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Vibe Mag returns with Chris Brown on the cover

Chris BrownVibe Magazine

When Vibe Magazine closed its doors in June, there was a chorus of sadness -- for that magazine's coverage of hip-hop and other music, and for music magazines in general. Two months later, a group of investors stepped in with plans to revive it, both online and in print.

The first edition of the new print Vibe is due to hit stands Dec. 8, and it's bound to stir up controversy. The cover will feature Chris Brown, who pleaded not guilty to assaulting Rihanna in August and has been on tour this fall. Actually, that's half the print run -- the other half will feature rapper Drake. But for all Drake's visibility, Brown's notoriety is already drawing attention.

Advertising Age observes:

If the choice [of Brown] succeeds in generating the buzz that's intended, Vibe's cover will show off the power that print can still wield. Putting a feature about the tarnished pop star online alone, by contrast, probably wouldn't stand to get the same attention.

The new Vibe will print just four times a year; Vibe.com, the new owners insist, is the hub. "Whether it's the magazine, or we decide to do some kind of TV programming down the line," editor in chief Jermaine Hall told Advertising Age, "everything needs to come back to Vibe.com."

Meanwhile, the often snarky Village Voice is pulling for Vibe, in whatever forms it takes.

We wish them luck--may they make enough money to employ all those they once laid off and perhaps, along the way, revive a magazine that was almost always essential, even at the very end.

-- Carolyn Kellogg

Photo: Chris Brown performs in October 2009. Credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

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Yuck, I used to like VIBE - but with that moron Chris Brown who has nothing interesting to add, I will now probably never read VIBE again.

Great job Vibe, real smart thinking to all you Baby Einsteins working over there, putting Chris Brown on the cover. I'm defintely NOT going to be purchasing this magazine. And I agree with you on this one Sunny, theres absolutely nothing more that can be written on this women beater. How in the heck could you plead "not guilty" after those photos came out of Rhianna. Than get slapped on the wrist with a few hours of community service. Our wondeful justice system at work.

Sick! The audacity that this loser should be on any cover of any magazine! VIBE could get any great hip hop artist for their cover, yet they pick him? Obviously glorifying his behavior! No wonder this crappy mag will only print 4 times a year!

Kudos to Vibe Magazine for being objective and giving this young talented actor a chance to revive his career. EVERYONE makes mistakes and I believe he is paying for his. Yes, he did the crime and is doing the time, he DESERVES a chance like everyone else. You people posting the negative comments think that you dont support a singer, actor, entertainer who hasnt done the same thing? He is not the only guy to make that type of mistake, you probably support men who do the same thing everyday. It is so sad to see this kind of hate and ignorance in the world today.

I, for one, still support Chris Brown and hope wish him success in his career. By the way, I am a female, married and a mother of two sons. I have been in an abusive relationship before and happen to be still married to the man who abused me in the past. He no longer does, we went to counseling and he got the help he needed just like Chris is doing. I would like to think that if my children made a mistake in their future that people will have more common decency than some of the ones who have posted on here.

wow. all of you guys are pretty low. I mean im defiently not saying what he did was right but he's not the first person featured in the magazine that's done something wrong. I mean in the past 9 months don't u think he's had enough. He's young and has room to grow. Everyone no matter who u are deserves a second chance. quite frankly i wasnt a fan until this whole ordeal happened. It made me realize how much people criticize people in the public eye when things like this are going on in real life!!! what about men that do this for a living and show no remorse? At least he recognizes what he did and can be a man about it. In the media's eye from age 16 to now 20, he is truly growing up. && if you have nothing nice to say about him then dont! trust he still has loyal fans && your opinion wont make a difference. the few of u dont outnumber his TRUE fans so his success of his career or this magazine doesnt depend on u!

Way to go VIBE!! I'm really happy that they are putting Chris Brown on the cover!! He needs a second chance and I'm glad VIBE is willing to give him one. It's time for him to come back.


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