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'The Hills' star Lauren Conrad scores three-book deal


If you ask what every starlet wants, Lauren Conrad has gotten it, check, check, check, right down the line.

Starring in your own show? "The Hills." Check. (no matter how real/unreal it is).

Fame and fortune? Check, check.

Your own clothing line? Check.

A three-book deal with Harper Collins? Check.

But really? Why would a starlet with all this other stuff on her plate want to write books? Isn't she busy? Exactly what stories might a 22-year-old television actress want to tell? She told "People Magazine":

It's definitely influenced by my own life. The books are about a girl who moves to L.A. and stars in a reality show, so obviously there are some similarities.

So it's a three-book semi-autobiographical series about a girl who stars in a semi-reality series. My head is spinning. This could get really heavy. But wait, it's going to be titled "L.A. Candy" -- heavy, not so much.

Conrad went on to tell People, "Honestly I haven't told everyone." Well, they know now.

-- Carolyn Kellogg

Photo: Michael Buckner / Getty Images for IMG

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Please! Didn't her clothes not sell well or at all at some store? Didn't she have to give something free when you but her clothes cause it wasn't selling well? But then again dumb hollywood will probably give her a break and the dumb people will then follow.

This is EVERYTHING that's wrong with our society-- this OBSESSIVE, UNNECESSARY thirst for celebrity culture and their VACUOUS ventures. LC as a writer? C'mon guys, seriously.

Enough is enough! She has no talent. The clothing line sucks. I have watched the show briefly and can't believe what little substance it has. What gives???? really??? are people really stupid to find her that interesting.... OMG too MUCH DRAMA for me!

I'd rather read someone else's real struggles of moving into LA. Not some already privileged kid. Laguna beach haaa!!!! This town ain't kind when your broke.

WOW!! And like, OMG!!
Are we really such a deprived society that demands the memoirs of an LA "reality" star? So in other words she is putting the Hills in paperback version instead of HD.. Literary giants arer not just rolling in their graves they pulling the headstones down to drown out the feverish chants of "LC, LC, LC"!!
Dont worry about another country doing us in, worry about ourselves destroying our own country with absolute drivel. Then others can just sweep our drooling mindless heaps to the side. Help us please!

I do not believe for a second that she'll be writing these.

I agree with Gwenda. And while I like writing the Burn Notice books, this sounds far more compelling. I'm getting my agent on th eline.

i love lauren conrad. her is beautifull girl

I don't understand these publishing houses that spend millions on glitzy, celebrity throwaways, yet ignore query letters from genuine aspiring authors. Just goes to show that the publishing industry is trying to cross over into performance because they have absolutely no more faith in literature. I am a photojournalist, I have spent 2 years traveling across China, and I have more real adventures in one day than anyone on The Hill will have in their lifetime. So how about it Harper Collins, can I get a book deal too? I guarantee my book has a longer shelf life than Lauren Conrad's.

Maybe now she can afford to get that mustache waxed


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