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Sarah Palin, aspiring book banner?


Time magazine, in its reporting on John McCain's vice presidential choice, Sarah Palin, has uncovered some information that is making librarians uncomfortable.

[Former Mayor John] Stein says that as mayor, Palin continued to inject religious beliefs into her policy at times. "She asked the library how she could go about banning books," he says, because some voters thought they had inappropriate language in them. "The librarian was aghast." That woman, Mary Ellen Baker, couldn't be reached for comment, but news reports from the time show that Palin had threatened to fire Baker for not giving "full support" to the mayor.

Librarian Jessamyn West, who blogs at librarian.net, writes, "Usually I’m just happy to see libraries even mentioned in national level politics, but not like this."

This seems like a good time to mention Banned Books Week, beginning Sept. 27, which celebrates the freedom to read. 2007's most challenged book was "And Tango Makes Three," a children's book about a penguin with two dads; books by Mark Twain and Alice Walker appear, again, on the list. Exactly what books Palin might have wanted to ban have not been identified (other than some unsupported rumors), but it's safe to assume that she won't be joining in to celebrate the idea that no books should be banned at all.

— Carolyn Kellogg

Photo: Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times

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The list of books has leaked - some eye-opening stuff - check it out: http://www.catsandbeer.com/politics/sarah-palin-banned-books-list

For Shadow:

"... Instead of congratulating John McCain on his historic choice and saving the attacks for later, their vile and hateful assault on her personal character created a media firestorm around her and a huge sympathy backlash even among people who don't agree with her. .."

Let me say first that you are wrong. There is nothing historic about McCain choosing a woman to run as VP on his ticket. Picture it, 1984, Mondale chose Ferraro. The first time a woman ran for VP.
Let me say secondly that the Mondale-Ferarro ticket lost, just as the McCain-Palin ticket will.
McCain shot himself in the foot by choosing Palin.
If people are choosing based on the BS they are spoon fed, then they deserve to have a "hockey mom" within inches of the Presidency. There are however, millions of intelligent people who require real experience on a resume for such an imortant job

I saw the list of those supposed books Palin was going to ban in 1996 as mayor on BarackObama.com had all of J. K. Rowlings' Harry Potter books. The rumor was that Palin,when she was mayor asked about banning these books.

Big problem. J. K. Rowlings first Harry Potter book was published in 1998, two years AFTER the reported 'smear' that Palin was banning books in 1996.

In other words it is a big lie and did not happen.

You can see the list on BarackObama.com and see for yourself. J. K. Rowlings Harry Potter books are listed as those she requested to be banned, but that would be impossible, because Rowlings kept her books secret until they were released.

So it is a big lie to try to destroy this woman.

Love that posting of the GENERIC email that's been passed around SNOOPY....maybe next time you can try using your actual brain to come up with something, rather than doing a copy and paste of some chain email that's been circulated around.

SP is a dominionist, and a premilinialist. She doesn't just read those wacky Left Behind books, she BELIEVES them. There's that saying about castles in the air - whether you see them or live in them depends on whether you're an idealist or a nut - Sarah Palin LIVES in her castle of christian extremism. Look it up. There's enough to verify. Be proactive. She's a NUT!

Much of what I've read and heard about Palin disturbs me; basically, she seems vastly underqualified and shows a propensity for misuse of power. I've read of her attempts to censor library materials in articles from a number of credible sources, and I find this to be the most chilling information about her so far. A democracy cannot exist in a society that endorses censorship; the idea that one person or group of people should be able to determine and judge what is appropriate for others (parent/child relationship aside, of course) is a hallmark of tyranny. I've heard enough: the thought of Palin in the White House terrifies me.

I'm young,I'll admit.I'm 13,barley old enough to write on this message board.I've been following this election since it began,and I often enjoy in depth discussions about the candidates with my mother,father,and grandmother.I was looking up Palin,and was interested about what I read. Many people seem to have strong opinions on her as a human being,and though maybe she doesn't have America at heart,we should look at her stances on the issues. Which are frighteningly worse (Possibly worse than Clinton) .I heard that she had pushed to ban books. Even though there is no list of books she'd like to ban,I'm appalled. I don't care how conservative she is,it's disgraceful.If you don't want your children reading inappropriate content,you should just go with them to the library.Or even online reading can be monitored. There are softwares that can tell you what everything was typed on the computer,save all the pages you've been to...I love reading,and have read quite a few books that have been banned or have almost been banned. It's not right. And aside from the books; it's scary that McCain put aside his choice of running mate when he was told the it wasn't a good choice.He'd only met her once,and that wasn't even for the election,it was something else entirely.

