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Tori Spelling's mom buys a (HUGE) condo

If you were Candy Spelling you'd be home by nowPoor Candy Spelling, rattling around all alone in that 123-room,  56,500-square-foot Holmby Hills house.  Her son has is grown and gone, her daughter's got a hit reality TV show, and with the passing of her husband, TV mogul Aaron Spelling, it's just the pets and jewels and furs and private bowling alley to keep her company.

But stop the pity party -- Tori's mom just plunked down a cool $47 million for the two top floors of this high-rise condo building going up in Century City. Just half the size of her old digs, but with 360-degree views of L.A. Roger Vincent has more details:

Spelling's current home (pictured below) has 11 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms, and then there's the one-lane bowling alley, the gift-wrapping room, a screening room and a doll museum. But what's in store for her new digs is still a question that may tantalize the curious.

This_old_house Building developer Related Cos. of New York said Spelling would work with her own architects and designers to customize her space on the 41st and 42nd floors. But a few of the details have been negotiated.

The lower floor will have a living room with two working fireplaces, a dining room for 25 guests, and staff quarters. The top floor will house the bedrooms including a 4,000-square-foot master suite, a massage room, an exercise room, a conservatory complete with rose garden, and a swimming pool and deck.

More details about Candy Spelling's new condo here.

--Veronique de Turenne

Condo photo: Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times; aerial photo: AP

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What do you want to bet Candy is an Obama supporter? Sounds seriously screwed up.

Hope it fulfills her sense of loneliness -- watched Tori's show, and her mother won't even talk to her (I'm not up on all the inheritance battles, but I hope Candy got enough).

Ironically, Tori getting less than $1 mil allegedly, was in fact good for her, seems to have taught her character in the old-fashioned sense: she and 2nd hubby ran a B & B and she actually did manual work.

Although now with the money from the show and some sort of book she's promoting, she's back to being kind of a spoiled brat, didn't take long. Still she seems to have become much more of a normal human being than Candy ever can. On the plus side, that condo's going to generate a lot of tax revenue, and at least it's to LA, not Beverly Hills or somewhere else.

Is Tori Spelling's mother for real??? How sad that her priority is money, money, money and not a relationship with her daughter and grandchildren. Is there going to be anyone to visit her in her 16,000 square foot condo? Has she seen her beautiful grandchild on her daughter's reality show? She must be completely miserable thinking her possessions will ever take the place of family. How can you possibly have that kind of money and not want to help your children? This woman is a pathetic excuse for a human being.

I love u Tori and Dean! I watch ur show all the time!

I love Tori and Dean! I wish they were my parents!

Money is not everything Mrs Spelling..
You need the Lord to keep you Happy...Money won't come close to Happiness...Only Jesus is the Answer...You too Tori and Brother...Read John 3;16

"What do you want to bet Candy is an Obama supporter? Sounds seriously screwed up."

What do you want to bet your parents are siblings? What in the hell does that have to do with anything? I'm sure there aren't wealthy REPUBLICANS. I mean what an insane concept, right? Rubes... you people will continue to go down at the hands of the GOP, and I'm happy for ya.

Candy, I don't blame you one bit!
No more gardeners, pool boys, roofers or painters to constantly feed.
A lot more freedom having the HOA address all those time-consuming distractions.
Did the same on a smaller scale, of course.

I think Candy should be able to buy what she wants when she wants it, but to not have a real relationship with Tori is almost unforgivable. She has made snarky comments to everyone in Tori's life, including her ex-husband.

I hate to say it Tori, but you can not make someone love you. The best thing for you to do is to pretend that she is gone as well, wishing it was different with her is never going to make it change.

Love to watch Tori and Dean

As we say here in South Florida to the Century Village, Century City, Century whatever...'Cemetery City'

I'd love to be invited to the housewarming party!

I cannot believe that Candy Spelling loves money so much that she would actually treat her own flesh & blood the way she has. Seems to care more what her so called friends think and do. I am just amazed that a mother could treat their own daughter the way she has.. Then I heard about her closet.. What??? That is bigger than my house. No one needs that much. I don't want to judge but I would be careful Candy Spelling because one day you will be judged.. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” ... I hope for your sake you take a hard good look at yourself and your actions...

