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Celebs try to tip balance in gay marriage money battle

Stevenkate_2 Last week, Brad Pitt gave $100k to help defeat Prop 8. Yesterday, director Steven Spielberg added another $100k to coffers of activists trying to beat the Nov. 4 ballot measure, which would write a gay marriage ban into the California constitution. Last month, the Knights of Columbus weighed in on the issue with a $1-million contribution in favor of Prop 8.

According to our database, which tracks Prop 8 contributions, supporters of the measure raised $16.2 million, with $4.1 million of it coming from outside the state.  Those who want to preserve California's gay marriage laws have donated $10.8 million, with close to half of that coming from outside the state.

Check out today's story, by Dan Morain and Jessica Garrison, about the Prop. 8 money race and why donors on both sides of the issue feel compelled to vote with their pocketbooks.

-- Veronique de Turenne

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Hello People: This is so simple. If you do not want a gay marriage, don't have one. Otherwise, leave the laws alone! We've waited long enough for equality and the time has arrived. If you are still having difficulty in your decision on this Prop 8, try walking a mile in my shoes - loving someone but having no support from society whatsoever - not a pretty picture. Thanks to the wonderful, intelligent voters who know that providing civil rights for equality does nothing to diminish anyone else's rights, only enhances them. Love is Love is Love. PS I'm married to my true love. Thank you, Mayor Newsom for your bravery.

Its too bad that so much money is being spent for what should be a basic, human and equal right.

Gay people scoffed at and belittled marriage until they found out it could be a political weapon.

Hollywood is jumping on the bandwagon for exactly the same reason.

The whole point (for those that may still think this is about "love" or "commitment") is to undermine one of the pillars of civilization. Once the legal definition of marriage is changed, the attack will move to the churches. Any church that refuses to marry gays will be tagged with the "discrimination" handle. Legal action will follow. Saying homosexuality is a sin will be forbidden. And on and on...

Gay marriage. Elimination of gun ownership. A partisan, agenda driven press. A partisan, agenda driven education system. Class warfare. Enviro-warfare. Ethnic warfare. Religious intolerance (towards Jews and Christians).

The radical left is pushing any and every agenda that breaks down what is left of this culture. The results that will fill the vacuum will be terrible indeed.

Crazy liberals,
God created marriage between one man and one woman. If the crazy liberal kooks in California want to legalize same sex unions, they should not call it marriage. Call it a union. God created marriage and he does not condone same sex marriage so how can one call it marriage.
Crazy world we live in.

Mormons are a major source of the funding for the Prop 8 campaign. Take a look at www.mormonsfor8.com to see the list of donors from the Secretary of State office annotated with identifications of some Mormon donors. Currently 38% of the money, about $6.5 million is identified as having come from Mormon donors.

What is it about celebrity that causes otherwise sane individuals to presume they know better than others how voters should vote? Indeed, it seems hypocritical that these Elites would argue that this proposition is "conservatives trying to force their rules on others", when their own actions trying to force their views on other are no different! To paraphrase one of the founders "the only thing worse than the tyranny of the majority, is the tyranny of the minority".

It's been some time since I felt compelled to see either a Speilberg or a Damon movie. I pay for entertainment, not for some self serving egotist to force their political views down my throat.

What? Hollywood liberals buying legislation?!?!
Who woulda thought!~!~

In CA, those who are in favor of the gay marriage ban has always criticized how the court shouldn't overturn the gay marriage ban "against the will of the people". Now it's becoming clearer everyday how it's actually a collaborative effort from bigots all over the US trying to influence the result of a state issue.

Thankfully, hateful views supported by bigotry will never last, as proved by all the civil rights victories over the years.

Why are the ultra liberal celebrities so hell bent on having homosexuals provided the legal right to marry. What is next? Being able to marry your dog or cat?

Mr. Spielberg and the other supporters of gay marriage in California need to join Mr. Pitt, Ms. Jolie and the other gay supporters in France. America is a nation founded under GOD who say a marriage is between a man and a woman! Not anyother way. If gay marriages in California are not overturned, I will be forever thankful I moved away from such sickness. Mr. Pitt hardly ever lives there and should not get involved. He choses to have babies in another country. Stay there.

GOOD FOR THEM!!! It is unfathomable that gays are still denied a basic human right in America. I am a heterosexual woman, a member of the Junior League and an advisor for my sorority, so I see this situation from a more "mainstream" point of view.
Gays pay taxes, die in service for our country, and contribute in so many ways to our culture, government and economy. People, this shouldn't even be a voting issue; this is a civil rights issue. These are citizens of our country! I am glad to see people using their influence to right this injustice. I will support the films of these good people and I will donate my money to this cause also. The hatred and discrimination I see that is based upon sexual orientation is especially virulent.
How can anyone, with a heart, who has ever loved, deny two consenting adults, the right to be legally married to the person they love? It used to be that different races couldn't marry in many states, until the courts stepped in. I am glad to see this happening and I hope the voters in California defeat Prop. 8. Gay is the new Black.

I find it hilarious that the gays and lesbians in the linked Knights of Columbus Article make such a big deal about them spending $1 million dollars to try to defeat gay marriage instead of giving that money to the poor/hungry/etc. yet these same people have no qualms whatsoever in Obama, Hillary, or even McCain spending tens of millions of THEIR dotated dollars on ADVERTISEMENTS. Where is the concern for the poor, the hungry, the needy as you help Obama purchase yet another 30 seconds of TV airtime?

It is too bad so many people are unable to differentiate between their personal beliefs on what religious marriage is, and the civil contract doled out at city hall. I guess I thought people were a little smarter than that.