This book banning thing is all so stupid. I have been an educator for 25 years, and many books I enjoy, or could enjoy, have been banned by most public libraries. Libraries do not include all possible books on the shelf. They make choices based on their values. Sometimes those decisions reflect community values, sometimes not. I know that there is active lobbying to keep conservative books out of libraries. There are book stores that carry those books, many of them best sellers. Let's just be honest. Book banning goes on every day, most of it by librarians.

Much of what I've read and heard about Palin disturbs me; basically, she seems vastly underqualified and shows a propensity for misuse of power. I've read of her attempts to censor library materials in articles from a number of credible sources, and I find this to be the most chilling information about her so far. A democracy cannot exist in a society that endorses censorship; the idea that one person or group of people should be able to determine and judge what is appropriate for others (parent/child relationship aside, of course) is a hallmark of tyranny. I've heard enough: the thought of Palin in the White House terrifies me.

Republican Reich...get your heads out of the sand. Your party is controlled by liars and communist supporters (check the trade tariffs with China) who like junkies needing a fix will do and say anything to acquire their drug (money/power).

2:19 - Because an act may be commonplace does not mean it is justifiable. A government actor restricting the public's access to written speech is something that any American should be concerned with, particularly if there are political motivations involved. I also think you have the issue confused: book selection is not the same as prohibiting the public's access to books already in the library's catalog. Frankly, I don't see how either is appropriate (excluding, of course, books of an obscene nature, etc., which is a permitted restriction of speech). As an educator, I would have hoped that you were less dismissive of this type of action. I hope you don't teach classes in government, American history or the U.S. Constitution because you apparently need a refresher course.

My point was that it is naive to assume that there is no bias involved in book selection and that the books in the library reflect the values of the community. If there is a democratic process involved in library book selection, the public does not know where to go to vote. I am as much against censorship as anyone, but the argument that a book already on the shelf has a vested right to be in the catalog is weak. By that logic, a wrong-headed librarian could slip nearly anything through the door then cry book banning if anyone raised an objection, or is that what we're talking about here?

Free People Read Freely

I'm seventeen and from the Missouri Ozarks. You don't get much more small town than this. There's a town not far from where I live that only recently had a house built within the limits. Before there had only been an old and worn out post office/abandoned general store in a very small building.

Not only that, but the majority of people here are right wing conservatives.

Not even they will stand for book banning. In fact, I can safely bet that most of the books on that list are ones taught in English classes required for graduation around here.

It's disgusting. I would like to thank Anne, the Wasilla resident who posted here. Reading what you wrote gave me more information about Palin than the 'liberal news sources', who have been drooling over her, have told the general public.

I grew up with a single mother who happens to teach English. I grew up with a love of books. I was practically grounded when I vehemently refused to give Harry Potter a chance (at the time, I didn't like fantasy books. Now I don't like the books because as I writer, I was offended by the last two and the poor editing job), and I am forever grateful that my mother convinced me, albeit through odd methods, of reading the first book. I like Catcher, I like the first five Harry Potter books, I like a lot of challenged books. I write stories, both long and short, that would probably be challenged if they were ever published.

Guess what?

The most conservative, religious right wing friends I have, also adores the aforementioned books and many more.

Even suggesting that a book be removed from the library is practically sacrilege in my town. Education, while not the best, is encouraged. Maybe the adults don't realize it, but they've been, possibly unconsciously, teaching my generation (a good chunk of whom will be eighteen in time to vote here) to think for themselves. It failed spectacularly for some. There are those of us, mostly female, who did learn. We learned because we were introduced to literature at a young age, and we grew to love it.

There's an Obama campaign center here in my small, backwards town (which I would like to note, is still larger than Wasilla--and we're TINY). I am only one of many volunteering there. Lifelong Republicans are turning away from the party and supporting Obama.

It's not because of who looks good and who does a better job of attacking others. It's because we're educated. Palin and McCain are trying to reach out to small towns. I'm sorry, but neither one can. As a small town resident, I see them as nothing more than so elitist I'm ashamed to share a nationality with them.

