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Mirthala Salinas - back in the news biz. Radio biz, that is.

30941014_3 Her rise through the ranks at Telemundo was swift. Her fall following the disclosure of an affair with Antonio Villaraigosa, mayor of our fair city, was a spectacle. And now she's back - on the radio this time. Hoyinternet.com has the details:

Cuatro meses después de renunciar a su trabajo como reportera de Telemundo-Canal 52 debido a su amorío con el alcalde Antonio Villaraigosa, Mirthala Salinas ha regresado al campo periodístico de Los Ángeles como co-presentadora de un programa radial.

The gist is, four months after getting dumped by Telemundo, Salinas has been hired as co-host of the morning talk show, "Hoy por Hoy", which airs Monday through Friday on W Radio, XETRA 690 AM.

--Veronique de Turenne

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Just the fact that the ex is working a Spanish language radio station in So Cal is bad enough...Now this?...A paragraph in Spanish is really necessary to tell the LA Times readers the story? Come on. If I want to read Spanish I'll visit my local B of A branch.

You have got to be kidding....unnecessary Spanish with English translation in the LATIMES, Im glad I cancelled my subscription.

Stop crying you resentful, crybabies. Show some respect for other languages and learn one, if you have the ability.

I speak so-so Spanish, but don't really read or write it. But, if it makes people mad to print Spanish in the LA TImes - then do it by all means! I may just subscribe!

Adios, muchacha! Vaya con Hillary.

Why do people need to interject their opinion on language and society in this story?

This is a story about Ms. Salinas and her coming back to journalism, not a commentary about the growing use of Spanish in California.

'Why do people need to interject their opinion on language and society in this story?'

Prolly cuz it's fun!!

Actually it's very important to comment on the Spanish language in this blog because it shows the state of affairs in L.A. The Spanish language papers like HOY are ON TOP OF THINGS while the English language papers simply regurgitate the same hard news we've already seen on the front page of Yahoo instead of focusing on community interest.

what country are we in again? if the times are going to print in spanish, then to be fair, print them in every language. d@mn mexicans want everything.

I have no problem with it ,all you people voting for change. Welcome to change.

Hey Mike, guess what, there's Spanish in the masthead. It's called the "Los Angeles" Times. Get over yourself, moron.

I am so proud to be latin girl, since i was a child my mom teaching me to be respectful about other countries, culture and different kind of persons..

This is the big difference!! I'm so glad that in my country all language are welcome, maybe this is a sign that we need to learn other languages.


It's discrimination to NOT include all foreign languages and favor only a Spanish transalation. We must also have: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian, Tamil, Urdu, Thai, Czech, etc. etc. etc. so as to NOT be exclusive.

Inlcude ALL or none.

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No offense, Carolina, but do you really think there's no discrimination in Mexico, or among Central Americans? A 2005 nationwide Mexican poll set up by Sedesol and the National Council for Prevention of Discrimination found that 8 out of 10 Mexicans confront discrimination daily. The victims listed are "women, girls, the handicapped, aborigines, seniors, HIV/AIDS sufferers, homosexuals, non-Catholics and foreigners", and the situation for natives (aborigines) of Mexico is particularly awful.
Discrimination happens everywhere. Oddly enough, it's something we all have in common, while we're busy using it to point out our differences.

What a pitiful existence of the American Yahoo to not only be fearful, but also devoid of any culture.

As much as you'd like to wipe away any trace of Hispano-America in this region, the culture has been here far longer than Europeans have been in the U.S. So do you throw a fit when you visit Hawaii and hear the native language being spoken?

Goodness! You mean I moved to a town that's half Latino only to find that a language other than English exists?

Again, I repeat my point - this is not a story about Spanish, English or matters of language. It is a story about Mirthala Salinas. Her connection to the theme everyone seems to be obsessed with is tangential at best.

However, if we are going to talk about language and its place in Los Angeles, lets first ask why are we so obsessed with it? It is really that uncommon for a city or a region to have more than one lingua franca? In Medieval and Early Modern Europe, it was common (as it is today) for people to speak different languages, using each one for a specific function in life. There is a great quote attributed to Charles V, the great Holy Roman Emperor. Supposedly he was quoted as saying, "I speak Spanish to God, Italian to Women, French to Men, and German to my Horse." Though humorous, this quote speaks to the fact that it was common for people to use not just one or two, but four languages. You can find this today in place like the Netherlands. Even in Mexico most middle class people speak English (as well as Spanish).

What is frightening is the notion that the United States needs to be monolingual. It makes use look a bunch of troglodytes.

Or even more frightening is how people boil down this issue to simple ethno-racial soap boxes. This is not an "us" versus "them." The only people who gain from that strain-of-thought are Lou Dobbs, Ann Coulter and the Republican and Democratic Parties, who use linguistic and racial identity politics to divide us for electoral gain.

Mirthala con Antonio POR VIDA!!!

There is a country in Europe that has four national languages, Switzerland. And here we make a big deal about the NATIVE language of California? By the way Spanish, Castellano, was spoken in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, California and Florida well before English was.

quite amazing how a simple story turns racial for some knuckle heads(debeers/mike/pete), no further elaboration needed, blog closed.

....... madre! ?Como chin....con su espanol? Blah, blah, blah, blah. Vayanse a la ...... Ajua!! Viva Mexico, cabr................!!!!

We also need a Mike-to-English translation...preferably with proper punctuation.

Hoy is owned by the same company as LAT and the Spanish excerpt from their website is just cross-marketing - dollars and cents, the American way, free-enterprise baby. Besides, Spanish is an Indo-European language, like English, so it can't be that hard to understand with a little effort if you put your mind to it. And if you want to get down to basics, the Celtic peoples migrated in antiquity to what is now the UK and Ireland from the Iberian Peninsula (present day Spain and Portugal) - so we are all interrelated whether we like it or not!

Mike..where'd you read about this if not in the L.A. Times. I think you cancelled your subscription because you didn't want to pay to read the paper anymore. But, you obviously still read the paper, named after the city that was founded by Mexicans. Choice is wonderful. You can choose not to read the paper or even move to a city without Mexicans, if you can find one.

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