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Your favorite L.A. books: runoff until Monday. Then the final...

April 7, 2011 | 12:55 pm

On Tuesday we asked what your favorite L.A. books were on Facebook and Twitter and got hundreds of replies, which boiled down to 88 titles. That big list included new novels and longtime favorites, explorations of the city and indictments of it, popular mysteries, poetry and a brand-new photo book.

Now we want your opinion: Which do you love the most? We divided the list into three parts for a runoff through the weekend. The runoff polls will close Monday at noon. Then the biggest vote-getters will go into a final poll to face off against each other.

So what can you do now? Vote in all three of the polls that are online now:

Round One: Authors John Fante, James Ellroy, Michael Connelly and more with multiple books in the running. Pick one from each writer.

Round Two: Nonfiction, where "City of Quartz" faces off against "Helter Skelter"

Round Three: Strange fiction fellows: Nathanael West, Ross Macdonald and Octavia Butler 

Some contemporary authors have rallied their friends to join in the voting, such as Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, who Tweeted, "Please go and vote for my novel Playing with Boys! I didn't realize I was on the list! http://t.co/7MBR3LU #latism THANK YOU! mobilize!" Her 2004 beach read is currently leading Round 3 by a wide margin. A recluse Thomas Pynchon, whose 1966 novel, "The Crying of Lot 49," was named one of Time Magazine's 100 Best English Language Novels (1923-2005), seems to be at a distinct disadvantage. Or can it catch up?

-- Carolyn Kellogg