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Kindle 3G to be sold in AT&T retail stores


The Kindle 3G will be the first stand-alone e-reader sold in AT&T's brick-and-mortar stores, starting Sunday.  It will take its place beside multi-purpose tablets -- the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Dell Streak 5 -- that function as e-readers and more.

Our Technology blog reports:

The Kindle 3G will sell for $189 at AT&T's retail stores, the same price Amazon sells the e-reader for online. ...

For every Kindle 3G sold by both Amazon and AT&T, the wireless carrier gains a new 3G user. Amazon pays AT&T about $3 or $4 a month to provide 3G service to every Kindle 3G at no monthly cost to the consumer, according to a Bloomberg report.

Although Amazon does not disclose specific sales numbers, Bloomberg cites experts who estimate the company sold 8 million Kindles in 2010. Amazon does report that the Kindle is the most popular item sold on its site. Starting Sunday, when AT&T puts it on the shelf, it will also be sold in 2,000 retail outlets nationwide.

-- Carolyn Kellogg

Photo: Kindle 3G with hardcover books. Credit: Amazon.com

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