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Gay marriage backers threaten boycotts of pro-Prop. 8 restaurants

Some opponents of Prop. 8 are threatening to boycott the businesses of people who donated money to the ballot measure that banned gay marriage in California.

It was unclear how widespread the threats were, but an latimes.com database listing contributors to both sides of Proposition 8 saw a jump in traffic Wednesday.

El Coyote, the well-known Mexican restaurant on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, received calls threatening a boycott after it was reported that someone associated with the eatery contributed $100 to "Yes on 8."

Bob Montoya, a manager at El Coyote, said customers have called and threatened to boycott the restaurant, but it does not appear to have affected business. Montoya said he thought a boycott, if one was called, was misguided, as the restaurant has a number of gay employees and has always been gay friendly.

"I"m gay and I work here, and I've been here for 31 years," Montoya told The Times. "It's gay friendly. People have been coming here for many years, gay and straight, families and everybody."

Word of the boycott has spread around websites and Facebook. "We should put our money where our mouth AND support is AND NOT AT EL COYOTE," says a posting on one activist's website.

The Times also received a letter threatening a boycott of an El Pollo Loco whose owner apparently contributed to the Prop. 8 campaign.

Sonja Eddings Brown of ProtectMarriage.com said the boycott threats have extended beyond eateries.

“We have received calls today from our members in Greater Los Angeles and other parts of the state indicating that today their businesses are being hurt because they contributed money,” she said. “People who contributed have been receiving calls from people dropping their business with them.”

Eater L.A. has a spirited debate about whether it's right to boycott El Coyote.

A similar dispute is roiling the California Musical Theatre in Sacramento.

--Alexandra Zavis, Gale Holland and Shelby Grad

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Well I think boycott won't work anythings. The people who urging to boycott Utah because of Mormon residents are in there. Many people are still visit to Utah and they noticed no mormon things. There Utah is popular state because of beauty state, famous ski areas, and etc. I remembered that southern baptist churchs were urging to boycott of disney. The disney Co. are still very popular as big business. So boycott is not work anythings.

Well, if the people's vote on Prop 8 is overturned, I can demand to marry my goat, right? Oh, she would look so good in a wedding dress. I'm sure we'll be able to say we have a valid marriage, and make everyone accept it. If not, I'll file a lawsuit.

PDuff, you're asking Prop. 8 supporters to think logically, which is something they have a limited capacity for. Notice how they all chime in to the same mantras and how these are primarily fear-based. Their understanding of democracy begins and ends with "majority rules" - the actual functions of state government and civil protections accorded to all individual citizens (they have a herd mentality, everything is "us" and "them") under the Constitution are beyond their ability to grasp. Educated people confuse them. Trying to inform them that equal rights and protections under the law are afforded to all citizens IRREGARDLESS of race, creed, color, gender - and yes, sexual orientation here in our state - only winds up frightening them. They have to have someone to hate, their religion demands it - Christianity is meaningless without enemies. Guess the conservangelicals will have to watch what they say about Mormons from now on! Notice how all the prominent supporters of Prop. 8 bent over backwards to say this isn't an anti-gay measure, they support full and equal rights for gays and this is only about one little word that they want enshrined in a "traditional" way. Yeah, right. The election is over, they won the vote (but will not win on appeal, which is REALLY going to hit them hard), and just look at all that pent up rage and hate that comes spilling out. It must have been hard for them to contain it long enough to get their ballot measure passed, so I guess what we're witnessing now is the emotional release, heated by the joy of having stuck it to the "pervs" yet again. Well, just look back at history to see how hard they fall. It'll will be more fun that ever to watch them deflate. It's pointless to appear to their sense of fairness, because they don't have it in them.

James Sindell wrote "The gay community should file their lawsuit in Federal, not California, courts. Why? If they truly believe that Proposition 8 discriminates against them and their civil rights, then the Federal courts should intervene for the benefit of ALL gays/lesbians nationwide and not just in California. But is is obvious that this community will not go this route because they know their case has no U.S. Constitutional merit and their argument will be struck down by the high courts. Where's the "true" justice then?"

