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Terry Pratchett's L.A. Times Book Prize speech -- with cat

NationTerry Pratchett

Many people at the L.A. Times Book Prizes on Friday night were dressed up, even nervous -- but Terry Pratchett, who won for his young adult novel "Nation," filmed his acceptance speech at home in England wearing casual pants and a black t-shirt. And he was accompanied by his cat, who stood on his desk -- although not on ceremony -- determined to be part of the goings-on.

So many in attendance were charmed by Terry Pratchett and his cat that we just had to put the video online.

-- Carolyn Kellogg

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Love this!

I love the cat.

I am a big fan of Great Terry Pratchett Books The Colour of Magic. I think the characters and plot in this book are great. Although Thud! is the better Terry Pratchett Book i have read this month.


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