Trying to demonize her, or anyone, is its own banning and editing.
Every Library 'edits' what books fill its shelves. There is only one library with every book in print in it, the Library of Congress.
This blogging process is innuendo driven. Internet bullies just screaming their hands off... type faster, cut and paste.
Carry on folks, you're just preaching to your own choir.

Ms. Carolyn Kellogg: you are stupid. You shouldn't put things into print in a newspaper without evaluating some primary sources, this is the reason why the news media these days is nothing but a huge echo chamber. I don't care if you're a reporter or an opinion writer, you need to figure out if Ms. Palin was actually trying something or if she was interviewing the librarian with RHETORICAL QUESTIONS (turns out she was doing the latter). Thanks a lot.

Anyone interested check out the article by clicking "annoyed reader".

Andthen is right about one thing - this will have little/no effect on your typical conservative, who has a different understanding of what a 'fact' is. For people who approach an issue from a standpoint of reason, a fact is something that can be verified and substantiated; whether or not it agrees with your personal ideology is irrelevant. You're looking for truth, not coddling. For your typical conservative, however, a 'fact' is something that selectively supports his/her opinion, usually an opinion based not on reason, but on fear, insecurity, and selfishness. Its inherent validity or truth is utterly irrelevant. It's 'true' because they desperately need it to be 'true.' Otherwise, the house of deceit, illusion, misinformation, and narcissism in which they live would crumble and they would be forced to confront an extraordinarily complex and amazing world they are ill-equipped to deal with. Hiding one's head in the sand or in one's a** is certainly easier and more comforting than dealing with reality. The Palin/bookbanning issue is a good example. The significance of the story is that she tried to fire a librarian who refused to accommodate any mayoral inclination to ban books, but the conservatives have distorted it into a fake discussion about whether there was a list of books and what was on that supposed list. To confront the real issue here about Palin would require them either to accept or reject the candidate's hypocrisy, which would force them to make a decision based on fact vs. on their need for her to be 'true.' Therefore, they distort the focus and slander the messenger. Same ol' story. And check out Annoyed Reader's 'explanation': it was only 'rhetorical.' And the source of this 'objective' enlightment? Palin caught in the headlights scrambling for an excuse. LOL. Guess responding to 'rhetorical' questions is grounds for firing in Palin's view of the world. God help us.

If the librarian was a reference librarian, and Palin came in and asked how to get some books banned, the librarian has an ethical obligation to treat the question as a reference question (no matter how aghast she was) and to answer it to the best of her ability. In other words, she should have checked the catalog to see if the library had any titles on book banning!

Both parties are corrupt. No to the New World Oder. No to NAFTA. No to CAFTA. No to the USA domination of the world.Tax corporations big $$$ for shipping jobs overseas.
Americans need to revolt. Get all the clowns out of office. Stop the political careers. Stop the lobbyists. There are no lobbyists for the American people. Term limits on Congress Senate. 53 trillion $$$ deficit... Hello anybody home..?

I support Obama and i want to ask: will you really be surprised if the Military and the Hunter will be elected? Come on, do you know who is going to vote? The same people that voted Bush/Cheney the second time...let's get real. After they showed to care only about the elitarian white rich class, after they invaded a country that was not treating us, after they caused the death of 4,600 young americans, at the cost of trillions of dollars, after they sunk our economy making the middle class very closed to poverty, after we lost credibility and prestige around the world, after this and more, people voted for them... So we Democrats should be vorried? Hell yes, big time...

Look, the Kilkenny letter was written by a group of disgruntled people in Wasilla called the Friends of Wasilla Library. They have posted it elsewhere on the Interet and virally through email.

The most curious thing is that no "reputable" news portal or paper is paying attention to it, only blogs which we know are not usually considered valid source of information but a place where people can express their personal views.

The results of my research: NYTimes, (see link below, only one article in this paper) MSNBC (nothing), CNN (nothing), CNBC (see link below only one article), Washington Post (nothing), Anchorage Daily News (one letter to the editor, not related to library.), Mat-Su- Wasillian (nothing). I looked at many more sources but still found nothing. I also found nothing about Anne being involved in local government as she states in her letter accept that she says she attended city council meetings and that she helps with voter registration. Although she is interviewed a lot by each source it is very limited to her dislike of Palin and her entire family, but no "supposed" facts she states are quoted. She has a lot of explaining of her own to do.


