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The Festival of Books 2011: Our coverage

Our Jacket Copy correspondents fanned out around the Festival of Books on Saturday and Sunday, covering panel discussions and author interviews. Here is all that coverage in one place. 

Patti Smith and Dave Eggers: Who feels blessed and who feels guilty?

'Pale King' and the lost voice of David Foster Wallace

Maxine Hong Kingston's reflection of California

Jonathan Lethem talks about the unknown and his fiction being fact-checked

L.A. Times Book Prize winner Jennifer Egan and other fiction writers debate the boundaries of form

Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark: Mysteries of a mother-daughter writing team

'The Living Constitution' panel draws a large -- and lively -- crowd

The nature of poetry with Nick Flynn, Matthew Zapruder and David St. John

Susan Straight and novelists examine the cultural fallout of 'those who stay and those who leave'

LA Times Festival of Books photo gallery

And more, after the jump.


Ted Danson says, 'Save the fishies to save yourself'

Sister Souljah's 'Midnight' series -- and her quest to understand love

Barbara Eden reflects on her life and career

Rick Springfield threatens to take off his pants (sort of) and wrestles with Mr. D

Patton Oswalt reads from 'Wasteland' and zings goth girls attacked by bee

Jamie Lee Curtis, on her unexpected path to children's author: 'I never planned on writing a book'

Rainn Wilson's big life questions in the website-turned-book 'SoulPancake'

Humane Society's Wayne Pacelle on our complex relationship with animals

Chef and cookbook author Thomas Keller describes his recipe for success

Faux meat, faux cream, real vegan cooking

Father Gregory Boyle sheds light on compassion

Jillian Michaels doles out 'Unlimited' fitness advice

Reporting on Bell, the back story

Chicano activist and educator Sal Castro wows the crowd with his past -- and presence

Homo sapiens, capitalize on those family connections

The newspaper, from 'blunt instrument' to scalpel

The myths and memories of an idyllic city

The new magnetic poetry -- you

Andrew Breitbart, 'tea party' star and 'reluctant culture warrior'

A new world order of maps (Google and MapQuest) changes how we engage with cities

The 'delicate and complicated language' of graphic novels

The death stats behind those crime thrillers

Personal beliefs + science = what? Authors examine why we believe what we believe

A candid look at Hollywood's bright lights (and stars)

Sunny with a chance of confetti? USC marching band helps kick off Festival of Books

An early glimpse of the L.A. Times Festival of Books at USC

-- Carolyn Kellogg

Photos: Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times





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Of all the LA Book festival I have been to this is the worst! I signed up as a volunteer. Took me 45 min. to find the parking lot assigned to us because no signs identified the bldg, and no yellow T-shirted volunteer were anywhere around to direct traffic. Once inside, I was told to go to the sixth floor. I spent 25 minutes circling levels 3 and 2 again because there were so signs in the 90% empty lots. Finally I just parked at the 3rd level. After being told by my captain that too many vlunteers signed up, and she does not need me, I tour the boothes.The boothes consisted of either New Age venders, religious groups, children books, universities, and no good book publishers.I am surprised at the photo the Times had taken of the turnout of citizens: there were so few of us walking around (11am to 4pm ) Saturday.


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