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Book news: Kindle, Stephenson, Squirrel Bait and more

September 16, 2008 |  5:27 pm


Think you love your Kindle? You may just keel over in ecstasy for the Plastic Logic reader, due out in 2009. It looks pretty spiffy; and, as they mention on metafilter, you can hit it with a shoe.

Speaking of writers and music (we did earlier today), Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum shares a playlist with Largehearted Boy to accompany her new novel, "Ms. Hempel Chronicles." Two words that warm my heart: Squirrel Bait!

And in the inverse, musician Danny Elfman has been reading, in alternate doses, David Sedaris and Raymond Carver. "When Sedaris gets me too light-hearted," he says, "I use Carver to tug me back down again."

On the subject of bringing us down, another archival David Foster Wallace piece has been made available; it's his first work of fiction that was published by a major magazine. It was in Playboy — so if you click on this link realize the ads on the webpage are not safe for work. (via)

Neal Stephenson may be coming to your town to read from his new novel "Anathem" — he's in Portland, Ore., tonight. But if not, you can catch him reading the opening chapter in the video after the jump. Entirely safe for work, unless you work in a place that would rather not have you watching authors read fiction while on the clock.

— Carolyn Kellogg

Photo of Kathy Schalk-Greene, a librarian, trying out the Kindle at Book Expo America 2008 by Carolyn Kellogg