrations in South Los Angeles, protesting their vote as a group? Probably not, since that involves risk, as opposed to soft targets such as a predominantly White church. The media will gladly give any group a pass when they criticize whites. I opposed Prop. 8, but these protests are pathetic. They should have been doing this on Nov. 3, before the vote, not now.

I can understand why some would be confused and angry by the fact that so many blacks and Latinos supported Prop. 8, but a lot of that support is due to negative and misleading ads shown on TV as well as direct methods that targeted those communities. For instance, the Yes on 8 campaign sent robo-calls to black voters' homes that deliberately mis-quoted Obama; in effect making it seem like he was in support of Prop. 8, when in fact he was against it. The No on 8 campaign did nothing to counteract this. The support of Prop. 8 by the Catholic Church had a huge effect on Latino voters; many who like blacks are deeply religious. For these people, this vote was a moral decision, not a political one.

Blacks and Latinos don't hate gay people, but for some their religious beliefs make it difficult for them to accept the concept of gay marriage. The same holds true for many whites, so to hold black and brown people alone responsible for the passage of Prop. 8 is quite frankly offensive. I don't apologize for my people, but at the same time quite a few African-Americans and Latinos voted AGAINST this measure, myself included. Quite a few whites backed the measure as well.

While both blacks and Latinos clearly need to discuss their homophobia, at the same time the gay and largely white community made a huge mistake by simply assuming that racial minorities would support them. No matter what the results of this election, the fact still remains that a gay white person still has more advantages than a straight black or Latino due to race. If anyone disputes this fact, just look at the living conditions in West Hollywood and compare them to the conditions of South Central or East L.A. All of these groups need to start talking to one another and get on the same page. Divide and conquer tactics serve only to help the haters that want freedom to be denied to EVERY minority group.

May be now the Jews in Israel may stop discriminating against the original inhabitants of that land - the Palestinians. But I am not holding my breath on them giving equal rights to Palestinians who they keep caged in occupied territories.

Ozzie...i couldn't have put it better myself

Unless you read proposition 8 carefully, it's entirely possible that people voted
'Yes' thinking that they were approving same sex marriages. I for one, knew
exactly what I was voting for and voted a resounding "NO" on Prop 8. Like
many, I believe this is a civil rights issue as opposed to a social issue. There
are several churches here is Pasadena who were proponents of Prop 8.
All Saints Episcopal Church and I believe, The Neighborhood Church on Orange
Grove Blvd. Everyday I pass their sign that says "Love makes a family, we
are for marriage equality". Hooray for them! Any may God Bless all.

Enough of this divisive reporting on who's to blame, blame doesn't heal rifts of cultural misunderstanding and misinformation. I'm glad to see some religious groups were able to separate what goes on in their place of worship from what goes on in their place of government and I thank them, but figuring out who to point fingers at is not going to help. Lies, ignorance, and prejudice let this measure put discrimination into our constitution, and the only thing which defeats these problems is knowledge and understanding.

That comes with engaging the people, and THAT is the point of the protests. Yes, all kinds of people are gay. No, marriage is not some preferred word that, when denied it, the people will just shrug and leave behind. And I say "the people" because only a slim majority of Californians made the mistake of Prop 8, and being outnumbered by 4% does not marginalize the rest of us (even IF the government turned on majority rule alone).

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