James, I guess you're not familiar with the U.S. Supreme Court's 1996 decision in "Romer v. Evans" which struck down a Colorado ballot initiative passed by a majority vote of 53.4% to deprive Colorado gays and lesbians of equal rights and protection. The U.S. Supreme Court struck it down on a 6 to 3 vote. Five of those six justices are still on the court, and it doesn't look too good for conservative appointments anytime soon. There's a legal process that has to be followed here, you don't take it to the U.S. Supreme Court until you've exhausted your redress in state courts and move it to federal courts. If you think that gay rights groups aren't itching for the opportunity to take this to the nation's highest court, think again. It's the Prop. H8 supporters who don't want to see it go that far, because their chances would be slim to none from a court that has already decided discrimination against gays is unconstitutional.

"Hey, I donated a huge amount of money to the Yes on 8 proposition and I'm looking forward to the contribution deduction on this year's taxes. And by the way, I work for the United States government, so go ahead and boycott your government too while you are at it."

ROTFLMAO!!! Yeah, good luck with that. I'd recommend having someone prepare your taxes for you next year. I hope by "a huge amount" you mean tens of thousands of dollars. I hope you took out a second mortgage on your house and gave it all to the Yes on 8 PAC. Gawd, that's hysterical!

As a Canadian looking at what is happening in California it shocks me to see that intolerance and ignorance is still strong in the United States of America, a country that prides itself on freedom and liberty for all. Whenever changes in society seem to happen the mighty religous views pop in to the forefront. Just over 40 years ago I think people used religion to base their views of why Colored or Black people had to drink out of their own fountains and had to ride at the back of buses.

Marriage has always been a factor in civil societies. It is not only pertaining to the Judeo-Christian biblical view. If one stands back and thinks logically about it. Marriages can be conducted at City Halls and by many Christian sects around the world . Just because your "view" of Christianity should not govern who can get married.

I'm glad that countries in Western Europe and Canada can look beyond religious differences and allow marriage or civil unions as a civil right. By the way, in Canada, no religious official can be forced to marry gay people. And I have yet to see any people marry a horse or such as some of the comments here have suggested. Moreover, life continues as it did before.


I supported Proposition 8 and I now fully support a boycott of Utah! If people against Proposition 8 have the strength of their convictions they will stay away and demand that all others do likewise.

Utah has a multitude of sites of which their serenity and beauty is simply beyond all rational description. In my estimation, there is nowhere else quite like it on earth. The State already has 10 times as many tourists as it's fragile ecosystem can support. And, there are not just Mormons everywhere, but Catholics, Evangelical Christians, and increasing numbers of Hispanics and Blacks! There are likely many other Proposition 8 friendly groups there that I failed to mention.

It would indeed be unfortunate for real Proposition 8 opponents to spend a dime in that place. Don't drive through it. Don't even fly over it! Money would be much better spent in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and at friendly locations and businesses in California or anywhere else for that matter.

It is really simple -

Businesses have a right to "speak" with their wallets in support of any cause they agree with.

Customers have the same right to "speak" by closing their wallets to businesses that support causes they oppose.

But that is an example of EQUALITY which is apparently a dirty word to those who believe in discrimination, like those who voted to write discrimination into the California State Consitution.

Hey Blue, I know this is a late response for you but El Coyote is not going to be firing the employee who donated to Prop. 8. She is the manager but also happens to be the DAUGHTER of the owner. Oh...and they ARE Mormons too!

Why is everyone lacking so much class????

For some reason I can see both sides of the issue......

I'm a gay male that would love to see "civil marriage" for same-sex couples. This would guarantee all equal access, rights, and benefits as "religious marriage."

BUT I EMPATHIZE>>>>>>with the proponents of prop 8.......you don't want to see your children inherit a world filled with people that don't have the same "moral beliefs" as you/your religion sees fit.

As for the boycott.........I don't really care.....lol

More power to the people that chose to take their business elsewhere......I get it.....money made on the backs of a people, to only be then used to put those people down.

BUT>>>>>as for me......Im not really gonna watch where I spend my money. Im not exactly gonna rush to the nearest Mormon/Catholic/Christian church and donate a bunch of money........but I may consider having a chicken taco at El Pollo Loco if the mood strikes.

LOOK>>>>>I don't want some huge revision of the institution of marriage.

