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Backing Prop. 8 in enemy territory

St. Victor's Catholic Church is considered fairly liberal -- and that makes sense given its location in the heart of West Hollywood. But with the ballot measure on gay marriage in California about to be voted on, the church finds itself in the center of controversy. According to WeHo News, some members are vocal about opposition to same-sex unions:

Known for its feeding of the homeless, which causes the surrounding neighborhood problems with those congregants, as well as its long-time pro-life stance in one of the most pro-choice cities in America, this past weekend found parishioners at tables in front of the church disseminating anti-gay marriage literature. They did so on National Coming Out Day, enraging one gay neighbor. Sam Borelli, that neighbor, reported his outrage over the symbolism represented by allowing such a campaign on a church’s property, especially a church with a reputation for its openness to gays and that proclaims on its website."

St Victor's website is indeed very welcoming: "We seek to follow the Lord and live the good news--the gospel--according to our ancient Catholic tradition. We welcome all, regardless of race, nationality, gender, socio-economic class or sexual orientation. We believe in the power of the gospel to transform our lives and society around us, even in the most cosmopolitan of settings. We are a city on a hill. We are the light of the world. We are the salt of the earth."

--Shelby Grad

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i have a couple of things i'd like to say.

first. i'm a gay man. for the first twenty years of my life i tried everything i knew not to be gay. i prayed, i meditated ...i tried everything i could. at the end of this i finally had to accept that this is how god created me.
all you people saying it's a life style choice... please, humor me...think how it would be for you in a world where 90% of the people were gay and 10% were straight. where there would be incredible pressure to conform and be gay. could you become gay under such pressure ? i didn't think so.
it is no different for me. i cannot , nor do i have any desire to convert any people to be gay. i KNOW that you are or you're not. your sons and daughters are safe.

and Lord i wish we could take this conversation away from the Bible. there are only few passing passages on homosexuality in the Bible. if it truly was about that, why not pick one of the Ten Commandments ? why choose this tiny part that in the Bible is on the par of eating shrimp ? why ? I understand that the thought of two men having sex is gross to many people. but so is the idea of many people having sex. think about your grand parents... that should not be the basis of denying people of their human dignity.

one more thing. the Mormon religion had a big part in the passage of prop 8.
but as a gay man i beg, please try first to have a conversation with your Mormon neighbor. i had one, and i for the first time understood their fear of persecution. and you Mormons please, open your hearts and minds and understand that we gays are not interested in turning you gay (as if it was possible.) all we want is to be treated with dignity exactly as you want. i would love to be your ally, to defend you against people who vilify you, not your enemy.

thx :) gj

Well, if we allow gay marriage, why not polygamy?

There are several people who would support it. I mean consensual polygamy.

Let's do it. We'll call it Proposition "Two is Company, but Three is Wheee!!"

It is amazing how the evil in this world tries to make things look so innocent. The fact that the gay community is using the argument that they need the same rights as a married person is totally false, they want to be accepted by a society that tells them they are living immorally. They want to feel normal. I am not saying that a person who is gay is some sort of freak, that is not my purpose, they are confused. They have feelings that they want to follow, they think it will make them happy. If you believe in the teachings from the bible then you know that someone who gives into their desires that are not correct in God's eyes will be judged accordingly in the next life. That goes for any sin, not just homosexuality. If you do not belief in the Bible then it makes sense that you would consider this a rights issue and a freedom issue. But, it cannot be looked at that way by those that belief in God, so there is never going to be a common ground or any sort of way to make everyone happy. That is why we live in a democracy. We solve disagreements by a vote of the majority. It is the only way to keep a society from violence. If the majority votes a certain way then the minority must decide whether or not they want to continue to be a part of that society, the have the option to leave, or continue to try and find support (peacefully). The votes have been counted and the majority has spoken. It is time to let this issue drop, until the minority can find more support for a change.

If it does happen someday that the majority votes and gays are given what they want, then I and my family will move to another country (simple). Until then I will continue to voice my opposition (peacefully).

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