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WikiLeaks' Julian Assange will write memoir


Julian Assange, the Australian behind the controversial WikiLeaks website, will write a memoir to be published in 2011.

The news was not announced by his publisher but shared -- leaked? -- on Twitter by a publishing colleague in Spain; L.A. Times contributor Sarah Weinman explains at Daily Finance:

[N]ews of Assange's memoir first came through in Spanish, when Claudio Lopez, head of the literary division for Random House's Spanish-language division Mondadori, posted a message on Twitter Monday afternoon. That's even more ironic since rights to the memoir haven't sold yet in Spain, though that will almost certainly change -- as it likely will in other countries around the world.

Assange was released on bail last week in Great Britain, on the condition that he check in daily with police, surrender his passport and abide by a curfew; it was reported that he's staying at a friend's country estate. All of which sounds like very good circumstances for getting a memoir written.

-- Carolyn Kellogg

Photo: Julian Assange in England on Sunday. Credit: Paul Hackett / Reuters

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wow. he should hand over the spokesperson role it's takin all the spotlite. he is just too intiguing they need to have some1 duller be the spokesperson.

I would like the freedom of getting your open reporting.
Thank You

if you really do a good thing that is true then we as your support ...... Mr julian ......

Britain, be strong...do not give him up to us (the United States). You will go down in history as a great nation, this is your chance-do not allow him to be extradited.

This guy is nothing more than capitalist...playing a capitalist game under the guise of whistleblower...Hopefully people will see through his agenda, and boycott his book.


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