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Where is this literary mystery spot?



At the blog Litkicks, Levi Asher has posted a literary mystery. This aerial photo, he says, is of the site of a significant literary event -- a murder! A fictional murder, anyway, although the place itself is real. The photo was taken in 1924. But where is it, exactly? And what was the book? Well, there's your mystery. 

Here are his hints:

• You have definitely read this novel. It's one of the most widely loved novels of all time.

• A person is killed, during one of the novel's climactic scenes, by the forked road near the top right of the photo.

• The vast expanse in the photo's center, which appears to be a work of geometric modern art, provides one of the novel's central metaphors.

To guess, visit Asher's site -- where he has a larger crop of the image -- and leave a note in the comments. He's going to hold off on posting them so people can get their guesses in unaided. I hope he reveals the answer soon, though -- my guess is waiting.

-- Carolyn Kellogg

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