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Elizabeth Edwards on John's affair: I threw up

affairElizabeth EdwardsJohn EdwardsmemoirResilience

Johnelizabethedwards The memoir of Elizabeth Edwards, cancer survivor and wife of former presidential candidate John Edwards, hits bookstores May 12. "Resilience: Reflections on the Burdens and Gifts of Facing Life's Adversities," is billed by publisher Broadway Books as "an unsentimental and ultimately inspirational meditation on the gifts we can find among life’s biggest challenges."

One of those challenges was dealing with her husband's admission of carrying on an affair. Elizabeth Edwards took the news hard; according to the New York Daily News, which has acquired an advance copy of the book, she writes:

"I cried and screamed, I went to the bathroom and threw up."

The Daily News has more details from the book:

Hunter initially seduced Edwards using a worn come-on line, Elizabeth writes:

"You are so hot," Hunter told him outside a swank New York hotel. The campaign ultimately paid Hunter $114,000 to produce a batch of short films on his candidacy.

She lashes out at Hunter, now 45, whose name she never actually uses in the book, as a parasitic groupie who invaded the Edwardses' life.

Her own life may be tragic, she concludes, but Hunter's is "pathetic."

Even when Edwards confessed to his wife, he lied, claiming he had slipped up just once, Elizabeth writes. His original version of the story "left most of the truth out," she writes.

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elizabeth edwards makes me want to throw up...Dishonest pathetic loser politician wife is all she is....

With so many hypocrites among public figures over the years, who are you writing these stories for? Is this what sells a paper? What kind of loser one needs to be to want their dirty laundry? And what's the point of all this pathetic nonsense - a worn out wife of a worn out politician milking out a worn out story? Puhleeeeze!

Now why is she blaming the other woman? She didn't break her marriage vows? Also, why the book? There are things that should probably remain behind closed doors. She should enjoy the last few days she has w/ her children and the 'marriage'.

Slime doggy - that's all I got to say about John Edwards.

This was way more information than I needed.

Why so critical of Elizabeth? What do you want from her? We don't need to know the intimate details to understand that each of the three people involved were acting on human instincts, needs, desires and wants.

The amazing thing to me, as it does regarding Bill Clinton,Jim Bakker, and countless other politicians, religious figures and misbehaving know-it-alls in general, is why they put so much at risk for so little.

Anything for a buck.........excuse me.....I have to go throw up......both pathetic losers...

I hope she is making him pay daily for being such a schmuck. He can't leave her even if he wanted to and as sick as it seems I hate to imagine that the "other" woman is thinking that upon Elizabeth's death her child gets a father. Very very pathetic for all of them.

Elisabeth Edwards has endured humiliation on top of
life threatening concern due to illness. Maybe she is writing this book as catharsis and because they need the money--the same reason why many people write books.

I find it completely disgusting that anyone could blame Elizabeth in any way for her husband's crazed narcissism! Those who are so ethically bankrupt as to be such sociopaths, deserve to have their loved ones betray them in public as well - at least. Shame on all of you, the guy not only was a huge poser/lyer but his wife has cancer!

It may just be Elizabeth Edwards' need to spread the blame around but really, she makes John Edwards sound like Little Red Riding Hood set upon by the Big Bad Wolf. As Elizabeth tells the story, John is almost blameless -- the innocent victim of a predator. If this is how the thinking runs in that family, and how responsibility is assumed, we're fortunate he didn't get further as a national candidate.

Yeah! I really feel bad too. And my personal experience is so bad I want to write a book about it because it's such a personal story ... so I can share my intimate bathroom moments with the whole world ... and ... ... uh! .... I might get a few million bucks out of it ... Hey! wait a minute ... isn't exploiting human emotion and trust exactly what poor, tortued Elizabeth is attempting to quash? Hummm! Hypocricy rears its ugly head in so many disguises!

"samt2" comment at April 30, 2009 at 10:33 AM makes me want to throw up. A cheap pathetic low life internet troll

Maybe she wrote it so people in any one of the 3 positions might learn something? Maybe she talks about forgiveness and compassion to get people, perhaps like those who left some fairly nasty comments here to think about their own?
Who knows and why does anyone buy any book or publication from the National Enquirer to the Wall Street Journal? Why does anyone write any sort of book.
Maybe we have become a nation of selfish opinionates about anything, everything or everybody, except ourselves. Maybe our opinions or thoughts are as meaningless as we suggest others are. Maybe our lives are too.

