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And now, a few words from Chris Erskine

October 25, 2008 |  2:22 pm

Vote for me Our Man of the House, Chris Erskine, has moved to Saturdays along with the rest of the Home section. Today, we give you a little peek into his fevered, suburban brain:

"Are you guys done?" someone asked innocently at soccer the other day while we waited for the boys’ team pictures.

Are we done? We were done 17 years ago. Now we’ve got this 5-year-old soccer junkie, his three older siblings and this dog Cujo, the insomniac with stomach problems, all living with us.

Thing is, with parenthood, you are never really "done." We were at a wedding the other day and a friend complained that her son called to say he was nearly out of money at college, down to his last $200, which "wouldn’t even cover his speeding ticket." When I heard of his plight, I choked up.

My friend quizzed her son on why he suddenly seemed to be going through money so fast. He explained that last year he didn’t really eat, so college was cheaper then.

"Are you guys done?"

If we were any more "done," we’d be the Red Sox.

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