Why have so many people on this blog and others just taken the comments and her/their letter as truth? Because it says what they want to hear: "Yet another corrupt polititian." Look up the term "confirmation bias" next time you are on Wikipedia. What happened to the real questioning mind?

By the way, to answer Ms. Palin's question; the Wasilla library board needs to approve banning any books. It's the law.

The above hatchet job has been proven to be factual B.S.


Enjoy your day.


Snopes does not qualify this article as factual b.s. It actually supports this article.

Del, you should look into taking reading comprehension. Again.

To wit:

In December 1996, Wasilla city librarian, Mary Ellen, told her hometown newspaper, The Frontiersman, that Sarah Palin asked on THREE occasions about banning books at the city library. Mary Ellen was shocked and stated that she would resist all efforts to ban books.

While no books were ultimately banned, this clearly demonstrates Palin's intent. No American has a right to tell fellow Americans what they can and cannot read - or write. See the American Bill of Rights.

Banned book week is scheduled for September 27 - October 4, 2008. And of particular interest is in Alaska:
Title Wave Books
1360 W. Northern Lights Blvd.
Anchorage, AK 99503
Will have a Banned Books Week display
Will have a Banned Books Week event
Oct. 2, 2008
Angela Libal
907-278-9283 ext.111
[email protected]
Title Wave Books, Alaska's largest bookstore, will recognize Banned Books Week with a special READ OUT LOUD event. The event is intended to raise awareness of ongoing censorship and to encourage free and open discourse. Local students, teachers, and other local notables will read selections from banned or challenged books. The event will take place at 4pm on Thursday, October 2nd, 2008 at Title Wave Books.

I wonder if Palin will attend? I think not.

Here is a link to the story in Alaska's biggest newspaper. Right Wingers are book burners so in their eyes Palin's censorship is a big plus!



Obama: 8 years-Columbia University, Harvard Law School, Juris Doctor (J.D.) magna cum laude from Harvard
Biden: 8 years-University of Delaware, Syracuse University, J.D. from Syracuse University College of Law

McCain: 3 years-Naval Academy, Ranked 894 out of 899
Palin: 5 years at 5 different colleges, B.A. in Communications-Journalism from the University of Idaho.

I usually fall back on Facts and Data when making good decisions...
Check out the real story from a local Alaskan woman:

Should a mayor in a small or large city in America asks: "How do we go about banning books in the library?" we must remember what George Satyana said: Those who do not know history are condemned to repeat it"?


We must not demonize books.
We must not demonize liberals.
We must not demonize gays.
We must not demonize Jews.
We must not demonize blacks.
We must not create gulags in America for those who are different.

Like many in America, my family came to Puritan Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630. In 1692 one of my ancestors, Judge Hawthorn(e) started the Salem Witch Trials. And as a Judge and a good Christian his faith taught him to have innocent people executed by hanging for Witch craft. However, another one of my ancestors helped to stop the Salem Witch Trials. His faith taught him to stop the execution of innocent people.

THROUGH THE AGES PEOPLE OF DIFFERENCE have been burned alive, hung, stoned, drowned and tortured in many different ways. Including Blacks in America who were lynched in the South not too long ago. As was Senator John McCain tortured in Vietnam. And for that he is our hero.

Freedom in America means people are free to express different opinions, even those we do not agree with, or like.

ALL SIGNERS OF THE Declaration of Independence by definition were LIBERALS because they were for LIBERTY. The King of England was the conservative.

America is a great nation. Let's keep it great. By cherishing our diversity. Our freedom. Our Liberty.

I am proud my New England ancestors produced President Bush, Barbara Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Nicholas Danforth and his son and grandson who created Harvard, President John Adams, President John Quincy Adams, Nathaniel Hawthorn(e) and Sir Winston Churchill via his mother, Jennie Jerome. I am a blood cousin of Barack Obama through this Churchill family connection. Barack Obama's mother's family also produced James Madison, many Presidents of the United States, and many other great Americans. Like Senator John McKean, we are very proud of Senator Barack Obama.

We are all Americans. God bless America. And the books in our library we cherish and read. Because books in our library represent one of the great freedom's we have. To cherish, and if we wish - to read. And think about. Because great books help us realize in America and in the world there is but one race: THE HUMAN RACE.

And while we think about social inclusion: Sara Palin does something that is wonderful. Because should she end up living in the White House as President, the First Man will be the first Eskimo to live in the White House. Proving that diversity is alive, strong, and respected in America. As are all those book's in our nation's libraries.

