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Subscribe or the puppy gets it

July 21, 2011 | 10:52 am

Slakepuppy Slake isn't really threatening this adorable little puppy. But it would like you to subscribe, and this newborn is coincidentally in the possession of magazine co-editor Joe Donnelly. Slake is the year-old Los Angeles-based literary magazine that has published work by Mark Z. Danielewski, Jonathan Gold, Michelle Huneven, James Greer, Jerry Stahl, Dana Goodyear and Ben Ehrenreich.

On Facebook, Donnelly has posted about a summer subscription special the magazine is holding. "This is required," Donnelly wrote, encouraging people to subscribe now and get one issue free. "I've got a pregnant dog, for god's sake (yes, I'm exploiting my pregnant dog in hopes that you'll take pity on all of us and subscribe to Slake)."

The pregnant dog had the littlest litter ever: You're looking at him.

The dog was found cowering under a car in Donnelly's neighborhood June 27. Whose car? Actress Lisa Edelstein's -- she played Dr. Cuddy, House's boss, on "House." Edelstein and Donnelly finally got the dog to come out. Then Donnelly adopted her. And in exchange, Edelstein now reads Slake. She posted a photo of Joe and his new dog via Twitter.

After Joe suddenly found himself the owner of a newly rescued dog, Slake had a naming contest on Facebook. The winner got a free issue of Slake No. 3 -- and gender notwithstanding, the little dog got the name "Otto."

Surprise! Otto was pregnant. She gave birth to her puppy on July 13.

In June of last year, Donnelly told The Times,"We got tired of people complaining that print is dead, that culture is dead -- that writing is dead. We wanted to get up and take action." But now, the literary journal has also found a way to embrace the online world. Its online presence is now robust, with a beautiful website with a unique design, integrated online event invitations, art from the magazine and excerpts its written pieces. While emphasizing its print product, Slake has jumped into social media whole hog -- or, rather, whole dog.


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-- Carolyn Kellogg

Photo: Otto's puppy, name TBD. Credit: Joe Donnelly