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Brad Pitt donates $100,000 to fight gay marriage ban

Sorry ladies (and gents) but Brad Pitt is takenBrad Pitt, who once said he won't get married until the right extends to everyone, has donated $100,000 to help fight Prop 8. Our own Tina Daunt has the story:

Brad Pitt announced Wednesday that he's donating $100,000 to fight California's Proposition 8, a November ballot initiative that would eliminate same-sex couples' right to marry.

"Because no one has the right to deny another their life, even though they disagree with it, because everyone has the right to live the life they so desire if it doesn't harm another and because discrimination has no place in America, my vote will be for equality and against Proposition 8," the actor said in a statement.

Pitt's donation marks the largest thus far to the anti-Prop. 8 campaign by an A-list celebrity.

The financial fight over Prop. 8 has been fierce, with gay marriage supporters taking an early fundraising lead. But last month, a $1-million contribution by the Knights of Columbus, followed by infusions of cash from other gay marriage opponents, tipped the balance in favor of those who believe only a man and a woman should be able to marry.

Our own Maloy Moore follows the money in a pair of databases she helped create, which she updates daily. As of today, Prop. 8 opponents have raised $11,119,614.56, while the Prop 8 supporters side has amassed $16,647,476.77. (Pitt's contribution hasn't made it's way to the official tally yet, so add $100,000 to the no side of the equation.)

You can look at total contributions within the state, broken down by county, or you can search the nationwide database (use abbreviations for the states) for an illuminating look at money flowing to both sides of the issue.

So is Brad being altruistic and, at the same time, hoping to hurry along a wedding of his own?

-- Veronique de Turenne

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Gay Marriage…What a concept!!! Is it even legal in Nebraska for same sex marriage? First of all, if it isn’t then why not and secondly, where could two people of the same sex go to legally pledge their commitment to each other? When did a gay marriage or union become so offensive that we had to put a definition to Marriage? I definitely need to look into this more.
Now let’s think for a minute. I seem to remember when I was in grade school learning about a document that was very significant to our countries values. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” This is the opening of The United States Declaration of Independence. A statement adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. We celebrate these values every year with loud and brightly colored explosions, reiterating those rights. The pursuit of ones own life and happiness generally does and did include the right of marriage. How could preventing a same sex marriage fit into that?
Our court system, it seems, is in constant conflict of those rights and is also in conflict of their own interpretation of what our Constitution of the United States means and stands for. Our Constitution was created in 1787. It doesn’t seem to have been a problem for anyone until some “yahoo” felt the need to come up with The Defense of Marriage Act. This was passed on September 21, 1996. Up until then, there had never been any federal restrictions as to what constituted a marriage or who it referred to. It certainly had never specifically restricted those in same sex relationships in their rights as citizens of the United States. So why should it stop there. After all, for centuries famous men such as Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King have declared that all “men” are created equal.
Thank goodness there are a few court systems that are able to distinctively interpret our rights as they were meant to be. Massachusetts on May 17, 2004, California on May 15, 2008, New Jersey on February 19, 2007, and New York on May 29, 2008 are our only US states to recognize gay marriage. Even so, New Jersey only offers same sex civil unions like Vermont and Connecticut, and New York only recognizes gays married outside the state in Massachusetts and California and in other countries like Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, South Africa, and Spain. After all that, gays and lesbians are then granted the same rights as a man and a woman are offered within a “traditional” marriage.
"Because no one has the right to deny another their life, even though they disagree with it, because everyone has the right to live the life they so desire if it doesn't harm another and because discrimination has no place in America, my vote will be for equality and against Proposition 8,", was quoted from Brad Pitt, the Actor-Activist, in the LA Times on September 17, 2008. So what gives? The state of California’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of plaintiffs on May 15, 2008 in the suit against the 2000 law banning same sex marriage because it is discriminatory. "Limiting the designation of marriage to a union 'between a man and a woman' is unconstitutional and must be stricken from the statute," California Chief Justice Ron George said in the written opinion. Hurray! Finally, someone is making sense!
A marriage between two people should be just that. I think, the big problem lies between the courts and the Church. It’s true, marriage has always been a very big part of religion. The fact that most marriages occur in a religious setting and have a significant impact in one’s religion is confusing to many when they mix it with the courts. Yes, some do choose to get married in the court system by a Judge or Justice of the Peace. Yes, proof of marriage is legally proven with a marriage license. However, have you ever seen a marriage license with a check box that signifies the sex of each involved party? Of course not! So let’s leave it that way and quit getting technical and mixing religion with our country’s Constitutional rights. Let’s stick with an all time favorite saying…”Keep it simple, stupid!”

Why the hell don't you people go live in IRAN! This country was founded on a constitution, guaranteeing rights for all! While you may not agree with it that's the way America goes! And what makes America the best place ever! When you don't like it anymore move out! The Constitution (and by God You People "Love It or leave it" 'cause we don't want you no more) separates church from state. Would you have the Pope come in and say that you aren't worshiping the right way! HELL NO! We need especially right now to get this country going straight again rather than investing millions in fighting "same sex Marriage". We should spend more money fighting poverty.

Brad, Brad, Brad... I enjoyed your movies, but this draws the line. I can never see another movie with you in it again.

As for the commentor above, I believe your remark to Love it or leave it is exactly why we are going to ask you to leave. America hasnt been a gay nation, nor will it ever be if I have anything to say about it. According to your theory you should leave becuase america was already not gay and you want to make it gay... wow.... a dose of your own medicine sucks doesnt it.