Oh and another thing.. I am so upset right now. ! You Candy Spelling don't deserve the title of Mother or Grandmother. I hope your happy in your big house all alone or I forgot you have your fake friends friends to show off too. Because they really are the important people in your life. When and what did you do to fill so deserving? Oh I know you buffaloed your husband into thinking what a great person you are. Wow great job with the con. Arron should be proud, got him good didn't you..big time. They should give you a double award. Con women and mother of the year.. Maybe you could have that on your tomb stone. I am sure it will be a HUGE one!

Sad, Sad excuse for a human being..

I fill so bad for you Tori, but you have a beautiful family and I am glad to see that you found love and the true meaning of what a family really is. It is a shame that your children have a old (filthy rich, witch for a grandmother ( who by the way could you a nose job as well as a personally make over) I wish you continued success and happiness. Thankfully you and Dean found each other. And I hope you make lots and lots of money... Because I know you both would do the right thing if you had that kind of money..

#1 Comment;
What do you want to bet Candy is an Obama supporter? Sounds seriously screwed up. Posted by: Anonymous | July 22, 2008 at 04:51 PM
Hey Anonymous John W. McSame suporter!!!
Why would you say such a nasty thing?

Isn't Cindy McCain worth $200 Million +? She could easily afford Candy's Condo, but the McCain's already own 11 homes - Hey! buy one more and they'll have one for every month!
(Barrack Obama just recently paid off his student loan).

Too bad Cindy and Tori don't get along... Did you know Cindy doesn't get along very well with her huband's first wife's kids? (I'm not sure but maybe it was the affair she and John W. had, while he was still married to wifey #1 - who BTW, waited for him while he was a POW and on through his post-traumatic-stress episodes - - - only to have him run off with a pretty little thing 16 years his junior?) - what the hell - she was rich to boot.

On the other hand, the Obama's little girls seem to adore their parents - (is that too weird for republicans?) - maybe Michele putting her career on hold to raise the girls had a small influence on their attitudes.

I don't think Candy Spelling has gone through re-hab... at least not publicly.
Maybe that's why you want to think she's an Obama supporter.
Now Cindy on the other hand, did community service for stealing drugs from her own nonprofit medical relief organization - (She dissolved the Charity soon after her bust).

So please Anonymous, don't throw Candy in the Obama camp - She's McCain's kind of woman.

I have been watching the "Tori and Dean love fest" lately. I guess i thought to myself , ok, just another silly love story.
But then i watched more of the shows, I wonder if Dean is the cause of this fued between Candy and Tori? Everyone loves a little drama in there life, but wow.
Maybe Mrs. Spelling (Candy) is greiving??? Helllo anyone out there? And she devoted her entire life to her husband Mr. A. Spelling! Why pick on a widow?
Give Mrs. Spelling "her own time" to greive! Just because her daughter decided to be in a silly love show, doesnt mean Mrs. Spelling should suddenly wrap her "money" wings around her daughter. This seems to me like a more complicated situation then the public can handle. Im sure she has her reasons?
And im sure Candy will come around, if only she isnt being abused by the likes of some of these insensitive bloggers and media.
Tori, i can see looks to be greiving as well, but its hard to tell when she is constantly on her show acting like "the Victom" of her dads death and acting like a child in my opinion.
Tori dont get me wrong im happy for you. But, your mother needs time, and not to be bashed on the air. "Your not a victom!" Your mother from what i saw in my readings, treated u well, maybe life doesnt always revolve around you hon?
Give your mother a call if possible and tell her, how much u love her. And how sorry you are for making her look bad, in your TELL ALL BOOK!
Why do people "hate" what looks like a women who has millions of dollars, have u ever thought of how Mrs. Spelling is feeling? The recent bloggers made her out to be a troll? Why? Because she has money? Most of these bloggers make me sick, im sorry to say. Tori has a beautiful life, filled with friends, some money im SURE! And the love of her life, with beautiful childred. Grow up people!

Candy Spelling needs to get educated that a daughter is an extension of yourself. I'm sure she's not a perfect woman, she made mistakes in her life. A daughter will make mistakes in her life but will try not to make the mistakes her mother made with her. We are mother's we forgive and love our family, whether its our daughters or our sons. I'm a mother and even if I dont agree with my kids decisions, I love them and forgive the bad. They are an extension of me and I've taught them to be who they are I was the example just like she was with her kids. So swallow your pride lady and love the kids you have and enjoy the time you have left with them. You only get one chance in life.

