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Bush vs. Palin: Which fall book are you most looking forward to?

This fall presents a rich selection of reading choices, from the political to the personal. David L. Ulin has our preview in this Sunday's paper, and he talks to Michelle Maltais in our Pacific Time podcast about what he's most looking forward to. Above, vote for your most-anticipated political book of the fall.

There is some heavyweight fiction on the way. Ulin mentions Philip Roth's "Nemesis," Michael Connelly's "The Reversal," Armistead Maupin's "Mary Ann in Autumn," Tom McCarthy's "C,"  Stephen King's "Full Dark, No Stars," Nicole Krauss' "Great House," Elmore Leonard's "Djibouti," Scarlett Thomas' "Our Tragic Universe," "Bummer and Other Stories" by Janet Shapiro and Jonathan Franzen's "Freedom."

Which fiction are you most looking forward to? Is it one of these, or do you have your eye on something else? Tell us in the comments.

-- Carolyn Kellogg

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I'm bummed that your preview overlooked "Promise Me: How a Sister's Love Launched the Global Movement to End Breast Cancer" by Nancy G. Brinker, founder and CEO of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. It's been on several other "must read" lists this fall and is getting fantastic reviews. Anyone who's ever wondered about the real Susan G. Komen will see her come alive through Nancy's deeply personal story. Growing up, the sisters learned the importance of charity and community service. As young women, they wanted to see the world. Suzy's death at the age of 36 left Nan devastated but determined to follow through on her last promise to Suzy: that she would fight to change the stigma and ignorance that still surrounded breast cancer in the 1970s. Woven through the emotionally beefy memoir is a history of breast cancer through the eyes of those most intimately acquainted with it: survivors, researchers, and others who have changed the world well beyond the realm of this disease.

I hope you'll check it out. In the midst of all the negative, carping political tomes, this book is an enormously uplifting and entertaining read.

Bush vs. Palin: Which fall book are you most looking forward to?

Kind of like asking, which eye are you most looking forward to poking out with a hot poker?

I wouldn't read anything Sarah Palin wrote. Come on. She is a Joke.

It's like choosing between two coloring books.

Why bother to ask when you're pushing the Republic party?


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