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Benjamin Button as played by John Cleese

December 25, 2008 | 11:00 am


David Gutowski joins our discussion of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."

I have to admit to not being terribly acquainted with Fitzgerald's works, with the exception of "The Great Gatsby," and am more familiar with Zelda's life than her more famous spouse....

I found the story quite funny so far. Fitzgerald's potshots at society, the expectations of parents and general tone reminded me of Wodehouse without the punchlines. I have been watching the complete "Monty Python" television series lately and kept seeing the British comedy group acting out this story in my mind.

I agree with John -- the humor is necessary. We have a grown man trapped in the role of a child, the disappointment of the father and eventually the specter of public humiliation through gossip and public opinion.

The missing mother puzzles me. The father is assured she is fine early in the story but hasn't been seen since.

Having read through Part 6, I am intrigued by Benjamin's apparent reverse aging. Perhaps Fitzgerald is pitching that we should strive toward innocence as we grow older? I'm off to read the rest....

-- David Gutowski

Photo: Pythonline.com