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Here comes Ann Coulter with 'Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America'


Ann Coulter, who uses rhetoric so inflammatory it's a wonder her books don't come equipped with fire extinguishers, is now promoting her latest, "Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America." The book, published by Crown Forum, officially hit shelves Tuesday and Coulter has made many appearances this week to promote it.

When CBS' Jeff Glor asked what inspired her to write the book, Coulter replied, "How difficult it can be to talk to liberals. You're talking about Fannie Mae pushing subprime mortgages on the banks, bigger banks bundling the mortgages, and then the real estate market tanking and blowing up the entire economy -- and suddenly they're babbling about Bush driving a car into a ditch."

Coulter told Sean Hannity: "[W]hat the book is about and the reason it is called "Demonic" is that I've always sort of noticed that liberals behave in a mob-like way. ... For example, creating messiahs, a crowd very quickly goes to extremes, they're simple-minded, they will create messiahs and I have a hilarious chapter because I quote liberals on what they say about FDR, JFK, about Clinton, about Obama, fainting at his speeches, they're pledging their loyalty to him. Same thing with Clinton, go back to him and meanwhile, Ronald Reagan wasn't even the most popular conservative his first year in office."

She told the Atlantic about how she gets her news: "When I first wake up, I don't open my eyes right away so I can read the backs of my eyelids, which say on the right one: 'God is Republican' and the left: 'Christie 2012.' Second, I turn on MSNBC because there's nothing like a good belly laugh to start your day, then Fox News, to make sure Obama hasn't issued an executive order banning it yet. I only go to CNN if MSNBC, Fox, TV Land, WGN, TBS, USA, Bravo, HGTV and BBC America are in commercials. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, boy, do I appreciate having CNN."

She told CNN: "The Democratic Party was the party of slavery, segregation, the KKK, George Wallace, Orval Faubus and Bull Connor. The Democratic Party only began to care about civil rights when blacks started voting in sufficient numbers -- thanks to Republican voting rights acts -- to matter to the Democrats' electoral prospects. Then, the Democrats latched on to blacks as another mob to be led -- just like women, gays, Hispanics, illegal immigrants, government workers, etc., etc."

She told George Stephanopoulos on "Good Morning America": "The reason I raise the civil rights movement is because that gave mobs a halo."

Coulter's book is excerpted on ABC's site. From its opening pages:

The demon is a mob, and the mob is demonic. It is the nihilistic mob of the French Revolution; it is the revolutionaries who seized control of Russia at the beginning of the twentieth century; it is the Maoist gangs looting villages and impaling babies in China; it is the Ku Klux Klan terrorizing Republicans and blacks in the South; it is the 1992 Los Angeles riot that left fifty dead and did $1 billion of damage after the first Rodney King verdict; it is the bloody riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention; it is the masked hoodlums smashing up Seattle when bankers came to town; it is the 500,000 illegal aliens marching under a foreign flag in Los Angeles; it is throngs of Islamic fanatics attending the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini's funeral, tearing his body out of its coffin; it is left-wing protesters destroying property and attacking delegates at the 2004 and 2008 Republican National Conventions.

"Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America" is Coulter's eighth book. Her publicity work has borne fruit: it is currently the No. 5 bestseller on Amazon.


A new Ann Coulter book: "Demonic"

-- Carolyn Kellogg

Photo: Ann Coulter at the Time 100 gala in April. Credit: Peter Kramer / Associated Press

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This is one book that will fly off the shelves!
one of those kinds of books once you start
reading it cant put it down...hold book in one
hand the other hand fumbles around for your

Way to go Anne! Democrats do think with their emotions, and abandon all rational thought. They do not tolerate dissent too well, either.

Want to reform medicare? Then you're killing old people.
Want to keep taxes low? Then you're a corporate shill.
Want to see Obama's birth certificate? Then you're a racist.
Want to defund Planned Parenthood? Then you're anti-woman.

The list goes on and on..


Who needs facts for a good flogging? All it takes is a taste for cruelty and enthusiasm.

My comment:
Not worth commenting

Demonic.... You looked at Coulter lately??? If that's not a product of witch's brew, then nothing exists any worse.... yeowee....

Anne was a student of rhetoric at Cornell...she knows how to go right for the throat in a debate and she will use the "slippery slope" argument to throw sucker punches. She's an arguer, not a true thinker. She specializes in polemic.

She's a Connecticut republican who's lived in NYC for most of her life. You know about Connecticut republicans? Folks in the flyover states refer to them as RINOs. She's got "liberal" friends...and an entire personal existence that's separate from her inflammatory writings. I sincerely doubt she actually believes ANYTHING she writes. I think it's more of an easy money making scheme to just write 300 pages of invective, title it, "Liberal [insert epithet here]", and sell it to the dittoheads.

If people buying this book truly dislike "liberals", then they should know that profits from the sale of this book will go straight to that great "liberal" bastion of the United States: New York City. They money won't go to Laramie; it won't go to Chattanooga; it won't go to Charleston; it won't go to Salt Lake City; it won't go to Colorado Springs.

funny how people keep buying her books and your circulation and revenew keeps dropping

Like her other books, it should be shelved in 'fiction' (along with political autobiographies and other lies we're told to believe).

