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Blogger Carolyn Kellogg joins the Times as a staff writer

Carolynkellogg_2010 Earlier this week the Times book staff welcomed the addition of Carolyn Kellogg as a staff writer devoted to covering news, reviews and more in the world of books. An announcement by Alice Short, assistant managing editor for features, and Book Editor Jon Thurber highlighted Kellogg’s varied accomplishments, including her role as a leading literary blogger in the U.S. and as a member of the board of the National Book Critics Circle.

Kellogg has anchored the Times’ book blog, Jacket Copy, as its lead blogger since February 2008. Since then, she’s reported on breaking trends, news and all things literary, including the reading habits of former President Clinton (who sent her his reading list), hitting the floors of Book Expo or pondering the question, "David Sedaris: Is he really that good?" (Her answer: Yes, he is.)

With a bachelor’s degree from USC and an MFA in creative writing from the University of Pittsburgh, Kellogg has worked as web editor of Marketplace and the editor of LAist.com, as well as receiving, this April, the L.A. Times editorial award for feature blogging. Her writing appears in the current issue of the literary journal Black Clock and in the forthcoming anthology about California, "The Devil’s Punchbowl" (Red Hen Press).

"The online discussion about books has flourished, and I’m lucky to be a part of it," Kellogg says. "I’m also lucky to live in Los Angeles, a city that has a lively literary community, with independent bookstores, so many reading series, and more stellar authors than I’ve yet had a chance to meet. Offline or on, we are all readers, finding new ways of talking to each other about the books we love."

-- Times book staff

Photo: Carolyn Kellogg. Credit: Carrie Worthen

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So deserving. Congratulations Carolyn!!

I think this is awesome as long as the Times let her keep her voice and her edge. I think Carolyn is one of the few reviewers out there who doesn't pander, who uses real words in our her reviews and actually adds value. But that is because she is so real and seemingly unconstrained. Hopefully, that stays the same....

Sorry to hear about your demotion to the print side of the business, Carolyn.

Keep your chin up!

Congratulations! And now you make the big bucks! :-)

P.S. Devil's Punchbowl. Yay!! Sounds like true love... true love... true love is the devil's ABCs... Okay, there is one huge fan of X living in North Carolina. Maybe two or three. I'll look around.

What about Susan Reynolds and Orli Lowe and Scott Timberg? Why were they given the boot if you have money to make new hires. Shameful.


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