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Keanu Reeves' poetry book: Get it from Book Soup


Keanu Reeves has written a poetry book, "Ode to Happiness," that "externalizes a melancholy internal monologue and subtly pokes fun at it," according to publisher Steidl.

The 40-page book has a single, long poem by Reeves, art by painter Alexandra Grant and was created with the help of Janey Bergam. The art book is $55.

The text includes lines like "I draw a hot sorrow bath / in my despair room" and "It can always be worse.

Was the book inspired by the "Sad Keanu" Internet meme, the one that began with a photograph of a seemingly dejected Keanu Reeves eating on a park bench? The New York Daily News thinks so.

But, really, is Keanu paying that much attention to Photoshop memes of himself? Doesn't he have muscles to train, lines to learn and, you know, samurai to defeat?

Or maybe he has books to buy. Book Soup, where Reeves has been rumored to shop, has six copies of "Ode to Happiness" left in stock. That's twice as many as Amazon.


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-- Carolyn Kellogg

Photo: Keanu Reeves in the 2005 film "Constantine." Credit: Warner Bros.

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thas my babe.

I'll wait for the audiobook.

How hot is he! Kinda expensive though but I might buy it sounds like it would be a good book.

I love Keanu!

Well, God... I hope he's a better writer than he is an actor

And before all Keanu's adoring fans get their knicks in a knot... yes, I think Keanu's lovely, and a very nice guy, to boot; I love to watch his movies... but that doesn't make him a good actor.

of course he did it because of the internet meme. he loves it :P

lets hope keanu the poet > keanu the actor

Don't really think this book anything special. Keanu Reeves is brilliantly boring on the screen, that's the place where he truly belongs. Absolutely love films featuring him, but to spend 50 USD on some ode written in the midst of melancholy fit? There are so many magnificent books around: fiction, non-fiction, philosophy that truly elevate and enlighten. There's a serious difference between self-expression and creativity. However, fans should be delighted!

When are you giong to make another movie and i am glad that he is expanding his horizons good for him

I just love him...I bet the book is funny and fantastic, it has to be because of his sense of humour lol

What a trooper!


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