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Would you read a book by Britney Spears?

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On Tuesday, the Daily Mirror reported that Britney Spears was about to sign a deal to write her memoirs. The news has spread like wildfire, but it may only be a rumor. If the original report is true, Britney is poised to get $14 million for a three-book deal with an unnamed publisher.

These days, with layoffs and belt-tightening across the industry, $14 million would be an awful lot for a publisher to offer any author. The biggest nonfiction book deal to date was announced in the summer of 2001: Former President Clinton would write a two-book memoir for Knopf for $10 million. Is Britney's autobiography really worth that much more than a two-term U.S. president's?

And although it's easy enough to imagine Clinton sitting down to write the 1,000-plus-page "My Life," have you ever seen Britney doing anything more with a pen than sign autographs? Britney has been many things: a beloved pop singer, a great dancer, a tabloid train wreck, a beautiful girl, a parent, a redeemed celebrity. But can you picture her as an author?

Who would read a book written by Britney? Who would read three of them?

-- Carolyn Kellogg

Photo: Britney Spears at LA Live in December. Credit: Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times.

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why does this magazine always rip on britney? you guys are a** h***! not only would i read the book i would buy enough copies so the book is number one on the charts, just like her music.

What is the point of reading her books when her story is told day in and day out every week. She is a an attention whore... she can not live outside the limelight...instead of focusing on her children and really healing herself she's off again making an attempt to be an entertainer. She is a puppet of the media.

What is the point of reading her books when her story is told day in and day out every week. Sadly her education is such that she can barely answer questions directly if she understand the question that is. Perhaps she should finish school and maybe go to college to better herself. Then maybe she can write a memoirs.


How on earth can a one page pamphelt, double spaced both sides, 20pt print type, with her photo on one-half of one side,(which by the way is the entire extent of what 'maybe' worth publishing about her), is worth $14m. Am I missing something here?

I wouldn;t give three cents for her life, let alone a book written by her. Who cares about the memoirs of d rug crazed idiot who has probably never read a book.

Make a list of people who at the bottom of the slime pit, who are as bad an influence on kids as it's possible to be, and Britney would be very near the top.

hell yeah i would read it. after that, i would read it again. and so on.

The fact that our lives are saturated with her existence means she deserves our contempt for infecting our lives. I don't hate her, I hate the machine behind her that force-feeds us her mediocrity. She should be a sideshow act if anything, something admired by few and unknown to everyone else.

Haters can now go try to hv a life!! they're obviously so jealous for how successful she is in everything she does! so yeah i wld totally read her book cuz it would be the best Hollywood story ever!! Her life should not only be written on a book it also should be produced as a movie!! She's such a great example for women!!! and to the person who wrote this article, no need to "picture" her as an author she already is an author, at least better than u r!!

Hey, I'd rather read a book by Britney than by SARAH PALIN! It would probably be a lot more honest!

She is one of the most searched items on google. Millions of people buy her music why not read her stories. Why wouldn't people be interested in her writing?

absolutely! any day of the week i would read a book written by britney spears, i think she deserves to be able to tell her story, rather than the story perceived by the media.

nobody but britney knows what really goes on in the life of britney spears. no one.

You would have us believe that someone who can't read... can write?

Let's be honest everything this girl touches turns to gold. I was never a fan but little by little I got hooked. I google Britney once a week at a minimum just to see what she's up too. If a book in Britney's own words explaining everything she went through in detail would come out I would be one of the first to buy it.

"A mother's gift" and "Britney Spears' Heart to Heart," do they sound familiar Carolyn Kellogg!?!?!?
Well they are best-selling titles from Britney Spears.
there's your answer to:
"have you ever seen Britney doing anything more with a pen than sign autographs?"
and the best selling part- well that takes care of your question as to wether or not people would want to read.
take care...and dont hate! its not good for your health! :D

i love this...... dis is heer number one fan

Yes, I would read Britney's book. I think it would be interesting to read something she has written...

No thank you. I would definately not read it. There are so many important things going on in this world to which people should give their attention. Britney is not one of them.

Haven't we wasted enough tree's on Britney? Why do we have to destroy more... She's a loser with ample opportunity and resources to turn her life around... but like her kids, she through them out of the way... For what?

Now more trees will be eliminated...For what?

i owuld buy and or read a book by birtney i love her music and think she is so cool i wish she was my best friend and i lived by l.a again

Britney's memoirs, the condensed version: I'm nobody, I'm famous, I'm rich, I'm in recovery, I'm pregnant, I'm psycho, I'm bald, I'm in recovery (again), I'm pathetic. I'm delusional, I'm back!

Wow, this article sucks. you obvisouly do not know anything about Britney Spears, her CD went Platinum, her tour sold out in minutes WORLDWIDE, she was the most searched "item" on google, she won 3 VMAS in one night, people love her, and cant get enough of her. and if she wrote a book telling the truth it would sell alot more copies then those trashy magazines that dont even know the truth.


I would defo read the books by her i love her she is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!


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