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Snooki will sign her bookie wook in L.A.

Reality TV star Snooki, known to her publishers as Nicole Polizzi, is not partying at the Jersey Shore today. Instead, she's coming to the Barnes & Noble at the Grove to sign her new novel, "A Shore Thing."

The bookstore began handing out wristbands to the event at 9 a.m., and as of this writing there are still some available. The signing is scheduled for 7 p.m.

Snooki is perhaps less author than branding opportunity. In a July article about Snooki in the New York Times, Cathy Horyn wrote, "She told me she has read only two books in her life, 'Twilight' and 'Dear John.'"

To write a "A Shore Thing," Snooki needed a collaborator. That writer, Valerie Frankel, was interviewed this week in Slate about her thoughts on Snooki. "She gets trashed a lot in public. I'm surprised about how mean people are. My experience with her is that she is an intelligent, enthusiastic, appreciative young woman." She added, "I always say: Snooki drinks for our sins."

The New York Post selected some choice quotes from the book, including:

"He had an okay body. Not fat at all. And naturally toned abs. She could pour a shot of tequila down his belly and slurp it out of his navel without getting splashed in the face."

"Gia danced around a little, shaking her peaches for show. She shook it hard. Too hard. In the middle of a shimmy, her stomach cramped. A fart slipped out. A loud one. And stinky."
Snooki's novel "A Shore Thing" went on sale Tuesday. Will she read from it tonight before she starts signing copies at Barnes & Noble? If you want a Snooki signature, you'll have to buy the book; other memorabilia is not allowed.

 -- Carolyn Kellogg

Photo: Nicole Polizzi, aka Snooki, at the Grove with "Extra's" Mario Lopez. Credit: Getty Images for "Extra"

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It is beyond belief that the media condones and celebrates the trashy and slutty behavior of this young woman, all for the sake of making money!

I'm an author (not self-published) and have endured the repeated agony of doing signings in which three people--perhaps five, tops--show up. The fact BN has to hand out wrist bands for this event makes me want to suck on an exhaust pipe.


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