Why is it always the other woman,s fault, he was the married one, give me a break....
Elizabeth needs to face it, John is the one who screwed up, and yes the other woman needs glasses, if she thinks John Edwards is hot, he is a player lets face it, and probably has been for years, only happened to get caught this time..

The first comment took my breath away. The person who wrote that and anyone who would dare to blame Elizabeth for anything is seriously deranged and incredibly evil.

Its their lives, how they choose to live it is for them to decide. Why do so many of you pathetic posters feel the need to spill you bile on her? If you don't think her story is worth reading, then why did you read the article? As for her perspective, she's entitled to any view she pleases....its protected under a the conventions of a document known as the US Constitution. If you want to label someone a hypocrite...simply look in a mirror.

Ah, Elizabeth Edwards - I threw up reading this. Was this personally "cathartic" of you to throw Ms. Hunter under the bus while treating your husband as though he were God or whatever. I mean - "whatever", hon. Better left unwritten is all I can say. And you with young daughters to mentor to - could you not have just said NOTHING and better honored what should be healthier relationships than your embracing of John's Edwards no matter what. Naming Riellle Hunter and calling HER "pathetic" when your active participation in covering up this relationship so your husband could (hopefully so you deludedly believed) get elected President of the United States - ick, Mrs. Edwards - icky and pathetic of YOU. The publisher of this book should be ashamed? Really hon....

This speaks to just how debaunched our political system is. I feel somewhat sorry for this idiot commie woman. She marries a pretty boy ambulance chaser and then gets played by some blonde bimbo.

THis is NOT his first affair and it will not be his last. Wake up lady and sue this loser for all he's worth. Its a real drag to be from the south and have these pathetic excuses for human beings paraded around as an example of the bimbo/'cousin screwing idiots we all are.suppossed to be.

Elizabeth writes..."He looks at me as if I am the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.".. I wonder if she's considered that those loving looks are lies as well.

I do have great sympathy for Mrs. Edwards - a mother sick with cancer - a public woman with a cheating, lying husband. So, I can cut her some slack if she (mis-guidedly) blames the other woman. It's John who should take all the heat - although he didn't even as he was "coming clean" about the affair.

And, here's what really bugs me about him - I once thought he was an honest politician. Yeah, I know..what was I thinking. Ann Coulter (someone who's opinions and ideas I really despise) called him a "phony" a long time ago. Unfortunately, she was right.

She knew he was a cheating dog but campaigned for him . Couple of real gems .

i have no sympathy for her. she gave him cover and tried to protect his brand for as long as she could, and now she is literally trying to sell her vomit to the american public. ka-ching!

"He looks at me as if I am the most beautiful...".Edwards is an adept at that sort of thing.But for Obama he would have mesmerized the American voters too with his histrionic talent.Don't write off this guy.He is a tough hombre.

John Edwards has yet to come forward and produce a paternity test to verify his claim that the supposed "love child" is not his. (For the record at least, even though all of us know the obvious truth.)
Just looking at John's smiling face makes ME want to throw up.

Makes me wonder what the "real" purpose of her book is, and who she knows at the Times to get this free promo. Sounds like her husband is once again going to try for some sort of political office and needed his co-dependent wife to smooth the way for that. This guy is shameful; but then his wife is just nothing more than Hillary Clinton #2.

Hunter is pathetic??? I think this woman is confused. John Edwards knew full well he was cheating on his wife, and he made that choice. That's pathetic. John Edwards suffered under the Bush administration just like the rest of us. He could have derailed the Democratic campaign with his tired, wrinkly, middle-aged affair --- and he felt that the gamble was worth it. That's pathetic. Elizabeth Edwards absolves her husband and pins blame on the evil she-demon that lured her helpless man (who has no free will or decision-making ability) away --- any other interpretation would require her to leave her sad marriage. Deluding one's self so that one can stay in a crappy marriage. That 's pathetic.

I'm very confused. I recognize that only an excerpt was provided, but I'm constantly amazed at how wives will spew hatred at the other woman, when most of that anger deserves to be right in the lap of the cheating husband, no? Nonetheless I thankfully have never been in the situation of having a significant other cheat on me, so who knows what my reaction would be. What she's dealing with is awful, I can't imagine it and I believe we should have sympathy towards her. She's a fighter. He's --- well, another word. I respect that they are from what it looks like, keeping their marriage together. It can't be easy for either one of them.

so curious that those leaving comments want to divide the world into to 'completely good' and 'completely bad' people. while both elisabeth and john edwards no doubt have what we might call character flaws, it seems dubious to disparage them so completely while dismissing anything positive about them as merely 'phony' affectations. one wonders at the psychological hungers being fed by the excoriating 'splitting' (cf. the inability of infants to reconcile the 'good mommy' and the 'bad mommy') found in this comment thread.

