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Gay marriage backers threaten boycotts of pro-Prop. 8 restaurants

Some opponents of Prop. 8 are threatening to boycott the businesses of people who donated money to the ballot measure that banned gay marriage in California.

It was unclear how widespread the threats were, but an latimes.com database listing contributors to both sides of Proposition 8 saw a jump in traffic Wednesday.

El Coyote, the well-known Mexican restaurant on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, received calls threatening a boycott after it was reported that someone associated with the eatery contributed $100 to "Yes on 8."

Bob Montoya, a manager at El Coyote, said customers have called and threatened to boycott the restaurant, but it does not appear to have affected business. Montoya said he thought a boycott, if one was called, was misguided, as the restaurant has a number of gay employees and has always been gay friendly.

"I"m gay and I work here, and I've been here for 31 years," Montoya told The Times. "It's gay friendly. People have been coming here for many years, gay and straight, families and everybody."

Word of the boycott has spread around websites and Facebook. "We should put our money where our mouth AND support is AND NOT AT EL COYOTE," says a posting on one activist's website.

The Times also received a letter threatening a boycott of an El Pollo Loco whose owner apparently contributed to the Prop. 8 campaign.

Sonja Eddings Brown of ProtectMarriage.com said the boycott threats have extended beyond eateries.

“We have received calls today from our members in Greater Los Angeles and other parts of the state indicating that today their businesses are being hurt because they contributed money,” she said. “People who contributed have been receiving calls from people dropping their business with them.”

Eater L.A. has a spirited debate about whether it's right to boycott El Coyote.

A similar dispute is roiling the California Musical Theatre in Sacramento.

--Alexandra Zavis, Gale Holland and Shelby Grad

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Please stop this idiotic "call to arms". You gays LOST. Get it through your head. YOU LOST. I think you are more angry that the majority of Californians are opposed to your lifestyle than loosing the ballot itself. Stop trying to force something on the MAJORITY of the people when you clearly lost a fair election. I can't believe that this is still going on. You weisels are trying to take a back door route (no pun intended) to force the liegislator to overturn a measure that we all agree is WRONG. SHUT UP ALREADY! YOU LOST AND ALWAYS WILL

As for me - I support anyone who donated money to YES on 8. I'm only going to eat at reastaurants who support 8. I'm gathering the troops. Everyone who supports prop 8 is welcome to join. YES on 8......NO on GAYS!


You bring up some good points about a free market economy. Yes you certainly have the right to boycott anything you want to. Your reasoning is what seems hypocritical to me and many others. I fear you have now become what you have been fighting against. From your arguement I would bet that you would get bent out of shape if a restraunt refused to hire someone over their sexual orientation, and rightfully so. But what about someone who donates to Prop 8? Shouldn't the restraunt be held to the same standard of hiring them regardless of moral view points? This is where I see so much hypocrisy. If you want the world to be accepting of everybody than the best place to start is with yourself. Not everybody has the same point of view as you... and thats OK.

When we make political statements in our country, we need to take responsibility for them whatever our opinions may be. If the anti-Prop 8 crowd wants to boycott, it's their right. If the pro-Prop 8 crowd wants to boycott companies who opposed Prop 8, it's also their right.

What's wrong with boycotts? It's our money. Are the majority going to tell us how to spend or not spend our money now too?

Well, I guess I know where I'll be eating. EL COYOTE & EL POLLO LOCO. Thanks for the support

Elton John: Actually, you RELIGIOUS people need to get over it already. Stop trying to impose your own religious beliefs on a CIVIL INSTITUTION! You think we want to be anywhere near your churches?

Sprice: Bring it. Everybody knows we have more disposable income anyway.

Jack: You don't have to accept the gay lifestyle at all. However, the last time I checked, the U.S. Constitution had a little something known as equal protection under the law for ALL CITIZENS. So, no, the people do not have the right to take away a minority group's rights.

It's odd how you people see the separation of church and state as the imposition of the church ON the state.

According to the website of the California Musical Theater:

"The Board of Directors of the California Musical Theatre has received notice from Executive Producer Richard Lewis of the resignation of Artistic Director Scott Eckern. California Musical Theatre is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated only to the mission of providing quality theatrical productions. At no time does it involve itself in politcial issues or ever impinge on the rights of its employees to engage in political activities of their choice. The views and opinions of its employees do not necessarily represent those of California Musical Theatre. The Board appreciates Scott Eckern's 25 years of invaluable service to the organization and the advancement of musical theatre as an art form."

YES! boycott each and every bigot. take the time to research your neighbors and business owners who breed hate.

Maybe all the supporters of Prop 8 should organize and boycott those that were against Prop 8...

I am an employer who contributed to the Yes on 8 Campaign. I can tell you I would NEVER fire, force or retaliate against an employee because of their beliefs. I would NEVER do this to anyone who is gay. Gay individuals are entitled to their lifestyle and their freedom of speech, just like anyone else. Both parties should respect each others positions and engage in civil debate, not hate. The gay community has taken it too far by punishing others for their beliefs, whether they are shared or not.

Boycott El Pollo Loco?

Since their food sucks and is loaded with chemicals like MSG, that should be a normal occurrence, not because of Prop 8!

