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Would you read a book by Britney Spears?

January 22, 2009 |  7:57 am


On Tuesday, the Daily Mirror reported that Britney Spears was about to sign a deal to write her memoirs. The news has spread like wildfire, but it may only be a rumor. If the original report is true, Britney is poised to get $14 million for a three-book deal with an unnamed publisher.

These days, with layoffs and belt-tightening across the industry, $14 million would be an awful lot for a publisher to offer any author. The biggest nonfiction book deal to date was announced in the summer of 2001: Former President Clinton would write a two-book memoir for Knopf for $10 million. Is Britney's autobiography really worth that much more than a two-term U.S. president's?

And although it's easy enough to imagine Clinton sitting down to write the 1,000-plus-page "My Life," have you ever seen Britney doing anything more with a pen than sign autographs? Britney has been many things: a beloved pop singer, a great dancer, a tabloid train wreck, a beautiful girl, a parent, a redeemed celebrity. But can you picture her as an author?

Who would read a book written by Britney? Who would read three of them?

-- Carolyn Kellogg

Photo: Britney Spears at LA Live in December. Credit: Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times.