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What are you reading? Tell us.

Festival of Booksvideowhat are you reading

This weekend, tell us what you're reading. Look for the L.A. Times booth at the Festival of Books and take your turn in front of the video camera. Are you reading something new and sexy? A classic? A book to your kids?

And if you're too shy to pose for our camera people, shoot your own images -- still or video -- and upload them to Your Scene.

Look for all of them here at Jacket Copy during -- and after -- this weekend's Festival of Books.

-- Carolyn Kellogg

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Hi Carolyn,

I'm a book editor, too, and what I'm currently reading is this:


It's a project to help us (us being whoever wants to join!) fill in "classic" gaps in our reading--stuff we've always wanted to cover but haven't gotten around to. It's turned into a very dynamic forum, with more than 50 participating bloggers, interactive reviews, and group read-alongs for books a lot of us have in common.

Thanks for asking us to share :)

I just came back from the festival and I left my mark on which book I was currently reading.

13 Reasons Why -Jay Asher

A very good book. Makes you open your eyes that rumors aren't always true. Don't Lie.

Hello Carolyn,

I am an author from Australia, and not so long ago I stumbled across a book titled: 'Rovella Starr'. This book by author, Carol Denise Mitchell is, put simply, an absolutely brilliant tale encompassing (as readers) what we love---a story that will take us to another time and place, and give us sheer entertainment.

Thank you, Stuart


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