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Knights of Columbus tip the balance with big anti-gay marriage donation * UPDATED

They_all_say_no_to_gay_marriage_2 It's official -- opponents of gay marriage  have raised more cash in support of Proposition 8, the anti-gay marriage initiative, than gay marriage supporters, who have vowed to defeat the Nov. 4 ballot measure.

A contribution by the Connecticut-based Knights of Columbus of $1 million on Aug. 14 put Proposition 8 supporters within striking distance of opponents. Yesterday, another infusion of cash from groups and individuals who oppose same-sex marriage put them ahead in the money race.  A previous donation of $250,000 to the National Organization for Marriage in January brings the group's total donations to $1.25 million.

Our own Maloy Moore is following the money in a pair of data bases she helped create,  which she updates daily. On Aug. 14, when the Knights of Columbus made their contribution, the totals were $7,599,137 for opponents and $7,165,565 for supporters,  Maloy said. (Through Aug. 13 it was $7.574,637 to $5,944,790.) As of 4 p.m. yesterday, supporters passed opponents, she said.

You can look at total contributions within the state, broken down by county, or you can search the nationwide data base (use abbreviations for the states) for an illuminating look at money flowing to both sides of the issue.

We'll keep you apprised of major changes in the flow of cash. As for the photo, that's George Bush, a fierce gay marriage opponent, speaking to the 122nd annual Knights of Columbus convention in Dallas in August 2004.

--Veronique de Turenne

Photo: Tim Sloan / AFP

UPDATED at 11:50 a.m. on Aug. 21: A previous version of this post stated that the Knights of Columbus donated $1.25 million to support Prop 8 on Aug. 14. In fact, the amount of the Aug. 14 donation was $1 million. The other $250,000 had been donated to the National Organization for Marriage in January 2008.

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Which god are you referring to, Robert?

I am proud of being a member of the Knights of Columbus. I'm happy to see them stand up in support of Proposition 8.

Throw out all the Catholic-bashing comments you want. For all the hurtful things I've read on this page; it's hard for me to say it's the Catholics who are the ones full of hate.

We believe that marriage is sacred. We believe marriage isn't just two people living together and being faithful but that it's a refelction of God's very relationship with us. Human marriage is merely a reflection of God's marriage to his bride, the church. We, as humans, don't have the authority to change the rules our creator laid down. We just can't.

I know you don't agree. I know it's very frustrating and hurtful for you to be subject to the beliefs of another person. I understand how you feel. But I will not turn away for the sake of being "nice" and watch our society self-destruct through weakening of its very foundation.

I hope you can come to understand that Catholics don't hate homosexuals. We love you. And because of that, we want whats best for you. We want you to turn away from a disordered sexuality, which many have done.

Do I expect you to accept that? No. Do I expect to be mocked, called a bigot, and linked to the sex-abuse scandal? Yes.

That's ok, because at least I've stood up for the truth.

Even if prop 8 is passed the activist courts will over turn it, so as I
See the problem should the state give out marriage licenses.
Sure why not the state can hand out any license they want to whom ever
For what ever reason they want.
Now should anyone want or demand to get married in a church than no
That would be up to the religious organization not up to the state or courts.
The real issue should be the separation of church and state.
People should not have to go to the state in order to get married by the
Church or have some sort of legal sanction by the state.
If you really want to file a law suite file for separation of church and state.

Just maybe if you looked up knights of columbus on the web. you might just find that these folks contribute over 150 million dollars in charity cotributions
and 65 million hours of charitable work hours in 2007. No matter what name you have for them I dont hear of any gay group doing the same. Why must u soil the name marriage. Find your own thing your pretty good at doing that.

>>> Why must u soil the name marriage. Find your own thing your pretty good at doing that. <<<

Silly uneducated fool. The breeders are already soiling the marriage name with their 50% divorce rate....not to even mention the quickie Vegas marriages of people like Britney Spears.

The educated people of society (from legal scholars to social scientists - a.k.a. those with BRAINS who can think logically) support gay marriage. Survey after survey has shown the higher the educational level, the more supportive they are of gay marriage. Clearly, the dumber you are, the more anti-gay you'll likely be.

If you can't even make the distinction between the words "your" and "you're," then don't even bother giving an opinion. Let the EDUCATED adults do the talking.

