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Alyssa Milano loves baseball, bookishly

April 7, 2009 |  8:32 am

Alyssamilano_ladodgers When baseball season started Sunday night, Alyssa Milano was paying attention. The actress -- who also has the sports-oriented clothing line TOUCH and blogs for MLB.com -- has been a baseball fan since childhood, she writes in "Safe at Home," a new memoir she calls her "love letter to baseball."

What the book is not, boys, is a letter about the loves in her life (she's dated baseball players, I hear). She kicked off her book tour last week and discovered that some people would write about her book without actually reading it. She clarifies:

  • WHAT WAS REPORTED - The book is a tell-all where I go in depth about the baseball players who I've dated.
  • FACT - Ummmm. Not even close. It is a retrospective look back on how baseball has been a constant in my life and what the sport has meant to me though the years and how it brought my father and me closer. Considering that there are only four pages out of 253 that focus on my exes, if you are considering buying the book to read me kiss and tell, you will be disappointed.
  • WHAT WAS REPORTED - I write that Brad Penny made me wear his jersey to bed.
  • FACT - I wrote about wearing BP's jersey in the batting cage at Dodger Stadium. I never wrote, nor would I ever write, anything about what I sleep in.

Milano will be talking about her book and about baseball Saturday, April 25, at the L.A. Times Festival of Books with L.A. Times Dodger blogger Jon Weisman. I'm sure he'll read it.

Me, I have read only the introduction. It's a pleasant, conversational read, and Milano's affection for baseball shines through. It's a lot like listening to any genuine sports fan who begins talking baseball -- stats and favorites and debates, like this one from later in the book:

Q: Is Jeff Kent going to run like he's got a piano on his back?
A: Yes, Jeff Kent always runs like he's got a piano on his back -- especially if it matters.

Heh. I've been to enough Dodger games to know that this is true, so true.

-- Carolyn Kellogg

Photo: TOUCH by Alyssa Milano