Hehehe. Good for Spielberg. Anything that makes the uneducated conservative/homophobic nuts kicking and screaming makes me happy!

Silly uneducated bigots.

Seeing how 50% of heterosexual marriages end in divorce (usually within the first 2 years), I’m not so sure the man/woman model is necessarily the best arrangement for children. If heteros can’t even save their own marriage, they clearly are in no position to say gay marriage is bad for children.

You want to “protect” marriage? Get rid of divorce, infidelity, domestic violence, and those quickie Vegas marriages people like Britney Spears are having….instead of trying to prevent those who WANT to get married from marrying. Silly, silly bigots…when will you learn?

Truth is: the vast majority of the EDUCATED people of society (from legal scholars to social scientists–AKA people who can think LOGICALLY) SUPPORT gay marriage/adoption. Survey after survey has shown that the higher the education level, the more supportive they are of gay rights (in other words, the dumber you are, the more anti-gay you’ll likely be).

The American Psychological Association, the American Medical Association, the American Anthropological Association, the American Psychiatric Association, and the vast majority of lawyers and law professors SUPPORT gay marriage. Clearly the more brains ya have, the more likely you'll support gay marriage.

If conservative/religious/homophobic nuts would spend a little more time in school (and learn some SCIENCE and LOGIC) and less time sticking their noses into other people’s personal lives (which don’t affect them one bit), then they might earn some respect from those of us who are educated and civilized.

Stopping gay marriage isn’t going to make gays go extinct, and it certainly isn’t going to stop them from having gay relationships and adopting/raising children. Get over it and start worrying about more important things in life (such as getting a college education). Yikes!


20 million has been spent, so far, on this legal issue.
I hope the Christians can justify it when they get to heaven.

I don't pretend to be as enlightened as some of the posters on here. But I know this: if I had to tell to people to go against their born nature, their true feelings, and live their lives according to what I believe is true, then I would have to rethink my actions. I am a Protestant (non-denominational) Christian, and my beliefs drive my life first and foremost. At the same time, I am a free thinker and believe people should be free do with their lives and seek happiness how they see fit, so long as it doesn't directly infringe on my or anyone else's well being. If any two people are genuinely in love, the person getting in the middle of that is clearly in the wrong.

Less Judgment, More Acceptance. I'm cool with it. 'Nuff Said.

Marriage is from God? People what if I am gay and I don't believe or even care about what YOUR God say? If that is what you believe then fine! Get out of my face and most certainly get out of my life!

So many people that oppose this quote God and bible but these people don't attend church or have a str8 lifestyle that goes with what God is about. I am sure there will be str8 people in hell! Don't worry about what I'm doing! Worry about YOURSELF!

Ask Brad Pitt if he can add up the following: How many kids he could help with college with that $100,000. Let people be happy man!

The issue at stake is simply one of legal rights. It does not matter if you are gay or not. Give those who have made a commitment to each other a right to the same rights you have.

If my tax dollars are going to keep you in your house because you invested foolishly in a home you could not afford, or the bozo who gave you a loan.......

I'd much rather give my support to someone who made a commitment to someone of the same sex who intends to keep there promise to each other.

Of course there are other beliefs out there of what the Bible really meant about homosexuality and of course it can be debated that some parts should be taken more literally or not. But I have yet to meet a Christian who condemns homosexuality and takes the whole Bible literally. They pick and choose based off what applies to them, 'A man shall not lie with another man,' "Oh, that doesn't apply to me, gays are evil and their actions offend God." 'If your eye causes you to sin pluck it out, it is better to lose your eye than your whole body to the eternal fire,' "Oh, uh, well I did check out that hot married guy/girl once, but that can't possibly be so, God wouldn't want me to do that! That must be a more of a metaphorical statement." And though I don't remember the exact quote Jesus says that if one wants to follow in his foot steps than they shall sell all their belongings and join in him a life of service. Any of you pro-8'ers do that? If so you have an argument but I doubt it. So looking at it this way it forces us to apply some logical thinking when it comes to understanding what the Bible really teaches us. Don't steal okay, stealing is bad it hurts people and is unfair, I can understand. Don't lie, okay that hurts people too and hurts communication among everybody which our society is based on. Don't be gay, why? it doesn't hurt any one. And if your gunna quote some statistic about gays also engage in self destructive behavior well stop treating them bad. WWJD? Who Would Jesus Discriminate?

Stop using god's name for political issue. I'm not a Christian and I'm not in any religion. I'm just a plain good citizen who wants the same basic human rights that anyone can have. If you don't like same-sex marriage, then don't have one. Leave the law alone, and leave all the gay people alone. This is a country with freedom of religion, and now Christians are forcing others to believe in theirs. What's the point of freedom of religious if there's none in political world?!

I'm a gay conservative republican, but do support HUMAN RIGHTS! it makes me laugh when other conservatives come to the issue of gay marriage they jump to "what's next? being able to marry a dog or cat or goat?" there is a difference between loving another person and loving an animal, tell me if i'm wrong here. then when they bring up God and the bible, most people are quoting from a Christian background, and as much as we want to think that marriage is a religious right, its just as much a legal right. i shouldn't have to call it something else, why do straight people own the name marriage? cuz when you look at the facts of straight marriage, over 50% of their marriages end in divorce, they haven't perfected it either, and most remarry and remarry, i also don't think that the God you believe in wanted that for marriage either if thats how you want to go, but i believe in a God who loves his children and will do the judging in the end, who are YOU to judge me and what i deserve to have when i'm older and ready to settle? i'm glad to see people in the public eye other than politicians taking a stand on an issue like this.

L A times your artcile is bias and further more I support. Prop 8 but I aware
that some gays, on your staff. Shall delete my comment so were is
liberal view points?


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