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Sarah Palin bio -- surprise bestseller?

Sarah Palin bookChances are Sarah Palin is having a pretty good day. Yesterday she was governor of Alaska; today she's John McCain's running mate.

Kaylene Johnson must be nearly as happy. She is the Alaskan author who penned "Sarah: How a Hockey Mom Turned Alaska's Political Establishment Upside Down." Will people wanting to know more about the Alaskan governor turn to this bio to tell them more?

At 159 pages, it's easy to tackle. According to one review, it's a straightforward accounting of Palin's history.

Author Kaylene Johnson has written two other books and many articles about Alaska. On her website, she writes about the process of putting together the book. She talked to Palin's childhood basketball coach, her aerobics instructor, her pastor, her siblings; she spoke with the governor twice. Johnson writes:

I had watched Palin’s rise to the state’s highest office with interest. Jaded as I was about politics in general, the notion that people could take government back into their own hands renewed my faith in the democratic process. It was an opportunity to learn and write about a fascinating woman who made Alaskan history by being the first woman and the youngest governor ever elected.

The only review on Amazon says that "Sarah" is "almost breathlessly optimistic" and wishes it weren't so "lightweight." The book started the day with an Amazon sales rank of about 300,000. As of 11am Pacific, it had risen all the way to 2,294 -- leaping over more than 290,000 other books. How far will it rise? 

-- Carolyn Kellogg

UPDATE: And by noon it was at #775. Epicenter, the book's publisher, is figuring out how to fill the new demand -- Barnes & Noble alone wants 15,000 copies.

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palin is the political equivalent of a maxim covergirl...bedable, not threatening to the good ol' boys( hell she embraces them) and helps sell all their oppressive **** on the pages...

Interesting comment, Patsy. I wonder if the Republican "good ol' boys" in Alaska (read: Ted Stevens) would agree with you. Pull your head out.

Palin has more executive, legislative, and managerial experience than Obama. For all the people out there saying oh, no way will women just vote for a woman, think about how how ridiculous the black community has been over Obama. The majority of them seem to back him just to see that skin color in the White House. will.i.am all but admitted it in Denver at the DNC when he said he supported Obama before knowing anything about him. Please. Palin has had to endure a lot more day-to-day responsibility than Obama. She also has clearer convictions.

I think McCain is toast - by this i mean, the ticket really doesn't need him> Palin outshines him, she should be the real candidate.

Absolutely brilliant move ! The more I read about her the more I realize what a gift she is to the Republican ticket...& the nation.

Go Sarah Go!

I don't think the John McCain campaign did a thorough job of vetting her. Is the vetting still going on?

As of today, two days after she was announced, there is still no bio of her on the McCain website. Instead, they just posted a transcript of her remarks after she joined the ticket. There is a nicely written bio of John McCain. Why no bio for Sarah Palin? Haven't they figured that out yet? Isn't this basic campaign stuff?

I think that Melanie is correct, that like Obama with the black vote, Palin will bring in more than 90% of the women's vote. As far as Ted Stevens is concerned, when he was indicted Palin did not call for his resignation, nor has she yet, as far as I know. She was for the bridge to nowhere until it became a national joke. She's under investigation by the Alaska State Legislature. I think that she will definitely produce results for the Republican party.

Palin has more experience than Obama? Can't wait to see her resume!

Here's Obama's:

Obama graduated from Columbia in NY City in 1983, with a BA in political science with a specialization in international relations.

Business Int'l Corporation (1 year); New York Public Interest Research Group (1 year)

Developing Communities Project, Director (3 years); church-based community organization on Chicago's far South Side; set up a job training program, college preparatory tutoring program, and a tenants' rights organization.

Obama worked as a consultant and instructor for the Gamaliel Foundation, a community organizing institute.

In 1988, he traveled to Europe for three weeks then Kenya for five weeks.

Obama entered Harvard Law School in 1988 and graduated with a Juris Doctor (J.D.) magna cum laude in 1991.

His first year he was selected as an editor of the Harvard Law Review; in his second year he was elected president of the Law Review, a full-time volunteer position functioning as editor-in-chief and supervising the law review's staff of 80 editors.

In Chicago he worked as a summer associate at the law firms of Sidley & Austin in 1989 and Hopkins & Sutter in 1990.

Obama directed Illinois Project Vote from April to October 1992, a voter registration drive with a staff of 10 and 700 volunteers that achieved its goal of registering 150,000 of 400,000 unregistered African Americans in the state, leading Crain's Chicago Business to name Obama to its 1993 list of "40 under Forty" powers to be.

In an effort to recruit him to their faculty, the University of Chicago Law School provided Obama with a fellowship and an office to work on a book about race relations, which evolved into the personal memoir, Dreams from My Father, finished in 1995.

Obama taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School; from 1992 - 2004.

