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Will no one bring us the Apple tablet?

Apple Tabletereaderrumor

In the 1956 movie "The Ten Commandments," Charlton Heston brought the tablet with the Ten Commandments down from Mount Sinai. And it feels like we've been waiting for half a century -- oh heck, a couple of millennia -- for Apple to announce its tablet. It's long been rumored that Apple has a tablet-sized e-reader in the works, but so far, it's failed to materialize.

This week, rumors of an Apple tablet lit up the Internet -- again. The Financial Times reported that Apple has again rented out a large space in San Francisco in January; the company last used it when CEO Steve Jobs showed off a new-and-improved iPod. Tech insider blog Boy Genius Report says a "very connected" source tells them a 7-inch tablet is on the way. A columnist at the New York Times  writes that an Apple employee told a colleague this tantalizing tidbit: "Steve is extremely happy with the new tablet." Most importantly, Business Insider has been told that select app makers have been encouraged to ready full-screen versions of their software.

Wired puts it all together, saying that signs are pointing to an Apple tablet demonstration in January.

But scratch the surface, and -- who knows. Wired wasn't able to scare up any developers who would confirm the full screen rumor. iLounge, which has had good iPod intel, reported in September that Apple had tried the tablet at 7 inches and decides to go instead with a larger, 10.7" version. That New York Times reporter talked to a colleague who talked to an anonymous source.

Apple might be renting a large space to announce its e-book reader tablet device. Or maybe it'll be for a singalong for all of us who have woken up on another Christmas morning from dreams of Applet tablets and iPads dancing in our heads.

Wait until next year, kids. Until then, enjoy your holiday with your Kindle, Sony eReader, rare and hard-to-acquire Nook or a plain old book.

-- Carolyn Kellogg

Photo: Paramount Pictures

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Using the Ten Commandments as a reference point for the new Apple reader is tasteless and insulting to many to whom the Commandments are a religious touchstone.

It was bad enough Moses "brought" the tablet to the world, and brought with it delusion and subjugation, now we are told we don't want to read a "plain old book". It's Farenheight 451 all over again, except Apple and Steve Jobs seem HAPPY to burn all the books out of existence. If this is the wave of the future, leave me out. I don't want to hold a piece of plastic in my hands to read a story. I'd rather burn with my books thank you.

Why would you use Moses? Wow. insulting!

If this were, say, Samsung, that was announcing a new revolutionary tablet, there would be no press coverage. But since this is Apple, this just has to be the best, newest item everyone must go out and buy immediately. Just forget about its warts (and you know it will have some warts because every product does), and play up its features. Then everyone will go out and pay the outrageous premium price for just another Apple product.

@janehoad We're glad your Letter to the Editor was delivered on Christmas Day. Did you write it with a typewriter? Or a pen? Or on a slate? Maybe on a clay tablet?

-Apple Tablet will change computing in the classroom - You'll see
-Moses brought the stone tablets - Apple Tablet - Get it?

It's not offensive at all -

Seriously! Lighten up. That's Charleton Heston and not Moses anyway. It says so right in the first sentence. I have never confused the two. @DonW, if it is insulting to you, be brave enough to say so, instead of "to many whom". @janejoad. "Why would you use.." Really, you don't get the pun? Perhaps you should have asked Santa for a grasp of silly puns and humor. Y'all should go have some nog and enjoy the day. Moses and Christiandom don't need you to stick up for them today.

Call me and Apple fanboy if you like (I'm 50), but I see the rumored tablet to be a harbinger for what Apple wants the personal computer to be; another revenue stream like the iTMS and the iPhone.

Having tasted the filthy lucre of selling everything to the end user, the tablet will be their test model for the large computing universe. Even if the tablet fails -- and I think it may be a product in search of an audience -- Apple will apply these lessons to their personal computers and they will ultimately create the pc as AAPL cash register.

Why would it surprise anyone that the LATimes would draw a comparison between the 10 commandments and a consumer product? Don't you know the mentality of the people who write for this paper?

But that's the thing they want some type of global paying system, that might or could some day have the capacity to over the whole network where to you might have to use some type of pass or code to buy anything.

