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Steve Lopez on Prop. 8 -- still doesn't get it

October 22, 2008 |  9:52 am

Steve Lopez, our intrepid columnist, took in to two Prop. 8 rallies in South-Central L.A. on Tuesday. One was in favor of the ballot measure, which would rewrite the state Constitution to outlaw same-sex marriage, and the other opposed Prop. 8.

They say they're saving marriage While Steve found more people attending the first rally, that's the one that caused him to come up with a lot more questions:

Apostle Frederick K.C. Price stepped to the microphone.

"I believe and teach the Bible," he said, pausing briefly, as if nothing more needed to be said.

But he went on to quote Genesis, saying marriage is that which occurs between a man and a woman. To veer from that course, he suggested, would "jeopardize our children's future."

Off the top, I could name six dozen greater threats to children's futures than the prospect
of same-sex people committing themselves to each other in love, especially in South Los Angeles. With so many single parents and foster children, in fact, two-parent families might be worth encouraging.They say they're fighting for equality for all

Another clergyman, Bishop Frank Stewart of Zoe Christian Fellowship, said he was insulted by the suggestion that gay marriage is a civil rights issue. The real civil rights issues, he said, are the rights of parents (I didn't quite get his point), and his right to choose whom he can join in matrimony as a minister.

Pastor Beverly Crawford of Bible Enrichment Fellowship International clarified that in supporting Prop. 8 she wasn't saying no to gays, but "yes to God" and doing what "the Lord Jesus Christ" would do.

I always envy those who know precisely what Jesus would do. I'm wondering, though, if Pastor Crawford made the right call on that one.

So, how would Jesus vote?

--Veronique de Turenne

Photos: Los Angeles Times

Top photo: Students Joshua Lee, 6, left, and Josiah Wimbely, 6, wave flags as a group of ministers supporting Prop. 8 met at Crenshaw Christian Center on Vermont Avenue to rally support for their cause. Credit: Bob Chamberlin / Los Angeles Times

Bottom photo: The Rev. Vanessa Mackenzie speaks at a news conference in opposition to Prop. 8. Mackenzie was one of three ministers who spoke against the proposition at the Lucy Florence Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Credit: Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times