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A "racial separatist" running for judge?

Vote_on_june_3 That would be attorney William D. Johnson, who favors a constitutional amendment to grant U.S. citizenship only to whites, says Robert Greene. He tells more in the Times' Opinion blog:

It just goes to show what can happen if you don't pay attention to judicial elections. Los Angeles voters could unwittingly end up electing white separatist Bill Johnson to the court. Vote-by-mail ballots are available Monday, so it's important for anyone planning to vote anytime soon to first read an April 29 Metropolitan News-Enterprise profile on Johnson. The story by editor Roger Grace exposes the candidate as the author of a proposed constitutional amendment to reserve U.S. citizenship exclusively to white people "of the European race."

Last month The Times endorsed James Bianco for the Los Angeles Superior Court seat, saying that  Bianco was "impressive as a Los Angeles Superior Court commissioner and would make an excellent judge." We didn't mention Johnson, his opponent, who ran for Congress in Arizona in 2006 on an anti-immigration platform; we simply focused on the fact that Bianco is the better choice.

I did note in a blog entry the previous month that Johnson helped circulate petitions for Carson minister Ronald C. Tan, whose petition campaign forced six Latino judges to be put on the ballot to face possible write-in opponents (none apparently have stepped forward).

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--Veronique de Turenne

Photo: Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times

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I've always said American have too lax immigration laws. My ancestors are to blame for a lot. They let the Europeans into this country and actually helped them to survive. This is the thanks we get.

Judging by the treatment of minorities in this country he may just win by a landslide.

At least he is honest and open about his intentions. The country will be much better if we'd knew the real intentions of whom we elect. Good Luck to all candidates.

It is not surprising that the Times would sound the alarm beell when a white racial separatist is running for office. Would they do the same with a black or Latino separatist? I think not....and they are several who are running for office. The Times is famous for it's war on anyone who does not think like them. A mostly liberal white institution, it forces people like me to act in the extreme.

Have you seen the home-brew "Bill Johnson for Judge" banners that are showing up all over town? I posted on L.A. Metblogs about the irony of a candidate for judge supporting and allowing capaign signage that’s in violation of Los Angeles Municipal Code 28.04, which prohibits handbills, posters, placards, or any unauthorized advertising from being attached to fences, trees, and utility poles.

I got kicked out of the meetup group just for asking questions along these lines. I would honestly like to know who he is and what he really stands for.

He's not being open and honest about his intentions if he is a white supremacist, his meetup seems to have no idea.

I was also in the meetup group, because I just thought that he was a libertarian leaning Republican, based on how he was advertised by his suppoters. When someone asked about these allegations in the meetup group, the leader of the meetup group said
"Well first off, through my hard and ever dutiful labors on both campaigns from the time of my involvement, I think I know bill well enough to say that he is not a white nationalist (I coincidentally am, and If you have a problem with that we can discuss in private why my white blood should not go the way of my native american blood, the osage people being less than 1000 in number if you count those "pure" enough to receive government recognition. Genocide is wrong. period.) "
Not only is this non-sensical, it doesn't deny the allegations. I am so disgusted and will investigate everything I join from now on.

I don't normally post comments, but I feel compelled to do so today. I am a Ron Paul supporter and meetup organizer. I met Bill Johnson about a year ago and have known him to be a sincere caring individual. I have been to his house on many occasions where he welcomed people in of all races with open arms. I was devastated when I read the story about his past. At first I thought there must be some mistake; this can't be the Bill Johnson I know. But after a little research, it became clear that Bill did have a past that neither I nor any of his supporters knew about. Many of Bill's supporters were too quick on the blogs to deny that Bill had done any of these things and then making false statements about the writers. This was flat out wrong for them to do. A few of his supporters had others, who wanted answers to the allegations, removed from the meetups. This also was wrong. I am not defending those few supporters, but to put some perspective on it, I believe that after watching a year of false accusations against Ron Paul by the media and the Republican Party, they most likely felt it was happening again, this time against Bill Johnson.

As a RP meetup organizer I have always allowed free exchange of thoughts and ideas on the meetup. And this is exactly the philosophy of Ron Paul -- openness. It is unfortunate that the Bill Johnson Meetup was not handled as such. Please do not assume that because of the actions and postings of a few Bill Johnson supporters that it in anyway represents how other Ron Paul and meetup members feel. I believe these few are misguided and too quick to defend Bill without first asking "could this be true?" What I have read here and at other blogs is that others are now judging Ron Paul and his supporters by the actions of a few. Please do not fall into the same category of judging too quickly.

As far as Bill Johnson is concerned he has admitted that for the most part the story written about his past is true. He sent a response to the LA Times with his admission, but I have yet to find it posted. The exception to the story he takes is that most of it took place 25 years ago and his views have changed over time and he no longer holds those racist views. I personally believe people can change over time and from what I have seen from Bill this seems to be the case. What I have a problem with is that he jeopardized the Ron Paul campaign and movement, and allowed his supporters to be subjected to scrutiny, by not being forthcoming about his past.

I again ask, please do not judge Ron Paul or his supporters by the actions of a few or the racist past of another. I'm sure if you wanted to dig into the pasts of supporters of ANY candidate you will find more than enough to make you sick.


Just to be clear, the white nationalist that you are quoting is NOT the "leader" of the meetup. And in fact he has only been a meetup member for a few months. Meetups do not have leaders, they have organizers; and yes there is a difference. Also, the organizer for Bill Johnson's meetup is a hispanic man named Larry.

Take this guy down,along with all judges/assembly persons/mayors, etc. who are affiliiated with La Raza.

I never met him, but people do change their hearts and minds over time so unless his stated agenda is racist or as a judge he has proven himself to be bigoted, then we ought to see him for what he says and does TODAY!

If he is a principled person who upholds consitutional rights and treats all people under his jurisdiction fair, then he's gotta to be better than the majority of judges who think that their God and we are scum.

Would anyone buy the moldy skinned oranges at the supermarket?
Hey! they may be perfectly edible inside right?

THAT's OKAY, I'll go ahead and NOT take a chance on a racial supremecist.
There are perfectly good candidates out there WITHOUT racist pasts.


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