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Getting lit, two ways: The Goodreads bar crawl [Updated]


This Saturday, Aimee Bender, Joseph Mattson and Martin Pousson will read, kicking off a celebration of literature -- and getting lit. It's an L.A. literary bar crawl, organized by Goodreads, PEN Center USA and Book Soup.

The whole thing is taking place along a walkable stretch of Sunset Boulevard, in Silverlakeish. At 7 p.m., the authors will read upstairs at the restaurant Malo. Listeners are welcome to begin drinking, and, I would recommend, snacking (the green salsa is quite tasty). 

After that, there are three other bars on the list: the Tiki-Ti, pictured, which is a five-minute walk up the street; the Good Luck Bar, another five minutes away continuing in the same direction; and the 4100 Bar,  just around the corner from Malo in the opposite direction. Oh, at the most, it's a 15-minute walk between the 4100 Bar and the Good Luck, but that's a long way for Angelenos. Maybe we should find somebody to shuttle.

Patrick Brown, who has earned a reputation for writing smart commentary doing the social networking for Pasadena's Vroman's Bookstore, will also be in attendance. He's leaving bookselling to become the community manager for Goodreads, and while he officially starts next week, he promises to come along for some literary bar crawling.

No need to sign up -- just show up and join in. Expect toasts to writers who were also champion drinkers, such as Ernest Hemingway, Dorothy Parker and L.A.'s own down-and-dirty Charles Bukowski, who never met a free boilermaker he didn't like.

-- Carolyn Kellogg

[Updated 4:22 p.m., 2/17/10: an earlier version of this post said that Gary Phillips would be among the authors reading at the event. He cannot attend; Martin Pousson will appear instead.]

Photo: the interior of the Tiki-Ti. Credit: Perry C. Riddle / Los Angeles Times

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Hello there, thanks a TON for posting this event on Jacket Copy! However, Martin Pousson will be reading instead of Gary Phillips, who unfortunately could not make it. So, just to clarify, it's AIMEE BENDER, JOSEPH MATTSON & MARTIN POUSSON reading at Malo this Sat., Feb. 20th at 7pm for the LIT/PUB CRAWL!

typed but not read.

Hi All:

Goodreads has some important additional information about the Lit Crawl. Also, please RSVP so we know how many cheat sheets to prepare.


7:00 p.m. arrive at Malo, authors begin reading at Malo
8:15 p.m. arrive at Tiki Ti
9:15 p.m. arrive at Good Luck Bar
10:15 p.m. arrive at 4100 Bar

We will be tweeting our location throughout the night so please follow
@Goodreads on twitter.

Please join the Goodreads Official Southern California Group to find out about future events!


Great article. The rivalry between GoodReads, LibraryThing and Shelfari which each allow readers to catalog books online and interact with other readers, is intensifying. I have been an avid user of LibraryThing since 2008. I started using it to catalog my book collection while home on paternity leave. I chose LibraryThing because it allowed me to manually enter books that were not on the site. (Back in 2008, the GoodReads and Shelfari libraries were limited to books listed on Amazon.com and I have about 200 vintage books that are not listed on Amazon.) I have happily been using LibraryThing, with over 1,200 books in my online catalog. LibraryThing has been good to me, so I am hesitant to move. I have also received some books for free through their early reviewer program.

Does anyone know if Goodreads is having another pubcrawl any time in the future, and if they'll be open to third part book publishers? Thanks everyone.


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