HAH!!!I would love to see PALIN, Coulter, Newt, Beck, O'Reilly, the bimbos on Fox snooz all in one room together for 24 hours...and tape it!! The zombies would look like kittens compared to the blood bath these moronic idiots would impact on each other...Just bring up who is the 'most popular' and 'Let it ride'...

Oh by the wau 'OHNO'..learn to spell.

This is the same woman who said slavery was a good thing for America since all the "good blacks" ended up here and that's why African nations are in turmoil.

Best news about this book as you're able to detect potential psychopaths a lot easier by what they're reading.

Coulter runs the gamut of political intelligence from A to B-.

Matthew Arnold's book "Culture and Anarchy" is worth taking down off the shelf and reading again. For Arnold, culture is a matter of keeping one's mind open, flexible, and curious, and of being willing to see the weaknesses in one's own position and party. Culture is temperate, good natured, and able to smile at itself. Anarchy, on the other hand, means eccentricity, rigid partisanship, a taste for argumentum ad hominem, and lack of any of the qualities of mind (disinterested curiosity, humor, taste, and so on) that counterbalance one's tendencies toward intellectual isolation and absurdity.

Arnold can help us put the kind of anarchy represented by Ann Coulter in a clear light; and to see it for what it is is probably the best and only way to deal with it.

Same book, different day: "Liberals=BAD! Conservatives=GOOD!' Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. This woman writes the same mindless screed every year.
What is truly sad here is that there are so many thoughtful, intelligent conservative columnists out there -- the ones that make you *think.* Coulter is a kneejerk, one-note idealogue, and an insult to prinicipled conservativism. It's sickening the so-called liberal media pays so much attention to her. She is unworthy of it.

Does Ann Coulter know any mainstream liberal group that takes pride in being called "dittoheads?" In other words, people who unthinkingly parrot the party line as enunciated by their leader--that fits her definition of a "mob" precisely. Somehow she neglected to mention that a mob consisting of millions of blind followers of Rush Limbaugh has long existed, taking pride in their lack of independent thought. Did she forget this fact, or is she simply a vulgar liar?

So everyone else is in a mob but her? How about the biggest, richest mob of all...the corporate mob and their shills! Actually it's a gang. They just do it without guns.

"The closest I came to vomiting tonight is when I saw Ann Coulter's shoulder blades."

Why do you even mention this book.. This is the woman who said the Kent State students were terrorists and deserved to be murdered by the authorities. The public does not buy this book. The vast sea of conservative talk show hosts buy this book in mass and give it away to their listeners.

Coulter's pen is filled with anger and hate. She is a very sick person.

"If people buying this book truly dislike "liberals", then they should know that profits from the sale of this book will go straight to that great "liberal" bastion of the United States: New York City. They money won't go to Laramie; it won't go to Chattanooga; it won't go to Charleston; it won't go to Salt Lake City; it won't go to Colorado Springs.

Posted by: Annuit Coeptis | June 09, 2011 at 01:59 PM "

She doesn't live in Laramie, Chattanooga, Charleston, Salt Lake City or Colorado Springs. And really, conservatives don't dislike liberals. We just try to stay out of their way when they get angry and go mobbing.

Awesome!! Go Ann.

Pathetic, shrill and so chocked full of hypocritically emotive fallacies that a Philosophy 105 teacher could find bad examples for ten lifetimes of teaching. If you insist on claiming conservative principles have any objective logic outside of self-serving manipulation, at least act like a grown up and read Robert Nozick or William F. Buckley instead of the silly cartoon version.

Is Ms Anne trying to out-money Palin with similar missives?

Love it! The Liberals/Progressives/Socialists/Commies/Eco-fascists/America Haters true nature exposed again.
Watch with wonder as their heads twist on their shoulders and spew projectile vomit like Linda Blair having her demon excised. Watch with wonder and amusement! HA!

I look forward to the day that we actually accomplish some bipartisanship again, instead of just hating on each other. Vitriol such as this gets our nation nowhere but down.

God is a Republican? Really... I think shes' too much
in love with herself. As the Brits would quip "shes' up
in herself". Her ideas and rhetoric is designed so that
she can hide behind it. She has to be so very insecure
that she needs to have her ideas and her presence pasted
all over the media. She has some smarts but she is definitely not the genius she portrays herself to be.
She always appears to be emotionally detached because like many women intimacy is a "rough" subject. Pseudo
intellectism takes the form of "determinisism" so God
cannot be a Republican not in the past, not now, and
not in the future.

she talks about democrats demonizing the opposition and the very title of the goddamned book is calling democrats demons. hypocrisy, bigotry, and slime.

Yes those dirty libs hate rational thought. This is why academics and the highly educated are overwhelmingly liberal. In fact, the point of a PhD defense is to defend your thesis with uncontrollable screaming about Bush while flailing your arms. Logic and facts will get you kicked out the door.


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