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A herd of elephant bookshelves



People who love books also carry an abiding lust for bookshelves. Attractive bookshelves, unusual bookshelves, bookshelves made of some material other than pressboard. Of course, tastes vary.

Me, I am drawn to this herd of elephant bookshelves. They're part of the ZUU series — furniture with abstracted animal shapes — from Osisu. The company is led by MIT-trained architect (now furniture designer) Singh Intrachooto. He works with recycled materials, like reclaimed teak.

Actually, they aren't sold as a herd; I just wanted to have two in the picture. They're sold separately. I'm not sure how much they cost, nor can I figure out where to buy them. I am happy, though, to have found them via this bookshelf blog, because I can imagine that someday they might come trumpeting through my door.

The only bad thing about them is I'd have to give up my habit of stacking extra books on top of the bookshelves. Maybe there's a way to rig up a fancy seat on top.

— Carolyn Kellogg

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Thank you very much for appreciating our Elephant bookshelves. We had a great time designing and constructing these Elephants. We have a gallery in LA who carries Osisu's works: www.fordbrady.com . Please pay them a visit to see some of Osisu works.

You can also contact us at osisudesign@gmail.com or see our other works at www.osisu.com

Although all of our products are made from scrap materials of all kinds, we hope you could never have guessed from seeing the actual pieces.


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