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Villaraigosa embraces Obama

ObamaLos Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa went beyond hinting today that he would support Barack Obama's presidential bid as the Democratic nominee:

"I’m excited about Barack Obama,’’ Villaraigosa told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer this afternoon. "His clarion call for change touched a cord all across the nation, and I’m going to work as hard for him as I did for Hillary Clinton."

Villaraigosa promised to go “anywhere they ask me to go’’ to help him defeat presumptive GOP nominee Sen. John McCain in November.

Villaraigosa also downplayed Obama's failure to win many Latino votes during the Democratic primaries. Click on the link below to read more from the Times' newest City Hall reporter, Phil Wilon.

-- Jesus Sanchez

Photo (October 2006): Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times

He dismissed concerns about Obama’s trouble appealing to Latino voters in the primaries, saying the Latino community’s support for Clinton had more to do with the "long history and long relationship" it had with her and her husband, former President Bill Clinton. He added that recent polls showed that Latino voters heavily favor Obama over McCain.

"Here in California, we recognize just how important it is for us to invest on health care, to assure that working families and their children have a fair shake. That we’re making education our priority," Villaraigosa said. "Those are issues ... that are important in the Latino community, in California overall, and I think across the country. And that’s why you’re going to see a groundswell of support for Sen. Obama."

Villaraigosa praised Clinton as a “woman of incredible courage and intestinal fortitude,’’ and even had some nice things to say about McCain. But he said Obama is the agent of change that voters in the country are desperate for.

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Villaraigosa is the emptiest suit on the west coast. Laura Chick or someone else is really running the city - this guy sure as hell ain't.
He never misses a chance to get his face in front of a microphone or tv camera. But the voters of LA elected him and let them suffer - it was their choice.

Gracias amigo! The Latino community is rallying around our man Obama. I am a Cuban American US ARmy veteran and my son is currently in Iraq and we are both excited about the Obama nomination as the Democratic Party candidate. WE also support strongly the Jim Webb GI Bill which both John Mc Cain and George W,=. Bush oppose. Honor our service the same way we honored yours in Vietnam Mr Mc Cain.

Si Se puede con Obama

The Joe Bento/ Si Se Puede comment above, reflects exactly the worst kind of ethnic politics sweeping the country -- but when Geraldine Ferraro spoke the truth about it, or Clinton said anything, they were accused of manufacturing racist excuses.

Look what's happening in this city: the way David Zahniser's article today details how Cindy Montanez is getting a SECOND patronage government job we're paying for, just for not challenging either Alarcon for the City Council or that scoundrel tool of the Eastside Hispanic Political Machine Felipe Fuentes, for the Assembly seat Alarcon was giving up while it wasn't even warm.

Because Alex Padilla/ Nunez/ Alarcon/ Tony Cardenas and their allies like Ed Reyes play like the Mafia, a Daily News Opinion today argues, we have to pay for this woman, who never even graduated from college and proved her political stripes by staging a "Latina rights hunger strike." Cardenas and Fuentes already have their brother and sister, respectively, on highly paid commission payrolls, and Huizar's non-college educated former staffer Joe Avila is working as an "assistant" at DWP for $125,000.

But it gets a lot worse: This Montanez job for DWP job, which pays $150,000 year, turns out to be for only ONE DAY A WEEK, David Z informs us today. And because it's part-time and of such low priority, she can keep the job Nunez got for her earlier: $130,000/ year to seat on the Insurance Appeals Board.

Nick Patsouris strongly disagrees, and points out Montanez is supposed to become L A's advocate for DWP and energy/power/water issues in Sacramento, something she can't do without taking it seriously.

How shameless can these people be? So when I hear "we Latinos" this and that, I think, what a tragedy for our country, that they can't get past their surnames and still have allegiance first and foremost to their "homies." If we white people did that, openly giving jobs and preference to other Irish or German or just plain white people, we'd be called racist -- in fact, we've bent over backwards to do the opposite, which is how Obama and Villar are in their jobs now. I hope they lead a way to a TRULY color-blind politics.

I want to see Villar disavow these crooks in the Eastside Mexican Poltiical Machine and do the will of the people as the Mayor for ALL the people.

Too bad he picked the wrong candidate in the beginning; probably lost some political capitol with Obama.

Villaraigosa is a narcissistic philanderer who has done nothing for Los Angeles. Obama should keep his distance.

I think it’s really disappointing on how “latino politics” gets dissected and lumped into categories such as the “eastside political machine”. No one questions white privilege or the glass ceiling and affirmative action, which in actually really just help secure jobs for white women as oppose to women of color or people of color in general. The proof is in the numbers. Look them up. I don’t wish my comment to be based on race and gender but it’s disheartening to note how comments like the one from Susan can be made without any backing of facts. Cindy’s courageous attempts to fight for Affirmative Action through a hunger strike at UCLA is one of many students. Students who believe in something called equity and civil rights. They followed in the steps of Cesar Chavez and continue to do so to this day. I am not suggesting that there is not a level of brotherhood through Latino elected officials, there is. But playing as minorities where people of color are few, brotherhoods are sometimes needed. Who else is going to help you if you don’t help yourself? Now, the truth is, if the elected’s don’t do their jobs, its up to the constituents to do something about it, and if the constituents happen to be of Latino decent, I don’t understand why there is such uproar towards Latino representation. Please.

On the Villaraigosa/Obama note – all I can say is that as Democrats, I’m thrilled that our Mayor will do whatever it takes to have Obama be our next president. I’m sadden he wasn’t his first choice, but hey, can’t always live in la la land. Now, its all about defeating McCain and eliminating the real threat to our nation: a 3rd term for a Bush Administration.


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