A majority of Californians made a decision by the legal proposition process. The losers are required to accept the results. They had a chance to give it their best shot and the people of California said no. What childish behaviour to throw a fit at the majority's will if it does not please them. Just more vindictive liberals totally promoted by the liberal LA Times..

I just had to sign in so that I could respond to Dustin. I do see irony, but not as you suggest. The irony to me is that these businesses are allowed to form and exist without interference from the government, yet people are allowed to disagree with how they function - i.e. taking profits from their gay patrons and donating it toward legislation thatwould deny those patrons equal protection under the law. What is ironic about this? It paralels the LBGT fight for equality in this instance - we would like to the right to form partnerships and exist without government interference, and would be happy to allow folks the right to disagree with how we live and conduct THEIR OWN LIVES ACCORDINGLY.

This is good! I say more boycotts!

Gays are, psychologically, an aberration of nature, it really doesn't have anything to do with religion. I'm atheist, but that is besides the point. In nature everything works logically, male and female, positive and negative, with some few exceptions. There the eunuchs and then there are also the weirdos. In a Democracy the majority rule. There is no corrupt judge that should accept money under the table to change the will of the majority.

If you want a boycott that works, form a human chain and block a Freeway in LA. Not only will you disturb way of living you will bring bright light for your cause.

If we're going to say that marriage is a civil union with tax benefits, then we should probably pay attention to the fact that CA already has laws protecting civil unions for gays and lesbians.

And to the person who said that states can't pass laws that conflict with Federal laws...have you heard of the Federal Defense of Marriage act?

It's interesting that No on 8 voters support voter disenfranchisement -- particularly by so many minority voters -- by trying to rule Prop 8 unconstitutional. Wasn't it wrong in 2000? Shouldn't it be wrong in 2008? Or is voter disenfranchisement only wrong if you disagree with it?

If people want to organize a boycott of businesses that donated to support of prop 8, that's their right. The religious right boycotts stuff all the time or threatens boycotts, and it works.

You can agree with prop 8, but you must be naive if you think gay men and women are just going to go and say "ok 52% of california thinks I shouldn't get married so I'm going to stop now". When you are being treated as less of a person, it's a matter of civil rights.

And if you don't believe it is a matter of civil rights, understand that a large constituency in America believes it is. It is their American right to fight for what they believe in, such as it is your right to fight for what you believe in.

Unfortunately, those opposed to prop 8 will eventually win either through the courts or in a few years when the older generation that supported prop 8 die. The younger voters voted against prop 8, what was it 2 to 1 or something?

I'm going to be checking the contributors list before doing business with any entity. If they contributed to pass prop 8, they don't get my gay dollars!!!

To Jake @ 8:01am

Oh no Jake, you’re blowing our cover!

You mentioned groups that “support removing rights THAT WERE GIVEN to a group of people.” Of course you are correct when you say the so-called rights WERE GIVEN by the California Supreme Court, but you must remember not to use direct language in a public forum. If you rights can be given they can be taken away.

The gay agenda can only be shown to the public as an innate and inherent right, thereby leading the masses into thinking there is nothing they can do about it but go along. Get it?

If you’re advocating a position in the public arena, you want them fixated on our narrow and carefully crafted message only. We must control the dialog!

Sorry Jake, my irritation should have been directed at Dan @ 8:13am

The pro-8 side is saying that they don't understand why the boycotts are happening. So why are they also saying that if it's overturned they'll boycott the other side? I don't think people understand what the word hypocrisy really means.

Boycott, protest, sit-ins in black churchs and evangelical white churchs that supported this...let's use the same civil disobediance tactics practiced during the civil right movement. This IS the civil right movement of the 21st Century!

I'm proud of my California LGBT Brothers & Sisters for your passion and your willingness to stand up!

While your LGBT Community has taken to the street en masse to protest Proposition 8, it seems Florida gays are resigned to having LGBT inequality enshrined into their state’s constitution. After 62 percent of Floridians voted for Amendment 2, little has been done to protest the discriminatory measur until now! I find it interesting that the leaders of the political groups opposing Amendment 2 have remained silent. But We the People are taking the movement back and we're taking it to the street!

Calling all Floridians, Join us this Saturday in towns & cities all over Florida to protest Amendment 2. The following link has more information and details:


We too shall one day overcome!

David L. Wylie, Senior Editor

"If there are any businesses that have branches in other parts of the country, I hope they post their names on the web so everyone can help with the boycott. Certainly most people I know are boycotting anything to do with the Knights of Columbus." Hey, thanks! I, too, would like to see those names posted on the web. It would make it easier for me to seek out and patronize their businesses.

The initiative process has been hijacked along with our State Constitution. The safeguards in place should go into effect and knock out this discriminatory measure. However, I agree that this process has to change - otherwise, whoever can lie about their position will always win. The money raised by pro-8 could have been used to actually help people. Instead, it was wasted on discrimination. Then the other side had to raise money to counter the lies to work against discrimination. This was a lot of money. Though the underlying issue to me over Prop 8 is that these religious cults are trying to pretend that they still have some power. They apparently have themselves brainwashed. When only 20% of catholics born after 1960 practice their religion, it shows you how much power they've lost. After this blatant discrimination, they're all going to lose.

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