As a Christian I think the future of gay marriage in this country is both assured as well as something less than progress. It is not surprising to hear arrogant remarks that gay marriage opponents are uneducated, bigoted, illogical, etc. It is clear that they have not taken the time to listen and understand the reasons behind these arguments.

But that is neither here nor there. If there is something we can learn from this, it is that we need to redefine marriage ourselves- not in the way they are seeking, but in being radically faithful, moral and cutting edge in attitudes to sexuality, respect (to people of sexual lifestyles we do not approve) and clarity of our stance in the light of reason.

Legislation cannot change hearts or minds. It is a lost battle. Christanity has always thrived in environments seeking to negate it.

Hey Dan,

What a mature, levelheaded response- I was happy to see it. It is easy to see who is the educated, reasoning commenter in this cesspool of mudslings. Thanks for this admirable position.

Lourdes Rivas:

Let me make you an alternate proposition. You can cry hoarse from the rooftops till the cows come home about Jim Bakker, Tammy Fay, etc, or about the pedophilic priests in the Catholic church. I think all those things being outed and aired are good for the church because the church is cleansed and humbled by them.

I read somewhere that the charge of hypocrisy is the cimplement that vice pays to virtue. The more you expose any hypocrisy in the church, the better it is for the church. In any case patronizing nonsense that all Christians/Catholics/evangelicals are one way or another comes from prejudiced minds much more than the belief that homosexual behavior is sinful.

In return you can have all those things you wished for. I will neither approve them nor try to prevent any ban on them. You read my previous comments- you know where I stand. Immorality or morality isn't legislated. Sin lies in our hearts, and denying sin (yours or mine) isn't the way to get rid of it.


I believe marriage is between one man and one woman.


In anything other than a democracy, the LDS church would be considered a cult. It would also be considered criminal. Until the very recent past, racism flourished. Marriage with multiple under-aged girls prevailed. This church along with others has forced thousands of wonderful, kind, God loving people to fight and fund a battle against bigots. 60 MILLION DOLLARS down the drain. How about asking ourselves this question. What would God do with 60 million dollars?
I have a funny feeling it would have something to do with the poor, homeless and sick.
We, as a whole should be ashamed of ourselves.

I would like to take the time to publicly congratulate the Knights of Columbus for taking one million dollars of their organization's money that could have been spent on feeding the poor, healing the sick and helping the needy of their church, and spending it on taking away the rights of gay people instead. Especially in a time of desperate economic distress when their organization's members and their families could have really used that money. They are truly doing God's work.

I left the Catholic church years ago when I was made to feel like less than a person by their religious doctrine which chose to focus on a few words of the Bible to discriminate against me while at the same time ignoring much worse "sin" both in name and in action. And the fact that they love to point a pious finger at the gay community while ignoring the words of Jesus himself who said, "whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me".

If they didn't want me, that was fine. I walked away and decided to live and let live. I never thought they would come after me. My father has been a member of the KofC since before I was born nearly 40 years ago and while I no longer attend church, I can honestly say I had a great deal of respect for the KofC. I remember my father standing outside of grocery stores in the freezing cold with a tin can collecting change so that the KofC families who had been hit with hard times could have food on the table. I remember him collecting turkeys so these people who had nothing could at least enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner. And if the KofC had issued a statement saying they did not approve of gay marriage, I would have even respected that because I do not believe everyone needs to agree on everything. But the fact that this organization I once looked up to spent so much money, money that I see my 80 year old father standing outside in the freezing cold to collect, not just on ads to promote their point of view, but on ads that told bold faced lies in order to get people who may have been in favor of gay marriage to react out of fear and vote against it. Fear of seeing harm come to their children and fear of having their churches get sued. All fears that were completely unfounded. We don't want to hurt children, and we don't want to hurt your churches. We simply want to love the way we believe we were meant to love and to enjoy the civil rights that we, as American tax paying citizens, believe that we have the right to enjoy.

So, to the Knights of Columbus, as this recession is going through it's healing and your members are having trouble feeding their families and providing their children with clothing and medicine, I hope you can sleep well at night knowing that you spent all that money to take away the civil rights of people who only wanted the legal right to love each other.

You should review 501(C)3 rules, the KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS violated no laws. Remember the Knights are not an official organ of the Catholic Church. I APPLAUD the Knights of Columbus for being part of this. The intolerance of those of you calling for tolerance is revealing.

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