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How to get your library fees waived? Ask Sully.

bookChesley “Sully” Sullenbergerlibrarylibrary bookSullenberger


Pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger is not just an aeronautic hero; he's a library patron.

Sullenberger is the man who was behind the controls of the U.S. Airways flight that safely crash-landed in the Hudson River in January. The remarkable landing brought Sully immediate acclaim, with a spontaneous fan club on Facebook rapidly reaching 10,000 and his hometown Danville, Calif., holding a celebration in his honor. These demonstrations of affection were due, in no small part, to the fact that the pilot made sure every single passenger got off the airplane safely.

But he left one thing behind: a library book.

Borrowed through a local Danville branch library, the book -- reportedly on professional ethics -- belonged to CSU Fresno. Realizing that the book was now swimming with the fishes, Sullenberger asked if the fees could be waived.

The library, sensibly, said why yes, they could do that for him.

Which means the next time you have late fees at the library, if you've got a good reason -- a really, really, good reason, like successfully ditching an engineless plane in a near-freezing river and saving more than 150 lives --  they might be forgiven. 

-- Carolyn Kellogg

Photo: Brendan McDermid / Reuters

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The plane crash has nothing to do with being responsible for an overdue or lost book. Pay CSU Fresno the money to replace the book! In this day of everything going bankrupt, I'm sure the CSU's would take every penny offered to them. It just seems to me that one thing has nothing to do with the other. And if Sully actually asked for a pardon from the CSU for losing the book, how is that an excuse? The fact that he even had the gall to ask for a reprieve seems lame to me. I would have had more respect if he paid for the book being lost, shows some character. I mean, what, $40 or so? He did his job, got lucky, he did what his job asked him to do in an emergency, but one still has to take responsibility for OPP. Just my two cents.

Perhaps you would see a connection if a relative or you yourself were on the plane pilot Sullenberger sucessfully landed on the Hudson with both engines completely disabled. Not only does he deserve the fees to be waived but a brand new replacement book for him to keep is in order, don't you think? He is an outstanding citizen and performed an outstanding feat. We should reward the real heroes in our society not dismiss them!

I think it has be a while since Viper has seen any action. Don't take your frustration out on a pilot who saved 150 lives.

Viper - read that again. The LATE fees were waived. Nowhere in the article above does it say he didn't have to replace the book. That is a separate issue from locally generated late fees - and is totally dependent on the loaning library's (in this case CSU Fresno) policy. As far as I know, CSU Fresno's book replacement fee is the cost of a book plus a processing fee.

Hi Folks,

The university waived the fees and will pay for a new copy of the book which will include an imprinted card noting Mr. Sullenberger's achievement in successfully landing his plane in the Hudson River. This has been to honor his valor and skill.

California State University, Fresno is suffering severely from the state budget crisis. I am a member of the faculty and have not heard a negative comment on this expenditure from our students or my colleagues despite our financial woes.

My copy of a CSU book on ethics was lost when I was single-handedly saving a village from volcanoes AND a pack of wolves that chased us THE WHOLE WAY TO SAFETY. Of course, it was uphill.

I asked CSU if they would waive the fees, since the book was lost when I had to throw it into the jaws of a wolf to prevent it from biting the small children I was leading to safety.

CSU said no.


(kidding! kidding! I think it's a lovely gesture!)


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