Nobody gives a crap about apple or what they are doing.
The writer of this article sounds like a stupid little spoiled i-crap lover
apple is over priced and under performed. and gimped for idiot use.
infact it is my dislike of apple products why i am even wasting my time flamming the stupid idiot who wrote this ignorant article
NOBODY CARES!!!!!!!!! You should be fired for being a stupid retard.

YES!!! YES!!! Thank you Steve. Good Job!

I use a MacBook for work. Its a too. Apple is a computer company. If the existence of a piece of computing machinery occupies this much of your existence, you should go outside, ride a bike, talk to people (those bipeds that walk around you while you're playing with your iPhone in public places). I.e. get a life.

I'm not a fanboy, I'm a PC. But if Apple can make these work- at normal PC speeds, they will have an abosolute winner on their hands.

Right now, there are only a handful of tablets that are actually tablets. I previously owned a Compaq TC1000/1100 and that was a beautiful piece of work- except it was terribly slow, frustratingly slow. Fujitsu also made the Stylus, I don't imagine it was far behind the TC1000 in terms of speed but was much larger than the TC.

Some of us actually use them as sketchpads, notepads and as regular machines. Of course the TC was the best eBook reader of all time, it was all screen. Kindle's can't check email, weather, compose any documents or visit any web sites, that's weak.

You'd better believe that folks from ALL sides of the fence (PC, Mac, Linux) will be waiting to look at these! No one right now makes a fast tablet- those fold in half notebooks are not tablets.

While these will never replace paper books, what's the harm in storing a few dozen of your favorite books on a machine? For someone who travels, a real working tablet with battery life is in demand right now.

If HP would redesign the TC1000/1100, that would be the only challenge to Apple.

Dell, HP, Sony, Asus, MSI, etc, etc- don't blame Apple for being innovative! Get off your butt and make one to compete!

Some you folks need a sense of humor. You got issues.


It sounds like Apple may finally be making what I want:

The iPhone MAX:

A 7 inch screen iPhone with full computing ability.

The current iPhone screen is too small for reading and for my fumbly fingers.

A 7 inch iPhone/iTablet/iSlate, or whatever they call it, as long as it has full phone AND computing functionality, is the perfect size, especially if it has some super-thin, super-trick slide-out/fold-out keyboard that turns it into a small, light, long-battery-life laptop.

And who cares if it looks weird to carry around a phone that big?

Big will be the new Small.

If this is what Apple is debuting, they'll sell a zillion of them.

Stop buying apples proprietary crap,

If you don't like Apple products, don't buy them. I feel the same way about your boy, Bill Gates and and his windoze products. I don't buy his garbage. If we depended on his vision, we would still be typing C:\dir, etc.

Don't be jealous. If you don't appreciate products that are consistently better, don't buy them. It's that easy.

come on...it's funny...I laughed out loud when I saw the photo and caption...

Apple has registered the domain name: I-Bozo. com; Steve Jobs is very happy and a Chinese blog says that Apple is buying three inch red rubber noses, there is only one explanation: in Fall 2010, Apple will release a wireless, robotic clown.

This a done deal, trust me.

Really? I have not been too impressed with tablets in the past and I doubt that I'll be impressed by this. A large e-reader? Are we really excited about this? Something larger than a book to read books on? What's the point in that? Full screen iPod? So now everyone on the subway can watch what a tool you are, great...

Jesus (lol)! You guys need to lighten up. The writer was just using the Ten Commandments as a touch off point to start the article.

Also, who cares if it is made by Apple, there are tons of articles written about the Kindle. If you enjoy living in a capitalistic economy then don't get upset when a company wants to introduce a new product. No one is going to burn your books tea-bagger, please head back to Barnes and Nobles and continue to fund their e-book reader.

Lighten up uptight religious folk. Moses is a fable! No one can use "Christian" folklore in an article? Relax, I think the Lord has more fish to fry than caring if Moses is used in an article. Use your perpetual anger where it's needed like world hunger and poverty. Religious priorities are so screwed up- always attacking the easy stuff (I call it armchair self-righteousness).


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