HOWEVER>>>>I do want the same rights, responsibilities, privileges, and access to a union with the person of my choosing. (AND I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT CIVIL UNION)

I reiterate......I would be fine with the ideal of Civil marriage........


Would be to only allow churches to perform "Marriage".......but then all federal rights, privileges, and responsibilities would be denied.

Under the law, "marriage" is a legal document binding one individual to another............THE LAW CAN NOT DISCRIMINATE.

SO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Government should throw out "marriage" all together. Churches can still perform the ceremony, but wouldn't reap the benefits of that union.

I REALIZE>>>>>>>>>>these ideals are far fetched.......but they are plausible.

Everyone deserves equal treatment under the law..........if the church wants to keep marriage.....FINE!!!!!........

BUT>>>>>>>We should all be equal under the law.

I'm I redundant enough>?

I don't think the "gay community" is trying to impose their lifestyle on anyone. We just want equal opportunity, and having our relationships regarded in the same way, with the same kind of reverence as straight people's relationships.....Its about being equal in EVERY WAY.


But I fear for the religious community.......But equal to the fear for the gay community......

With both sides being so hard headed and difficult, we lose sight of our REAL goals.....

For the religious community:
Jesus' last command was to go into all the world and teach of his father and his word........>>>My fear is that with such zealous behavior over the issue, are you yourselves hardening peoples hearts???

For the gay community:
We want equality in the eyes of the law. ......>>>My fear is that with such zealous behavior over the issue, are WE ourselves hardening peoples hearts?


IS YES!!!!!!!!

"Love one another, for God is of love. He who does not love does not know God......For God is love."

People. Everyone who voted Yes on Prop 8 are okay to do so. Likewise, to those who voted No. I've been to six rally / protests over the last week. There was a terrible injustice when Prop 8 passed.

My grandson is gay and I am so very proud to stand by his side in these marches. He marches with the dignity and peace I passed to my son. I am boycotting because my grandson has the right to say, "This is my husband." He shouldn't have to validate his relationship with years. And he's had two, each more than five. When I introduce my wife, years don't matter. I could never introduce her as my lover, nor as my life partner. . . it would feel temporary somehow. . . less important.

I am boycotting and encourage my friends to do the same. I fought for justice for all when I served, not for some.

May justice prevail! Continue the fight, many great things are happening.

I have to ask why the LA Times forgot to mention that the person at the heart of this issue is NOT just an employee, she is an owner. BIG difference. And why are there people upset that the Gay Community would boycott those who are against their rights? I didn't see anyone on the Yes side get upset when their supporters boycotted FORD, McDonald's, Disney, Google, Microsoft or any of the other businesses that supported Gay rights. And why no mention of the extortion letters sent by the Yes side to No supporters, demanding the same monetary donation or they would publish their names and business info for the same reasons?

I will NOT give my hard earned money to those who would take away my rights. If you are person enough to make donations in this type of issue, then you need to be person enough to stand by that donation.

When the Yes supporters start calling for a stop to boycotts against organizations that supprt gay rights, then maybe it will be fair to call for a stop to the No side. Until then, get over your hypocrisy. It isn't attractive.

I supported proposition 8. Although I did not donate much it was what I could give. I don't go walking aroung calling you people uneducated for standing up for your beliefs so don't do the same to me. And by the way the No on 8 campaign recieved money from Apple, Google, and other big name companies. So what. They all donated to a cause they believed in. And I hold nothing against them for that. I am a big fam of Apple products. I still continue to use them. I love the city of San Francisco and will continue to go there. Amongst other places where gay marriage is heavily supported. So I honestly don't understand what all this fuss is over to be honest. For all you gays keep fighting your fight if you feel that is the right thing to do. But do not ridicule my family and my friends because we stood up for something that we believed in.

To the last person that posted that comment about Homosexuals being hypocritical.. There are numerous numerous examples that exemplify people who are being treated unfairly being treated "Fairly enough" by their detractors/persecutors. Are you positing that just because a business hired a waiter that is gay that they therefore cannot be boycotted by people of the same sexual orientation just because there are a few employees that the owner hired of the same orientation? That is insane and THAT shows more of that same hypocritical Hetero-CENTRIC behaviour that has plagued and stood in the way of equality FOR ALL! Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King said it best: Our oppressors WILL never step aside simply because we are uncomfortable or not being treated fairly.. WE MUST FIGHT for OUR just cause!! AND that civil disobedience and YES BOYCOTTING TOO. IS our right and our Duty to fulfill our just cause!!

