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Crime writer Ian Rankin pens comic

February 28, 2011 |  8:19 am

Rankin_eddie Crime writer Ian Rankin, known for his Inspector Rebus series, has written a comic for British graphic-novel magazine CLiNT titled "Someone Got to Eddie."

Although he's penned a graphic novel before, he tells the Guardian that working in the medium isn't easy.

Rankin admitted he found the experience hard work and challenging. "If you're a novelist and you're used to working on your own, this is a very different mindset, it's a very different way of telling a story. It's all geared to the visual, it's all geared to you explaining to the artist what you want to show.

"Being a novelist is a bit like being a scriptwriter, but if you're writing a comic book you're also the director -- you're deciding what angle you're going to see things from, what are the people going to look like, and you're also editing it."

CLiNT was launched by comics creator Mark Millar in the fall of 2010. Both Ian Rankin and Mark Millar hail from Scotland.

Millar, who has won many comics awards, was the creator of the comic "Kick-Ass," recently a screen hit.

His new magazine CLiNT, which includes his own comics and contributions from several others, is on its sixth issue. 

-- Carolyn Kellogg

Image: A page of Ian Rankin's "Someone Got to Eddie." Credit: CLiNT Magazine