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Gay marriage backers threaten boycotts of pro-Prop. 8 restaurants

Some opponents of Prop. 8 are threatening to boycott the businesses of people who donated money to the ballot measure that banned gay marriage in California.

It was unclear how widespread the threats were, but an latimes.com database listing contributors to both sides of Proposition 8 saw a jump in traffic Wednesday.

El Coyote, the well-known Mexican restaurant on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, received calls threatening a boycott after it was reported that someone associated with the eatery contributed $100 to "Yes on 8."

Bob Montoya, a manager at El Coyote, said customers have called and threatened to boycott the restaurant, but it does not appear to have affected business. Montoya said he thought a boycott, if one was called, was misguided, as the restaurant has a number of gay employees and has always been gay friendly.

"I"m gay and I work here, and I've been here for 31 years," Montoya told The Times. "It's gay friendly. People have been coming here for many years, gay and straight, families and everybody."

Word of the boycott has spread around websites and Facebook. "We should put our money where our mouth AND support is AND NOT AT EL COYOTE," says a posting on one activist's website.

The Times also received a letter threatening a boycott of an El Pollo Loco whose owner apparently contributed to the Prop. 8 campaign.

Sonja Eddings Brown of ProtectMarriage.com said the boycott threats have extended beyond eateries.

“We have received calls today from our members in Greater Los Angeles and other parts of the state indicating that today their businesses are being hurt because they contributed money,” she said. “People who contributed have been receiving calls from people dropping their business with them.”

Eater L.A. has a spirited debate about whether it's right to boycott El Coyote.

A similar dispute is roiling the California Musical Theatre in Sacramento.

--Alexandra Zavis, Gale Holland and Shelby Grad

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It's very ironic that gays are mounting a boycott of businesses that supported proposition 8, while at the same time business aren't allow to refuse them employment because they are gay. Whether a business supported Prop 8 or not has nothing to do with how well there business serves the public, just as a persons sexual orientation doesn't say much about how good they are at they're job.

Just another example of the homosexual hipocrasy.

If there are any businesses that have branches in other parts of the country, I hope they post their names on the web so everyone can help with the boycott. Certainly most people I know are boycotting anything to do with the Knights of Columbus.

Boycotts, the bedrock of American grassroots political action, are hypocrisy now? That sounds almost as foolish as the guy who was yelling about the protests being terrorism on another Prop 8 topic. Let's stop cheapening these words trying to apply them to anything with which we disagree. Businesses cannot legally discriminate, but the people can legally speak with their money. That's how it works, and I shudder to think of an America that would have it any other way.

Dustin: Would you support a business that votes against your rights? Would you spend your hard earned money on a business that thinks you are a second class citizen? I think not, and why should we? It's easy to sit on your couch and point fingers, but unitl you know what it's like to be discriminated against, your opinion means nothing to us. Call it hypocrisy if you will, but I think you would do the same thing if your rights were being infringed upon. I say give em hell!

"Whether a business supported Prop 8 or not has nothing to do with how well there business serves the public....Just another example of the homosexual hipocrasy."

This is how the free market works on a very fundamental level. From people refusing to shop at Wal-Mart for ethical reasons to the US Government enacting trade embargos against other countries. Our country is built on this concept on many different levels.

You are right when you say that a business supporting Prop 8 has nothing to do with how well the business serves the public. But this type of boycott has nothing to do with how a business serves its customers. It has to do with customers giving their money to a group that is using that money to actively support removing rights that were given to a group of people. If Prop 8 had been about removing rights for blacks to attend state colleges, or removing the rights for women to hold a job, or invalidating marriages for straight couples that didn't have children within the first 2 years of marriage...on the must fundamental level, these are all the same -- rights were taken away. And if any of these scenarios were the actual meaning of Prop 8, I would expect (hope, rather) that there would be boycotts of businesses that support ideals like that.

Hypocrisy isn't a term you can thrown around when someone's ideas don't line up with your own. But supporting the idea of removing rights that allow couples to be equal and then not support the idea of removing other rights that guarantee equality, well..that's hypocrisy.

I'm a bit surprised here, maybe I'm slow, but can anyone explain to me how can one be gay friendly and donate money to proposition 8? one owner of a dairy shop in Sacramento complained of this and said it was unfair since he donated for the gay pride, maybe he was slow too and didn't realize that in the case of gay pride he was advertising, he "sonated" $1000. Some other complain because they have gay employees is that proof they're gay friendly? are they not making money on their employees? If the best cook in L.A. was gay they would fight to have him as a cook, not because they're gay friendly but rather because the extra business they'll make through him. Boycott it is not, it is only avoiding to patronize a backstabber who smiles at you taking your money and then uses your money to put you down.

This inititative is unconstitutional and will be over-turned for the following reasons.

If marriage is a religious ceremony or obligation then the State has no business legislating about it. We have a separation of church and state in this country.

If it is a civil union that confers certain legal rights, such as tax benefits, which it is - then under the Federal Constitution everyone is to be afforded equal protection under the law.