Winston Danforth Churchill

Violent Crime Rate in Alaska

Alaska’s rankings for violent crimes per capita, out of 100,000 (with #1 being worst and #52 being best) among all 50 states, including DC and Puerto Rico in most recent US Census data:
Forcible rape -- # 1 (81/100,000)
Aggravated assault -- # 6 (465/100,000)
Violent crime –- # 8 (632 per 100,000)
Larceny-theft -- # 19 (2599/100,000)
Motor vehicle theft -- # 19 (391/100,000)
Property crime -- # 23 (3613/100,000)
Murder/manslaughter – # 26 (4.8/100,000)
Burglary – # 29 (623/100,000)
Robbery -- # 36 (81/100,000)
The state ranks 48th in population – only North Dakota and Vermont have smaller populations.
Source: http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/US_States_Rate_Ranking.html
2008 stats not yet available on-line, but trends show violent crime has risen 9% throughout Alaska. The state leads the nation in Forcible Rape by ratio of nearly 2:1.

This is nothing but a liberal dem hoax... check out snopes.com for the real fax. The librarian in question actually retired! And some of the books in the 'list' weren't even published until AFTER 1996... Check out the Harry Potter books listed.

There was an email going regarding a long list of books that she tried to ban. That email or website is a total hoax, but the initial story of her bullying the librarian to ban material in the library is true.

Reading other posts, I saw a comment about trying to protect young people from sexually explicit literature. There are so many other ways for kids to be subjected to sex than reading trashy novels. Youporn, redtube, freeones to name a few are completely free website that don't even ask the user to verify their age. Also, most computers in libraries have unlimited access to the internet without filters.

We are living in a time where information is instant and verbose. You'll never be able to control the information so you might as well just talk to your kids about what they might see. If you're concerned about trashy novels with fabio on the cover, you're in for a tough fight.

This site breaks the book banning thing down, as well as other rumors::


Do Facts Mater? Some of the books you say she tried to ban were not even published until after she was out of office. If you have to resort to lies, you must hace no truth to work with. The lies about her have already been proven wrong. Dont believe me? Check snops or even the NY times. They printed the story that these roumors are false.

I'm sorry did I miss the part where making people feel like outcasts in their own society was moral? Sorry I thought "all me were created equal" I guess they just left out the "unless you're gay" part.
I don't see what's wrong with a book about a penguin with two dads why is that not moral? Because you say so? Hello people pi doesn't equal 3 anymore let's bring are selves into the 21st century.
I'm sure there is some child out there that has two dads or two moms that doesn't have a problem with reading books about people with "normal" parents why is the other way around so wrong?
If I want my kid to read a story about a penguin with two dads I should be able to go to the library and check it out. However, if I don't want them to read it I simply will ask them not to and limit THEIR reading NOT everyone elses.

Shadow...Are you ever brainwashed. And who bashed who during the conventions? It was the ruthless,controlling,hypocritical Republicans. Palin wants to control everything including woman,animals and what they should be allowed to read. She is an extremist who wants everyone to believe her beliefs!!!!!!! She could care less about the environment,the animals or the right to choose. She is so pro-life but has no problem gunning down innocent defenseless animals,including their babies!!

OMG @ Protect our Children

You brought them into this world, but you want every one else to be on the look out for your children? That is your job! My children have access to all materials on the internet. So if they come across a pornographic picture when they type "breast cancer" into a search engine, they understand that that is not what they are looking for. My children hear curse words all the time, but they don't go repeating them.

All of the parents screaming to protect their children are the ones with dozens of prescription medications in their cabinets that the children have access to. I watch my children. I know where my three kids are right now and they have scheduled times to call and check in or if they change their plans to call and check in. I've never had any problems out of them and we're a Christian family.

Your child may need protection, and if you feel that way, then maybe you should pull up the slack. I have my hands full watching mine and making sure they aren't running around rampant like you let yours. If you're not capable of taking care of your child, then you might want to consider that abstinence only program I hear so much about.

"They don't gotta burn the books they just remove 'em"
-Zack de la Rocha

No facts Jim? Why don't you ask the city librarian Sarah tried to fire after she refused to remove the books that she wanted to removed? Or how about the 100 people who rallied against her decision?

