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Here's the new Nook!


After the last post, it only seemed right to post a picture of the new Nook from Barnes & Noble once we had it. At left, the new Nook; at right, the original version. Barnes & Noble is taking pre-orders for its new 7-inch full-color tablet, which it will ship starting Nov. 19.

The new Nook is a lot like Samsung's upcoming "Galaxy Tab" tablet -- both are full color, 7-inches and run on an Android platform, meaning they can run apps, when available. The main difference? Verizon will be selling the Galaxy Tab for $599 (on Nov. 11) and Sprint for $399 (on Nov. 17); Barnes & Noble's new Nook will retail for $259.

-- Carolyn Kellogg

Photo: Barnes & Noble's two Nooks, side by side. Credit: Barnes & Noble / Bloomberg

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If you actually think that the main difference between the Nook and the Galaxy Tab is the price, then you're not qualified to write this article.


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