States do not get to make laws that supersede the Federal Constitution - we fought a little civil war about that issue a while back.

While we're at it, let's lay off the initiative process, okay?

Go to the real source of all the hate, boycott the churches that supported 8.
Hit them in the collection plate. You know LDS, Catholic, evangelical.
I'm not a spiritual type, but before anybody needs to correct me, know there are churches on both sides this issue.

As for myself, I will be sending as much business as I can to these "boycotted" companies.

You know if people who supported prop 8 came out and said hey we are going to boycott all gay-owned business people would probably be called every derogatory name in the book. Unbelievable!

Dustin, Sorry you have a problem with civil rights legislation, however, people have a right not to give money to a business that turns around and gives it to a cause that harms them. Do think Jews should support a business that supports the Nazi party even though the business can't discriminate against them in hiring practices? Typical convoluted logic of the anti-marriage crowd.

You people who are whining that prop 8 passed and planning these silly boycotts against businesses. Keep it up. I have friends who voted against prop 8 and are now changing their views on the whole situation. Such immaturity. Grow up already because you all look like a bunch of five year olds. And plus in this terrible economy who can afford to be losing business anyway. So go on and keep lashing out like little five year olds and make this economy and world already worst than it is.

Obama brought out the winning yes on 8 crew.

I am so proud of all the companies/businesses that supported Prop 8. I will make an effort from now on to send them as much business as I can.

You gays need to get over it already. Stop trying to change the religious intitution of marriage, trying to impose your beliefs on religions. You already have the same rights.


So I am starting a boycott of all gayness. If you are gay and own a business or just support gayness don't expect me to do business with you.

If you have a problem with the boycott then go ahead and give money to those who voted Yes on Hate.

I will be taking my money to business that support equality for all.

That's the beauty of America. If you don't like it, move elsewhere.

Why is it OK for the governement to disallow polygamy and plural marriages?Why is it OK for people to mock polygamy and plural marriages? Why do we not see throngs of people defending the right of adults to define their love as they please in the form of polygamy and plural marriages?

Because, the people have a right to define what marriage is...period. AND, unlike polygamy and plural marriages, same sex couples are affored the exact same rights, privelages and responsibilities as married couples in the State of California. This is simply an attempt to legislate moral acceptance of the gay lifestyle. The law differentiates between men and women, with equal protection...and can do so for both marriages and domestic partnerships...but, DON'T try and make people accept the lifestyle by legislating they be called the same thing.

Dustin, for starters, go back to school and learn to spell. Then learn the facts of life: we are entitled to spend our money where we like, and if we like to avoid the businesses of our public enemies, isn't that our concern? Get a life!

This article doesn't mention that the person who donated the money owns part of el coyote and it is a restaurant that is primarily patronized by the gay community, so whoever wrote this article obviously has a bias.

Think it would be a better idea to remove the tax exempt status of churches. They would not have all this extra money to promote their agendas. West Hollywood could start and sure many, many cities would follow. It would bring down everyone's taxes and put the money to better use.

Jack-not sure why people,( yes, homosexuals are people too, with the same desires for dignity, justice, equality) annoys you. Fighting for civil rights is not whining. Boycotting has always been an effective weapon in fighting injustice. Whatever your stance on gay marriage, you are entitled to your opinion- but try to educate yourself.

If I were to boycott all the No on Prop 8 supporters, I'd never get anything done, and would have no governmental representation:
President Elect Obama
Governor Arnold
Senator Feinstein and Boxer
Mayor Tony Villar

The people have spoken clearly. Why do liberals always protest and complain after they lose an election? Next time, try campaigning before the election.

The problem with these boycotts, especially the restaurant ones reported here, is that they are targeting organizations where some employees contributed to Prop. 8, without regard for all the others who work there who may have opposed Prop. 8. What is the goal? To have those business fire people who donated to Prop. 8? Let's see -- getting fired for exercising freedom of speech during private time? That strikes me as a lawsuit waiting to happen. Worse are proposed boycotts of businesses with Mormons (or perceived Mormons) associated with them. Is the goal to get the businesses to fire them because of their religious beliefs? That would be an even more egregious violation of anti-discrimination laws. So, yes, I agree with the poster above who referred to these attempted boycotts as hypocritical.

I'm somewhat amazed by these protest that involve threats. The beauty of America is the people vote and the people decide. I'm sorry if that wasn't in your favor. However, children make threats when they don't get their way. Adults appeal properly.

As for Brown's quote from projectmarriage.com “We have received calls today from our members in Greater Los Angeles and other parts of the state indicating that today their businesses are being hurt because they contributed money." I'd like to see facts.

That's a very broad and general statement. There business is hurt? WHOSE business? HOW are they hurting and HOW MUCH?

Experience tells me if they're a half way decent establishment, they'll out last any protest (which are usu short as people never deprive themselves from what they want for long times). If they're really hurting at all....

Give us facts!

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