Sarah Palin did not try to ban any books. Can someone please name at least one book she tried to ban? Nope? Didn't think so. When she first was elected mayor, she asked the librarian if... big IF... she would ever consider banning books if asked. Sarah Palin explained, when asked, that she was scoping out certain library policies in effect in Wasilla.

She terminated the librarian at a later date for lack of support, but re-hired her the next day. Palin's detractors love to quote fallacies as fact, and quote fact out of context. They also dismiss, out-of-hand, anything said in defense of their victim, whether from the horse's mouth or from anyone else other than her enemies. Is this clear, unbiased, unprejudiced, critical thinking? I think you know.


End. Of. Story.

These people [factcheck.org] are not partisan.

You people should be ashamed of yourselves...

Instead of banning the books, why don't parents do the old-fashioned thing and know what the hell their kids are up to. Besides, you can go into a major chain bookstore and purchase books in the young-adult section that deal with rape, drugs, sacrifice...Jay's Journal and Go Ask Alice for reference. I read both when I was 13. We read 1984 in my Senior Lit class. I loved all three of thse books and will encourage my daughters to read them too. I will encourage my daughters to read any book that will keep them open-minded individuals. It's the close-minded going to go to hell; they are against everything God stands for; Compassion, forgiveness, acceptence. Back in Jesus' day he was considered a left-wing liberal...after all. Also, if Palin is all for book burning why not the Bible? It's probably the most horrifying book out there if you have actually ever read the thing and discussed it...which thanks to all those years of Catholic School I can say I have! Go Obama/Biden!!!

Isnt it odd that the air waves are full of mostly negative comment about Sarah.The liberal press and tv plus some rather misinformed citizens,have joined the herd...who or what is Obama,whats his real background,and who are those behind him...not much as a peep from the media

Dear: Anne "The Truth About Sarah Palin" Kilkenny

Really, this is a small town isn't it? To those of you not from Wasilla there is no way you could understand this is written by a power jealous person herself. See you at the farm market.

By the way - do you really expect the truth from one of the few democrats in town?

Awesome! A politician who wants to take information AWAY from us! Just what this country needs.

I can't believe some of the comments on here. If you don't want your kids reading something, YOU limit their access to it. That's your job as a parent, Einstein. Let the rest of us at least have the option to read these books, instead of trying to get them banned or taken off the shelves. Someone else's morals don't taste good when they're shoved down others' throats. Keep your close-mindedness to yourself and let the rest of us decide what's good for us and our families.

Sarah Palin and all the other book banners should hop in a time machine and head back to Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany, where book banning and burning is a popular sport, I hear.





Now that USA Today has reported this story is false, will you retract it?

see link:


Please read the article in the Anchorage Daily News. While you may find things you won't like in her conduct as mayor, there is no public proof (such as city council meeting transcripts), nor private proof (people's memories of anything other than a generalized, philosophical question), nor any library records of books being banned or pulled off shelves. That's a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that she didn't ban any books.

You can still immensely dislike Palin. It just seems that people ought to dislike her for what she's actually done and not for rumors. (Why, oh why, is the LA Times blogging rumors about a political candidate? Is bias that strong? )

Trying to do my part to combat hysteria.

Could you advise how best to have my book, Below Mile Zero, A Novel of Key West, 'allegedly banned' by Gov. Sarah Palin?

Despite having garnered 5-star reader reviews, the sales could use a boost, so any guidance toward having the Governor take an 'alleged' dislike to the book would be very much appreciated.

Brooke Babineau


For these Palin supporters: The book banning was NOT a rumor. Palin did not ban any books, nor did she create a list of books, in writing, to be banned. She attempted to ban certain books by testing the waters, and tried to fire the librarian in question when she did not support her. This is not exactly an unusual tactic on Palin's part. She is well-known in Alaska for firing those in positions that do not support her or agree with her. She takes these things very personally.

If people want to investigate her background and get at the truth, it is their right to do so. No one is attacking Palin on personal issues; they are reviewing her views and actions as a public servant and offical as they would have a direct impact on the American voters and the future of our country. So, please, take your ignorant and phony histrionics somewhere else.

If you read the USA Today article, you will note that it does not state that in no way did Palin not try to determine if she couldn't have any books banned. Freedom of Speech is not a "policy" that needs to be reivewed. That was total BS. Palin should have known better.

If CHRISTOPHER is a housewife, I wonder what gender he/she is, or bot?????????????.

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