Who really knows how and when the feud between Candy and Tori started and who knows why it exists even now...The really sad thing is that Candy is missing so much of her daughter's life, not to mention what she is missing with her grandchildren. If you look at her website under family the only pictures of Tori and her family are ones taken from magazines. Why a woman would choose money (albeit lots of it) over her own flesh and blood blows me away. On Tori and Dean's show Candy doesn't even bother to show up to her granson's 1 year birthday party instead she chooses to buy him a crapload of presents, I'm sure if Liam could talk he would've rather seen his grandmother then get a whole bunch of gifts (which were probably just given to charity anyway). She's not willing to split with any of her precious money when Aaron died but she doesn't mind spending a fortune on buying her grandsons love does she!!

So sad that Tori and her husband are always working so hard to make ends meet on there "reality show"... NOT! What a bunch of frauds.

I read Toris book, her mother is quite the bitch..sleeping around with this Mark dude while her husband was still alive. I would have been honored to have Tori as a daughter, she has been a very hard working young lady since her teen age years, I feel bad, Tori and her mother did not have the closeness, like mother and daughter should have. The money and jewels and parties were the most important thing in Candy's life. What a shame....

Candy seems like a very cold mother, maybe Tori is better without. I am not a Tori fan, but don't dislike, in my opinion she is just a product of her environment, yes we can hate her for haqving evverything. I as a mother would much rather have my babies. Tori grew up with out ever knowing what it is like being without, not her fault. Candy seens to be more worried about Candy, I could never do that to my babies. At least buy her a small house, give her no money, but help her. I guess its better for tori she walks with what Candy gave her...... a chance to grow, love, and be a loving mother. Good luck.

What a joke, the real-estate agent and the builder are just laughing at this woman while they rake in the cash.Someone like Candy needs to be removed from all the money for a while to get back to reality($47 mill for a condo) give your head a shake.Join the rest of the world and see what it is really like to live a normal life. All the boards and commitees that you are on are a typical outlet ( or requirement to make you feel productive)for a rich trophy wife. Get a real job.

I seriously hope, candy spelling will read this message.
i think your selfish and none caring towars your daughter.
how can you act the way you do, wy can'T you just talk to your daughter and try to make things work. your daughter gave birth to two beautifull babies and your not even capable of trying to make peace for does kids. how dare you, tory is a grown person and is capable of understanding don't you think you have hurt her enought??when is it going to stop!! i hope your happy of your 47 millions dollar condo purchase , you can't even share part of HER FATHER 'S HERITAGE with your own daughter.how can you live each day and not realize what your doing to tori, you only think of youR well being and that does not and will not make you a better person. i sware. i don't know how you people can live like this and hurt your own blood. Candy Spelling, my father did the exact same thing as you and i tryed for years to understand him and got hurt each time. but i understood that, even though it hurted so bad inside, i had to let go wich i did and confronted him but in my mind he's still in there. you have no idea what your doing to her, it's like your hunting her. i am 30 years old and have 2 beautifull kids as well and unfortunatly, my father hasn'T wanted to be in there lives because he doesn't want me in hes life.i know exactly what shes going true. and it's stupid on your part because your missing a lot. you have the chance to start fresh, new but no!! your a selfish human being for doing this to her, your suppose to be her mom and show her the meaning of life , give her confort, show her things but no you rather spend 47 MILLIONS $ ON A STUPID CONDO THAT WILL PROBABLY NOT MAKE YOU HAPPIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope Candy is an Obama supporter! Everyone else needs to support him as well. At least he wants to do something about the mess he inherited.

Life is short so Candy and Tori need to put away their hurtful past and start new. Therapy for the two of them would be beneficial.

I think Candy Spelling doesnt like that her daughter was "the other woman" and that her daughter ruined a family in canada. shame on her.
we dont know the real story on why she's not sharing the money, who knows.. maybe she thinks Dean Mcdermott married her daughter for the money...

There's a big chance he wouldnt have left his 1st wife and kids if this other woman wasnt from a well known and rich family.

maybe she's protecting the family's fortune and wanted it to go straight to the grandkids thats why she said the grankids already have a trustfund and so the 1st kids of Dean wont benefit in anyway.

Candy is selfish and not very smart...but i guess when you are a rich celebraty, you will become more selfish and think of your own wants and desires.....i think that candy is innocent on the outside but a witch on the inside....please get a grip of your family situation and reunite with them...do not act all innocent when you are not and though you talk about it in your book, you can do nothing in reality...this is pointless i would say....

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