In 1993 Obama joined Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, a 12-attorney law firm specializing in civil rights litigation and neighborhood economic development, where he stayed 11 years, until 2004.

Obama was a founding member of the board of directors of Public Allies in 1992. He served on the board of directors of the Woods Fund of Chicago from 1993–2002, and served on the board of directors of The Joyce Foundation from 1994–2002.

Obama served on the board of directors of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge from 1995–2002. He also served on the board of directors of the Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, the Center for Neighborhood Technology, and the Lugenia Burns Hope Center.

Obama was elected to the Illinois Senate in 1996. Obama gained bipartisan support for legislation reforming ethics and health care laws. He sponsored a law increasing tax credits for low-income workers, negotiated welfare reform, and promoted increased subsidies for childcare.

In 2001, as co-chairman of the bipartisan Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, Obama supported Republican Governor Ryan's payday loan regulations and predatory mortgage lending regulations aimed at averting home foreclosures, and in 2003, Obama sponsored and led unanimous, bipartisan passage of legislation to monitor racial profiling by requiring police to record the race of drivers they detained and legislation making Illinois the first state to mandate videotaping of homicide interrogations.

Obama was reelected to the Illinois Senate in 1998, and again in 2002.

In 2003, Obama became chairman of the Illinois Senate's Health and Human Services Committee when Democrats, after a decade in the minority, regained a majority.

In July 2004, Obama wrote and delivered the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston. Obama spoke about changing the U.S. government's economic and social priorities. He questioned the Bush administration's management of the Iraq War and highlighted America's obligations to its soldiers. "There is not a liberal America and a conservative America; there's the United States of America."

In the November 2004 general election, Obama received 70% of the vote, the largest victory margin for a statewide race in Illinois history.

Obama held assignments on the Senate Committees for Foreign Relations, Environment and Public Works and Veterans' Affairs through December 2006.

In January 2007, he left the Environment and Public Works committee and took additional assignments with Health, Education, Labor and Pensions and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

He also became Chairman of the Senate's subcommittee on European Affairs.

As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Obama has made official trips to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.

2005-06: Senator Obama sponsored 86 bills and co-sponsored 255 bills in the US Senate

2007-08: Senator Obama sponsored 59 bills and co-sponsored 404 bills in the US Senate

Obama conducted a successful campaign beginning in Feb. 2007 for the Democratic nominee for President.

Obama's acceptance speech set a record as the most-watched convention speech in history, seen by more U.S. viewers than the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. Over 80,000 people were present in person to hear his speech.

Record-breaking donations were collected from over 2,000,000 donors, as of Aug. 2008.

Ok Palin supporters... your turn!!

i heard that sarah's last child isn't hers but her daughter's and where did she come up with names for kids. she is the same age as my son's

Such a pity this was written before her 17 yr old daughter got pregnant-that's good wholesome family values for you

I just finished watching Governor Palin's acceptance speech to the world at the RNC. Good speech but I think that it lacked substance. She rallied the troops, but didn't say much of anything. I mean their whole platform so far has just been anti, anti-Obama/Biden (what was up with Guiliani??)
So far, I think that the DNC has had a more substance based convention. I am looking forward to the presidential debates, where there will be no pre-written speeches to hide behind, and only the issues will count.


It is my concern that Sarah Palin has the same sort of conviction that GW Bush does, in that he allows his personal belief system to rule over the logical thought process. As an ordained minister I am all for people of faith living a life of faith. I am against people using their brand of faith as the binder or even blinders that cause their decision making.

Her speech was nothing more than a list of platitudes strung together for the party ultra-faithful. Go God Go Country, Go McCain, Amen!

People would have to be idiots to vote for Palin. Obama, editor of the Harvard Law Review. Sarah Palin "idiot extravaganza."!!!

Who will she pick as the New Creationist Czar?

I was a "community organizer" in southside of Chicago 30 years ago. We were glorified Democratic/liberation theology activists. Jesus was on our side. Things haven't changed. One of our religious nuns with us went south to Nicaragua to work with the Sandinista's government housing. Clearly Marxism was taught to us and our work was predicated on this Saul Alinsky's model. Obama was even more thoroughly Marxist - along with being raised Muslim - and being in Law school means nothing believe me. Both daughters of mine are lawyers, and it doesn't mean automatic 'wisdom". Alinsky dedicated his book to "Lucifer, the first revolutionary". What a diabolical person behind the community activism that Obama was part of. Let the Media investigate this honestly, for once.

* Space aliens are afraid of being captured by Sarah Palin.

* Sarah Palin wears a 30 round banana clip in her hair.

* Sarah Palin sleeps with a pillow under her gun.

* Sarah Palin speaks Kodiak, Polar and Grizzly.

* Sarah Palin went to a Conservative Arts College.

* Sarah Palin smash Hulk!


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