Christian groups call for boycotts all the time. If a company or organization does anything that is even slightly gay friendly, these haters threaten with boycotts. Why is it wrong for the gay community to fight back with the same methods?

The LGBT response to the passage of prop 8 has made me see the error of my ways and I have subsequently ended my support/activism on the LGBT community's behalf. *ALL* US citizens are constitutionally entitled to vote their conscience and their religious beliefs. Their religious beliefs long precede "gay activism," and those beliefs for believers are non- negotiable. Gays and lesbians (only 10% of the population) have the exact same constitutional right to marriage as ""everyone else" (the 90% hetero majority). Marriage is a legally binding contract between two members of the opposite sex -- it doesn't discriminate between gay or straight whatsoever. You could be a gay man and lesbian coupled in a marriage, a straight man and lesbian coupled in a marriage, a straight man and a straight woman coupled in marriage, etc. *This* is the civil right that blacks had been denied -- the right to marry a member of the opposite sex (whether they were straight or gay, or whether the opposite was straight or gay.) Yes, marriage IS a hetero thing. That's exactly the point of it. Domestic partnerships, however, are NOT gender-specific. Vote for domestic partnerships and you'll get better support from the hetero (majority) community.

Jack, if you lacked the good judgment to realize that voting your "morals" would deprive others who might hold to different moral views of their constitutional civil rights and protections, then you are uneducated. If you did so knowing full well what the consequences would be if Prop. H8 passed, then you're not uneducated, you're simply an evil bigot. Your choice.

We gays are upset at churches and religion because they took our identities from us when we were children by making us hide. Once we found the strength to understand ourselves, our families abandoned us because of the teachings of the church. Now that we know ourselves we want to share that with significant others, but again the church has stepped in and instructed followers to support the amendment that takes that away from us too. Gays are constantly under attack from religion and all we want is to be left alone and not discriminated against. Now prop 8 has shocked the gay community into action. We don't have a goal yet, a plan, or a unified voice, but our anger is beginning to take shape. We are apparently the last group of people that it's ok to discriminate against and that must change.

I am upset about this erroneous finger pointing at African-Americans ansd seniors regarding Proposition 8. Why are you so quick to believe whatever you hear? If someone told me 70 percent of gay people or seniors voted against Obama my first thought would be, I don't believe it! This political year was fraught with right wing lies. These right wing religious extremists are trying to deflect their responsibility for Proposition 8 to seniors, Black people and Black churches.Bear that in mind.

"Religious organizations that support Proposition 8 include the Roman Catholic Church], Knights of Columbus, Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) a group of Evangelical Christians led by Jim Garlow and Miles McPherson, American Family Association, Focus on the Family[and the National Organization for Marriage Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church, California's largest, has also endorsed the measure. The Bishops of the California Catholic Conference released a statement supporting the proposition. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) has publicly supported the proposition and encouraged their membership to support it, by asking its members to donate money and volunteer time. The First Presidency of the church announced its support for Proposition 8 in a letter read in every congregation. Latter-day Saints have provided a significant source for financial donations in support of the proposition, both inside and outside the State of California. About 45% of out-of-state contributions to Protect Marriage.com has come from Utah, over three times more than any other state…

Still, even though gays were fighting to preserve a basic right, it was the anti-equality side in California that seemed to have the most fervor. A symbolic low point for the gay side came on Oct. 13, when the Sacramento Bee ran a remarkable story about Rick and Pam Patterson, a Mormon couple of modest means - he drives a 10-year-old Honda Civic, she raises their five boys - who had withdrawn $50,000 from their savings account and given it to the pro-8 campaign. "It was a decision we made very prayerfully," Pam Patterson, 48, told the Bee's Jennifer Garza. "Was it an easy decision? No. But it was a clear decision, one that had so much potential to benefit our children and their children.”