Anyway remember smart people will vote Yes on prop 8!!!

Brads confused, He married the oppsite sex. Why should a few Gays force their life style on the many who oppose it.

Thank You Mr. Pitt and everyone else that respects and understands equality for all.

There is no room for discrimination in America that is why we need to vote Yes on Prop 8. By making gay marriage legal, it is discrimination against people who believe in marriage and what it stands for. Vote Yes!!!

I don't understand.
Why such a small amount donated, stingy rich bloke.

And to all you male 30+ year-old upperclassman Christan viewers:
You think god would ever do anything like this?
Treat one type of his people better than the other?!
What you're doing is un-godly and 'sin'.

Also, I'm sad so much money and time is going into the progression of the American human race, when we could be feeding those poor mothers with several hungry kids because of the poor economy.

Big facepalm.

I thank Brad Pitt for this generous contribution. It is good to know that there are some people who are open-minded enough to oppose such a heinous hate-crime against gays and lesbians. Yes, I am calling this proposition a hate-crime. If a child is born gay, he/she will always be gay. Denying gays to marry will teach children to suppress who they really are, and eventually , they will live how they want to. It doesn't help to pass such a waste of space and time on something that will not affect anybody. People commit adultery all the time, they divorce all the time, but yet they use the Bible to support their hate and discrimination against people who just want to be as equal as their heterosexual counterparts. There is nothing wrong with being gay, people will not start divorcing because gays can marry, and there is nothing wrong with children seeing the love of those who are of the same sex. Society needs to revamp on this opinion and allow gays and lesbians be as equal as we are.

I suppout gay marraige 100% very one has the right to do with there own personal whatever they what.

Brad Pitt is the most beautiful soul on Earth. Let me see, which movie of his do I want to watch tonight. Sigghhhhh...

Altruistic? I think not. Too bad that if gay marriage is allowed in future, along with hate crime legislation to accompany it, the people getting sued for their beliefs won't be able to come up with that kind of money. These people don't need marriage, or anything that has to do with religion. They need CIVIL UNIONS. In California, they already have ALL the same rights as married couples. Give those religious people their freedom of religion too. I mean lets not be so naiive.

"Gay marriage is same sex marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman." I have yet to see that definition in any dictionary I ever read. How come?

Thank you, Brad Pitt. I doubt you'll read this forum, and for your sake I hope not. Else, you'll be stuck reading uninformed comments like this:

"By making gay marriage legal, it is discrimination against people who believe in marriage and what it stands for."

It is not discrimination to simply be denied something you WANT. Yes on 8 people WANT to own a word which, taken by the government long ago, belongs to everyone and by our founding documents must be applied equally. They characterize the No on 8 people as WANTing a word as simply as they do, but it's really about what gay people deserve as tax-paying citizens under equal rights laws. That is not a simple WANT because there are real and tangible benefits involved, and to complain that gay people are forcing their views after they went to all the trouble to amend our Constitution after they lost the last battle is absurd - $16,647,476.77 worth of absurdity, in fact.

I think what some people are unaware of here is that : Most Christians that speak on this issue are adhering to one of the values of their faith that they must take a part in the ministry actively and vocally.

That is why you see a majority of the people against gay marriage speaking in christian tongues.

What you are not aware of is the rest of the people against gay marriage - who are not even christian, just general people who are holding to their own general values. The simple fact of nature that penis' are made for vaginas. I don't know if that is in the Bible verbally - but I think it was happening for a million or so years before the first humanoid developed. Words coming from a fetishist btw. I do not expect to make babies practicing my fetish. I would never advocate a fetish lifestyle on any young one. I am not ashamed. I just know what is natural from what is not natural. If you can't figure out what is natural from all the holy books over all the centuries - turn on the discovery channel. You will see the True Nature of God outside of any Holy Book.
Only in the wilderness its a bit more brutal. There isn't a diplomatic process to natural and unnatural selection. Hint Hint.

If someone loves someone else they will be together. period. end of story.
Nobody has said that homosexuals are not allowed to live and love.

period. Feel free to elaborate - but don't skip this point in a response. acknowledge it.

if thats not enough - why not? Because there IS more to your argument than so-called violation of human rights.

The state recognizing union between couples has something to do with economy and money. That is because it is relative to the fact that Man and Woman make babies, Babies bring in the next generation of citizens. We are investing our values and material resources into the next generation while simultaneously trying to nurture immaterial things such as values.

Homosexual marriage does not produce babies - it may adopt them. Every single human baby ever born comes from a male and female.
Keep private matters private. I know that. Do you?
As much as it is none of your business. I am a fetishist. I understand the difference between love and lust. One can have both. That still doesn't condone it as naturally correct.

Whoever said God will not reveal Itself to you because you don't deserve to is correct. I am 100% sure that there is a core to every holy book across nations. There is the Bible Scripture, but it is several layers wrapped around a core.

Most people can live their life very religious - and still only see those top layers. Those who have reached the core are nothing but humbled. And they historically have recieved suppression and oppression by their social generations, just like any classification of outcast.

Keep Love and Life and you will need no more. Please stop the argument for gay marriage. It is not necessary. I'm sorry for the predjudice. People do treat homosexuals bad. I apologize on our behalf. You are one of God's children as well. Know this is true and you would understand true Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

Two things to keep in mind with Prop 8:

Separation of church and state.

ALL men are created equal.

--- Need there even be an argument? Shame on all who voted for Prop 8.

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