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Amazon adds pages numbers to new generation Kindle ebooks

March 18, 2011 | 10:38 am

Kindle_isaacson When a reader zips through a book on the Kindle, they don't stop at a page -- they stop at a location. Because individual readers can change the font size, pages are not fixed -- so Amazon's Kindle described a place in a book as a "location." (On the 2007-edition Kindle, at right, the reader is not on a page, but "Locations 291-97.")

That is, locations have been the name of the game until now. But CNN reports that Amazon.com has added a page number feature for readers who want it.

Amazon has added a virtual page number feature on new Kindles that let users pull up numbers that match up with print editions of the book they're reading.

The feature was part of a recent software update and is currently available for the latest generation of Kindles rolled out in August and on Kindle apps for the iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac.

"We wanted to be able to display real page numbers that have value and are useful for those who need to cite a specific passage in a book for class, follow along with their friend in a book club or simply point a friend to a favorite part of the book," Amazon.com said in a blog post. However, earlier generation Kindles are not yet able to implement the page number feature.

Apple's iBooks app has included page numbers since its launch.

-- Carolyn Kellogg

Photo: Amazon's first Kindle photographed in November 2007. Credit: Amazon.com / Associated Press