This is your real enemy. Don't trust exit polls. I think they are pitting one group against the other. African-Americans are less than 7% of the state population, do the math. Many more Whites voted and they put this over, not Blacks. What are the total numbers of each group that voted. Someone dug into the data and found that we're just now learning is that the exit poll was based on less than 2,300 people. If you take into account that blacks in California only make up about 6.2%, we get roughly 224 blacks who were polled. 224 blacks to blame an entire race! The truth is, I have heard that Prop 8 passed because of Republican support. 82% of Republicans admitted to supporting the proposition. They were not the ones who came out to vote for Obama.

I know someone who watches C-Span and they said most Blacks did not even address the question at all. And they do not have the money to fund a tens of millions of dollars Proposition 8 campaign. Note that they also targeted affirmative action for eradication in another state.
Rather than be upset at the phantom African-American menace, fight like hell. I cannot believe that these larger groups who came out in droves to craft and fund this legislation get a pass and Blacks are being targeted for the blame game. There is no right wing black conspiracy against gay Americans. When you tried to align your struggle with that of Blacks you inherited their enemies. These same enemies are now trying to pit one against the other because they fear the combined numbers of both. Even if Blacks stayed home it would have passed because the extreme religious right and republicans would have raised the dead to get them to vote for it. They funded that campaign, not Blacks.
How many gay activists supported the civil rights movement in the 1960’s? Then how do you automatically expect support in return? Have you asked Blacks to support you or did you just assume?

No one gave Obama anything and they will not give gays anything either. Obama stands on the shoulders of a lot of brave people who gave their lives for him to stand on that podium last night.

Never trust exits polls because in all my years of life, no one has ever been seen at a polling place asking anyone anything when they left.

Don't fall for the lies.

And the people have spoken. They have as much right not to want this as we did to want President Elect Obama. Fight this in the court of appeals and not the court of biased opinion by targeting Blacks for hatred and enmity.

Picket at the church headquarters because that is where this all started. And do so with respect and dignity like Gandhi and MLK.

The argument that this is analagous to slavery is insulting. Slavery renders people property without any rights. This is an argument for one with the others intact. If you are not married no one can whip you, sell your children, or work you to death. Please revisit your history books. And as for it being comparable to interracial marriage battles, again erroneous. Obama is biracial. So are the majority of African Americans, who do now wish to go into the sordid details of how that happened. He is not a rare bird to us.
I am Black, German, Welsh, and Native American. I am not rare either.

That is why we were so up in arms about miscegenation laws. Forced sexual relationships were condoned and loving ones were not. It was an affront and we wanted our women protected and respected.

Now let's all unite and fight this bigotry that the last 8 years has fostered and supported. It has placed a yoke around all our necks, Black and Gay.

Boycotts have often been successful in creating change. Gays boycotted Coors and made them change their discriminatory hiring policies. Blacks boycotted the Montgomery, Alabama bus system. Latinos boycotted California-grown fruit. These were all successful.

The Southern Baptists boycotted Disney because the company offered domestic partner benefits to its employees. Focus on the Family is always calling for boycotts of companies that offer equal rights to their gay employees.

Ok...I admit that I haven't read through all these comments. I just want tp make an observation. I am thankful when straight people are respectful and friendly towards me. That's all I really want. I think the equality issue is just a matter of wanting folk to respect me. They don't have to like me, but just be respectful.
I really wonder if straight people can really understand what being gay is all about. All the arguments that I hear anti-gay and/or pro-prop 8 seem to focus on just the sex thing. Sure, by its definition "gay" primarily means that I as a man am attracted to other men. But "queerness" or "gayness" is so much more than that. I don't think straight people can ever really understand gay culture. They can respect and appreciate gay culture, but that can't understand it.


Go for it! May I suggest the Chicken Fajitas at El Coyote? The one– and only– time I ate there, that's what I had. And I ended up with food poisoning.

I hope you, your family & all of your homophobic friends enjoy!

I find it funny that they want to boycott a restaurant based on the owner's religion, while they demand "equality"

Anyway, Gays, I guess you better boycott TELEVISION because the guy that invented it was LDS. HAHA! So if you ask tv crews to come out and film your silly protests, it's a bit hypocritical.

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