So that's all it takes for John Edwards to jump into bed with someone, is, "You are so hot"? Good grief the guy is Easy!

Edwards was running for the highest office in this country, and then had a chance at the second highest, and he threw it all away for that Bimbo.

I have no respect for Elizabeth for staying with him once she knew. She is no better than him. But, she didn't want to get off the gravy train, and it's pulling into the station once again. As someone suggested, this is only to clear the way for John Edwards to re-enter public life. We are all suppose to forgive him now. Not me, even though I supported him during the campaign, until he fell off the cliff.

It isn't going to work John and Elizabeth!

She married a professional liar (trial lawyer). What did she expect, truth?

I'm sorry for her having cancer but not sorry at all that her shyster husband cheated on her.

She married the cheating part eyes wide open.

Elizabeth has every right to spew venom at the "ther woman"....she is the tru victim here..lets not forget that.

Maybe she is forgiving her husband because she sees him in the context of their entire 25plus years of married life. Maybe becuase of their shared goals, children etc.

She doesnt owe any silence for Hunter. Hunter may not have violated marriage vows but she had no right walking up to an aging married politician and saying he was "hot". Is this waht we have come to? its ok to sleep with married men if you are not breaking any vows?

Some things like marriage relationships are private to be discussed between the persons involved. Other people need to stop pretending they are outraged. The only person with a right to be outraged is Elizabeth Edwards, and she has decided to spend much of her time working for universal health care for Americans. She has also said she and her husband want to dedicate their lives to fighting poverty. Let's not hinder them. Other things like jobs, labor rights, the collapse of our economy, and government bailouts are public matters to be discussed by all Americans. And, yes there are still two Americas. One asked for and got billions of dollars in government bailout money in a matter of hours. Sorry, the names of the con artists who got the bailout money have not been revealed by the National Enquirer or the Main Street Media. The other America is still begging its government for affordable healthcare, the right to a roof over their heads, and jobs. I don't want to see working Americans treated like the workers in "third world countries". John and Elizabeth Edwards are well aware of their short comings, but they also know how to fight and work for the American people. Watch the video see the America worth fighting for:

There are many people here with sins of their own throwing stones. Jesus Christ would be disappointed.

i understand exactly why Elizabeth has not kicked John to the curb.
Beause she and her kids will lose out inthe long run. Think about it. once divorced, John will do the "right" thing..he will probably move in with rielle and marry her which is what Hunter wants all along. This low-life troll, who has never held a job, never done anyhing wothwhile, will sudeenly shoot to the vaulted position of a famous politician's wife living in a million dollar mansion..yes, even if Elizabeth flleces him in a divorce, he will still be getting a lot.
And their children will lose a full-time dad and gain a part-time father., a dad they will meet durimg holidays and vacations with Ms. Hunter. before long, we aill "forgive" Edwards, he will move on to the lecture circuit, and bring Hunter along. Everything will be forgiven and forgotten, and if does run for something and wins, we will see Hunter grinning from year to year by his side.
And Elizabeth, she will be the one enduring a lonely future riddled with chemos. She will be left comforting two distrught children, and she will be the one facimng endless years of loneliness. At least this way, she is making him show remorse.
No, she is very smart. She is keeping him precisely to punish him. No point in winning a battle and losing the war.

Right, Elizabeth. Don't blame your skirt-chasing, anti-social, betraying, cad of a husband. The guy who was willing to put the Democrat's chances to take back the White House at RISK if he'd been the nominee. BLAME THE WOMAN. How original.

All of them are pathetic.

John will marry some big-boobed, twenty-something blond bimbo less than a year after she passes. You watch.

I once looked at J Edwards as 'the cleanest politician out there'. It's sad when one's optimism only proves one's naivety. (Then turns jaded.)

As a John Edwards supporter, perhaps the worst part for me was when everyone who did not trust John Edwards (for reasons real or imagined) said, "A Ha!" when news of the affair was confirmed. Perhaps it was how everyone who ever mistrusted a politician of any stripe (especially the southern, "smooth talking" type) used Edwards' fall to validate their cynicism. Maybe it was the second worst moment, after I realized the rumors were true.

Now I see some of the leftover venom pointed at Elizabeth Edwards. In my opinion, only she who is dying from cancer and was the wronged party can forgive her husband and air her opinion of the whole sordid incident(s). Maybe you agree with her view and maybe you do not, but agree that it is her view and she is entitled to it.

Elizabeth Edwards showed some dignity before. She should have continued in that line. But as so many wives have done, she has fallen into the trap of blaming the "other woman" who seduced her poor darling vulnerable defenseless man. And sounds as if this is the yarn he plays to his wife...he lied to her in the beginning about it having happened only once, then continues seeing Rielle, ....and he is the "loved forgiven one". Wake up Elizabet and all you betrayed wives out there. It is NOT the other woman, but your husband who betrayed you. Face the facts and build your self esteem. You want your husband no matter what? Admit it then. No point in attacking the other woman who hurts as well as the wife. It is the husband who should get a kick in the a...and they can both throw him out. But he will just find another woman prepared to love him no matter what. I would not!

It's easy to sit and judge people when you haven't faced the same difficult challenges. How do any of us know what it would be like to watch someone we love slowly die and what we might do for comfort and escape? It is morally wrong, but how many of us have never made the wrong choice (Let he who is without sin cast the first stone)? And how many women find powerful and/or handsome men fair game whether or not he's married? As the ex wife of such a man, I'll tell you it's non-stop opportunities for these guys.

I feel for Mrs. Edwards -- she has chosen to stay with her husband and try to forgive him -- for herself and/or their children. I feel terrible for John Edwards because he has ruined his political career (as have other otherwise good leaders or potential leaders) because of stupid personal behavior. The mistress is scorned and her child is branded. Everyone involved got hurt in this affair.

Maybe we can learn from their mistakes? But also, learn some humility and admire Mrs. Edwards' courage.

Being a fortunate voter in NEW HAMPSHIRE'S PRIMARY,
I had the opportunity to see John and Elizabeth Edwards "up close and personal." I walked away from that with the CLEAR decision that I would not vote for him because he was a fraud. I also was truly AMAZED at how Elizabeth unequivocally GAVE HER POWER AWAY TO HIM AND HIS EGO. From this, I understood why and how he was an egotist (and therefore a fraud) but also why she was dying from cancer. The unfortunate part is that I was right about him (HE ACTUALLY WAS IN THE AFFAIR AT THE TIME) and yes, about her, also. Unless she "wakes up" soon, she will be dead and he is clearly just bidding time until that day so he can "move on" with his egocentric life: mistress, child et al. It is A CAUTIONARY TALE FOR ALL WOMEN:

This seems pretty pathetic to me. Elizabeth Edwards is only interested in selling her book. She's on Oprah promoting just like any author would do. Bottom line is this kind of thing happens EVERYDAY to EVERYBODY. I mean, get off your high horse right? Who cares that you got your little feel feels hurt. That's called life. But everyone else doesn't write a book about it. JEEEEZ! Spouses don't cheat if they're happy at home and happy with their marriage. So what's she doing to make him so unhappy? Marriage is a team effort, and when things go wrong, both parties have to own up to their own contribution to affairs. That's it! She's trying to play this woe is me role, but it's fake! If she had any interest in saving the marriage, she would be owning up to her part in this, not write a book about it, and work through these issues in private with her husband...you know, the way the REST OF US DO IT!!!

I totally reject the notion that John Edwards was taken in by a scheming groupie. He should have had more loyalty to his sick wife, and he should have had more loyalty to the Democratic Party. Imagine if he had been the nominee? This scandal would have sunk him and we'd have four more years of Bush policies in the White House.

I have always been favorably disposed to Elizabeth Edwards. In fact, I've always preferred her to her husband. But this need to publicly justify her husband's infidelty does her no good. In fact, it makes her look pathetic.

But I do hope she enjoys the rest of her life as much as she can.

What! If this is so painful why is she writing and talking about it? Do they need the money from another book to finance another campaign? Or is it just for money to keep up their 28,000 sft home?

A poster asked, 'Why so critical of Elizabeth? What do you want from her?' I want an APOLOGY for lying and deceiving me, the American public, campaign workers and donors. She easily could have demanded he not run, especially when her cancer returned. She is as complicit and narcissistic as her husband but now tries to play the wronged woman, sharing her pain and wisdom? that makes ME want to throw up.


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